This story started with a conversation, two writers discussing how two of their characters would react to one another. I advise reading my story "Two Beginnings and an Intermission" and if you haven't read any of her stories Tiranth's. There will be some revealations in this story of Leena's past and I'm sure of Taka's. This story is mostly for fun, even though it does have a plot... but we'll get to that.

Tsukiataru Tasekai
by: Del_kaidin and Tiranth. Prologue
Leena's Side

The rain fell softly, as if the heavens themselves were crying at the loss. Through the rain she walked, her emerald silk kimono soaked, her silver white hair plastered to her head, no longer hiding the ears atop her head. She heard the whispered comments from the doorways as she walked on. She didn't care, she'd heard worse and from her own father no less. Her slow steady steps finally led her to the Kamiya dojo. She didn't know how long she stood there when the seventeen year old boy slid the door open. So like and unlike his father at that age.

"Miss Leena, come in out of the rain. Mother will be happy to see you."

Leena smiled at her godson, "No Kenji-chan, your mother will be pleased to see me, I think happy is to strong a word now. But, take me too her." She followed him into the, by now, familiar courtyard. Her eyes took in the laundry lines knowing she would never see him there again and tears welled in her eyes. With steely determination she fought them back, Kaoru needed her strong now, not weak.

Then the scent reached her, his personal scent the smell of blood and innocence was still there but succumbing to the stench of decay. If she hadn't believed it before that alone confirmed it. The Battousai was dead. She moved towards the scent and stepped into the small room. He lay there his face peaceful, finally in death he had achieved the peace he had always sought. She knelt beside him, wishing she could bring him back yet knowing he would hate her for it if she could. Gently she reached out and stroked the red hair for the last time. Softly she whimpered. Bending further she brushed his cold lips with her own for one last time. No one could hear her softly whisper, "Seijuurou Hiko the fourteenth, the last master of Hiten Mitsurugi, rest well. I will guard your family with the same vow I gave you all those years ago, Kenshin."

"Leena, you came."

Turning she forced a smile for his mate. "Of course I came Kaoru-san. You didn't think I wouldn't did you?" As she rose the smell of magic filled the air. "Kenji! Get your Mother out of her." Her claws shredded the obi of the kimono and it fell to the ground leaving her standing in her taijiya armor. She screamed as the magic hit her and felt herself pulled away to where she didn't know. Blackness spread from the edges of her vision pulling her into itself.

Taka's Side

She waited, hiding among the branches of the cherry trees, until the others had gone. Then when the full moon was at its peak she dropped silently to the ground and walked slowly toward the grave. Her golden eyes took in the sight of the fresh grave as she knelt before it, bowing low so that her shoulder length hair brushed the ground. She heard the sound of bare feet approaching and whirled to face the intruder.

"He wanted to see you one more time before he died," Kaoru said softly as Taka relaxed seeing it was her nephew's mate.

"Gomen Kaoru, I have been away. I did not receive the message until this morning," she replied, returning her eyes to the grave.

The two women were silent as they both paid their respect to the dead swordsman. Taka couldn't help but think that she had no family left to her other than her grandfather now. Well, there was Kenji. "How is Kenji?" she asked.

Kaoru forced a smile, "Glad you didn't come."

Taka snorted. "He never did like me much."

"I miss him Taka, I never did like being parted from him after he came into my life."

She didn't know how to respond to the woman's sadness. The death of most of her family had left her with little to give to others. Kaoru finally left the hanyou alone by the grave. "Now you are truly at peace," she whispered.

After a few more moments Taka rose to leave. Suddenly she felt as if someone were watching her. The hair on her neck stood on end, the red glow began to creep into her eyes, and she emitted a low and threatening growl. Something seemed to knock into her from behind, causing her to fall forward but she never hit the ground. The world went black around her as she was pulled into darkness.