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This is the story before my big one, Dark Alliances. It gives a little more back ground on my main character and who she is and all that. I hope you enjoy b/c it's taken forever to think and write and rewrite and edit this story. Hope you enjoy! Ps-The elvish I use is a mixture between Quenya and Sindarin because I have taken lessons and used sites to help with the story. So please do not be offended if you don't regonize the language as EITHER Quenya or Sindarin. It's hard enough to master those languages.

Chapter One

The young elf maiden ran, ignoring the cries of the others to stop. Her breath came in pants, fear causing her heart to race. She knew what would happen to her if she was caught. Her captors were not exactly known for their kindness to elves. She had been a captive of this band of Orcs for.how long was it? She could not recall; it had been so long. Days? Years? It felt like thousands of years to her since she had last seen any other life forms except for the other slaves, Orcs, and Human guards. Her feet made no sound, but the Orcs knew where she was going, or rather, trying to go. The Orc leader shouted orders to the others, who kept the other captives under control. She didn't dare look back, but kept on running. She had so far evaded the Orcs attempts to capture her, and her heart began to lift. Her hopes were dashed when someone stepped in front of her and she ran smack into him. Iron strong hands descended to her shoulders, and she shivered when she heard his mocking laugh and realized who it was that held her fast. "Thought you would try to escape? Nobody escapes my ranks.alive leastways. You, perhaps, might have, but alas, you failed like so many before you have." Lord Melkirss was the human slave owner, and he killed the ones that tried to escape. She struggled, but couldn't escape his hold on her. Lord Melkriss looked down at her. "I won't kill you. You are too valuable to me to kill off." Just then, the Orcs ran up, out of breath and terrified that their leader had caught her before they had. He turned his cold eyes on them. "Letting a slave escape? And a maiden at that? Go back to your posts. I will deal with this one." Her blood ran cold at his next words. "Myself." Afterwards, she lay in a tight ball, trying to keep from crying. She had been hurt before, but never like that. Her whole body shook; the chains were cold. She tensed when she heard someone come near, and closed her eyes, hoping it wasn't Him. A hand touched her shoulder, and she opened her eyes. It was another slave, and he looked at her with concern. "Lle anta yulna enalu?" he whispered. She nodded, and almost cried when he brought a cup to her lips. "Mani naa essa en lle?" he asked in a low voice. "Avara. Lle?" The captive smiled. "Dinfan." He took of his cloak and wrapped it around her. His mouth hardened when she trembled under his light touch, and he also saw the wounds on her body. "Ed I'ear ar'elena, I will make sure he does not do this again." Avara was touched at his protectiveness, but she did not want him to get hurt. He looked to be the same age as her. "No Dinfan. Do not try to stop him. I have only to stay out of his way from now on. Please do not try anything." Dinfan looked at her, and then nodded. "Very well. I will do as you ask." A harsh cry rang out, and Dinfan touched her hand. "Tenna' tel're," he whispered, then scurried back to his spot. Avara watched him, and let a smile grace her bruised face. She heard more footsteps, but when several Human soldiers walked by, she involuntarily cringed back. They laughed, and she knew they knew about her punishment. "That'll teach her not to try and escape. I bet she won't be able to move in the morning," one said. "Did he have to be so rough? She looks so frail already. Look at the blood on the cloak," answered another. Avara was puzzled; why would a Human soldier be concerned about her? "Don't get soft. She tried to run; she should be ready to pay the consequences." The guards walked away, but the one who had expressed concern knelt down beside her. He gently removed the cloak and looked over her wounds. She shrank back when he touched her. "I will not hurt you," he whispered. He took something out of his cloak and rubbed it on her wounds. The pain diminished, and she looked up at him. "Thank you," she whispered. The soldier looked into her eyes and she saw compassion and sorrow in them. "You are welcome young one." Before he left, she heard him whisper something. Her elven ears picked up what she knew the other humans could not hear, and it made her heart soar. "Quel esta little one."
Lle anta yulna enalu-Would you like a drink of water?
Mani naa essa en lle- what it your name? (Lle= you) Ed I'ear ar'elena-By the sea and the stars Tenna' tel're- Until tomorrow Quel esta little one- Rest well