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Chapter Ten

The ride turned out to be a pleasant one for Legolas, who had expected it to be the same as usual: boring. Being a prince, he was always escorted by two bodyguards and some Elders that were appointed by Thranduil to keep an eye on his son. They spoke about the beauty of Rivendell and how much they wished the rest of Middle Earth was as peaceful as the hidden valley was. Legolas watched Avara as they rode, interest in this soft spoken maiden growing with every mile, and he enjoyed her company very much. There was something about her that had instantly grabbed him. When he had turned around after she had gotten dressed, for a split second she had looked so vulnerable and so fragile that it had made his heart ache, but now he knew that she would not let that side show again.
"When did you arrive in Imladirs? I have been there many times, but I do not recall ever seeing you amongst the maidens," Legolas commented. Avara laughed, a sound that made Legolas' heart beat faster.
"I came to Rivendell a month ago, and I must tell you, I do not count myself among the maidens either. I am too "wild" for them, as they so politely put it. No, I spend my time with Lord Elrond's sons, Haldir, and Dinfan, who came with me," she said, and Legolas laughed; he could see indeed why the maidens thought her too wild for them. He did not disapprove of her choice of dress, in fact, he thought it rather suited her. She did not seem to him one who would tolerate a dress, and he had to admit it was hard to picture her in one too.
"Legolas, we are almost at the Gates. You may ride ahead if you wish," called out Morwen, an elder she-elf.
"Thank you Morwen, we shall do so," Legolas answered, and with a slight touch of his hand, the horse he was riding sped up. Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, and Aragorn were all at the Gates to welcome the Prince, and they were all surprised to see Avara with him. Elrond walked forward and smiled up at the young Prince. "Welcome once again, Prince Legolas. I see you have made it safely, and with company," his deep voice carrying a slight teasing notes. Legolas smiled and dismounted, helping Avara down as well.
"Yes Lord Elrond, I hope you do not mind," he countered, and Aragorn laughed and gripped his hand in the traditional warriors greeting. Aragorn also saw that Avara now knew who she had traveled with, and saw the incredulous look in her eyes, as Aragorn and the Twins had told her only that Legolas was their friend and often had a more-then helping hand in the mischief they played on the inhabitants of Rivendell. She turned to Legolas and gave a slight bow.
"My thanks Prince Legolas, for all your help, but I must get back to my quarters and change my clothes. They are a bit wet," she said, and Legolas bit his lip to still his laughter. She paused as she turned to leave, and looked back at him, and he saw the mischief twinkle in her eyes.
" And mayhap you should thank Iluvitar that he made you to be a Prince, for with your manners you avoided being chased by an angry, naked elf maiden," she said, and walked away, leaving Legolas in a fit of laughter and in the presence of four very shocked and puzzled beings.

Avara went to her room, and did indeed get dressed in something a little less wet. She took her treasure out of her pocket and lied down on her bed to get a better look at what it was she had found, and gave a little gasp. It was a beautiful silver ring, with a design of oak leaves engraved on it. She looked closely, searching for a possible inscription. "RG" was engraved on the inside, in letters so small she had to squint to read it properly. One the outside was another inscription, this time in Elvish. "A' maelarnin.my beloved," Avara whispered, running her fingers over the delicate ring. She wondered how it had come to lay at the bottom of the pool, but she did not have time to wonder, for Elrond had entered her room. She sat up, surprised, and Elrond quickly realized she had not heard his knock.
"I am sorry to have disturbed you Avara, but I noticed that one of your wounds had opened again. Are you alright?" he asked.
"Yes, I have already bound it, but I believe you may want to have a look at it, and perhaps bind it better then what I did, for I was in a rush. Legolas made sure I did not do any further damage to it and made me ride with him on his horse," Avara answered, and Elrond peeled away the cloth Avara used to stanch the blood. Satisfied that it would bleed no longer, Elrond discarded the cloth, and then sat down beside Avara.
"I believe, if I am correct, that you said you did not want to make any more friends." Avara flushed, and looked down at the floor, then back up at the Elvin lord. "He is a friend of Aragorn and the others, and he is different than the others as well. He did not try to get details of my past, he only asked me my name, and was content with that. And he is also as mischievous as your sons," she grinned, and Elrond laughed.
"Yes, I have to agree with you there. Rivendell is certainly not lacking in laughter or bright spirits. My sons and Legolas make sure of that," he admitted, and smiled.
"I am glad Avara that you decided to become friends with Legolas. I deem you will greatly enjoy his company. Now, supper is almost ready, and if I am not mistaken, that would be Legolas himself waiting for you."
Startled, Avara looked past Lord Elrond and saw Legolas standing just outside her door. She jumped up, wincing slightly as her twisted ankle protested. "Tell him to give me but a moment. I must get ready," she said, pushing the Elvin lord out the door and shutting it behind him. Elrond smiled at Legolas, who quirked an eyebrow at him. "Give her but a moment Legolas. I believe she wishes to change." Legolas smiled and nodded. Elrond grew serious and fixed the young prince with a just-as-serious look. "Do not rush her friendship Legolas. She is very different from the maidens that you are used to. Take care with her, for once her trust is broken, I deem it will never be given back out," he warned, and Legolas grew solemn as well. "I sense that Lord Elrond. She is like glass- strong, but once broken, never the same again. I will be cautious milord, you need not worry," he answered, and Elrond smiled and with a nod, walked on to his own chamber. "But I do worry young prince. I worry."