Thranduil's Secret
By SkyFire

Rating: PG (mention of blood & guts... Bleh. *grin*)
Summary: Legolas comes home to Mirkwood after the Quest and Thranduil reveals to him a shocking
secret.... O_O

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Thranduil's Secret
By SkyFire

"Sire! Legolas is returned!"

Thranduil looked up abruptly at the cry, then rushed down off his throne and across the elegant
throne room, pulling Legolas into his embrace as soon as he entered the room.

"Ada," Legolas greeted warmly, hugging the king as tightly as he was being hugged. "I missed you."

For long moments they embraced, then Thranduil pushed away, his eyes scanning the other's form
for any injuries.

//Head. Two arms, two legs, ten fingers. No obvious bandages or bruising.// Thranduil thought
to himself in relief. //No limping, scarring, or disfiguration. Good... He is whole.//

"Cancel the rest of the day's appointments," he told his chamberlain, ignoring the other's
immediate protests. "I wish to spend time with Legolas."

Arm in arm, the King and Prince of Mirkwood left for the private suite of the royal family.


Legolas smiled as they entered the sun-room. The wall of glass doors stood open, letting in the
rain-fresh scent of the forest. Sunlight poured in through the skylights above, bathing the room
in light and warmth.

It had always been his favorite room in the whole of the palace complex; it was in this room that
he could sometimes recall vague snatches of memory from a long time past, when his mother had
still been living. Back before the strange sickness had taken her away from him when he was but
a child.

Following his father's lead, Legolas sat down upon the couch that was the favorite of both of

Then Thranduil spoke.

"Well, Legolas," he said simply. "it seems that you managed to turn a simple courier's errand
into a grand adventure of the sort you were always dreaming about as a child." He chuckled at
Legolas' sudden blush of embarrassment, the quick glance from suddenly nervous eyes.

"I am not angry," he said, chuckling again at the immediate relief that flashed across Legolas'
face. "It reminds me of something I would have done at your age. But come now, tell me of your
adventure. I have had only vague reports of strangeness afoot, and not even that much after
Celeborn and his forces returned to Lothlorien after helping us rid ourselves of Dol Guldur and
its master once and for all."

Quickly, in simple words, Legolas spoke of his journey to Rivendell, and of the gathering of what
he had lately heard referred to as the Council of Elrond. He spoke of the forming of the
Fellowship of the Ring and his part in it. Then he spoke of the Quest he and the others had
undertaken; to destroy the One Ring of Sauron in the fires of Orodruin in Mordor.

Every word Legolas spoke of the Quest saw Thranduil become paler and paler.

At last, Legolas ended his retelling of his journeys with his arrival in Mirkwood and their

For a long moment afterward, Thranduil could do nothing but stare at the Elf sitting beside him,
seeing him truly for the first time as the capable warrior he truly was, and not the young Elf
that had shot his first arrow straight into the ground not three inches from one of his father's
councillors. //He grew up,// he thought to himself in wonder. //He grew into a fine young Elf,
and a great warrior.// Then reality grabbed hold of him again. //He was in the middle of a war
against overwhelming numbers. A war, like the Last Alliance.//

He could still remember the pain and horror of those days. Wielding his sword and knives long
past exhaustion, until he saw the enemy only as a vague blur of objects to be cut to pieces,
thick black blood spraying everywhere, covering him in disgusting stickiness that he only noticed
afterward. Screaming until his voice went away when he saw his father, King Oropher of the
Greenwood, cut down by the forces of the Dark Lord. And then more killing as his pain and rage
took over his mind, killing and killing until there was nothing left to kill....

So much death.

//And now Legolas knows it, too.//

He looked up dazedly as Legolas reached out a slender hand and laid it gently upon the king's arm.
"Ada?" came the concerned voice.

He reached out and hugged Legolas tightly to him. "You could have died," he said brokenly. "So
many times, in so many ways. You could have died."

Legolas was shocked to feel his usually-unshakable father trembling in his arms. "Ada," he said
gently, soothingly, his hands running comfortingly over his father's back. "I am not dead. I am
not hurt. I am well, Ada."

"But you could have been killed," the king repeated. He hugged Legolas tighter. "And you would
not have known..." He trailed off into silence, burying his face in the other's golden hair,
inhaling the scent of his closest kin as he tried to calm himself.

Legolas frowned, confused. He tried to pull back slightly. "Ada? What would I not have known?
What is it?"

Thranduil released the other from his tight hold, reached up to gently cup Legolas' cheek in his
hand. "Legolas, this is not easy for me to say, and it will be hard for you to hear. But you
are grown into a fine Elf and it is time that you know the secret that I have held close to me
for these many long years." He drew a deep breath, released it heavily. "Please," he said,
meeting the gaze of eyes that matched his own. "Do not think less of me for it."

Truly concerned now, Legolas looked at his father with worried eyes, saw the distress clearly
written on the other's face. "Whatever it is, I will always love you," he said gently. So
strange, to be the one offering words of comfort; usually it was the other way around! He
shrugged, smiled gently. "You are my Ada."

Thranduil shivered, looked deep into the bright green eyes with his own troubled ones. One last,
deep breath, then he spoke.

"No, Legolas, I am not."

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