Title: Crystalline Revelations Part I: The Corruption of Galaxia

Chapter One: Legends

Author: KissThis

Rating: PG-13 (as of now)

Pairing: Usagi/Galaxia

Summary: The true events of the Silver Millennium are bitter and harsh. They also become the base of Galaxia's corruption when Queen Selenity refuses to acknowledge their love and demands that Serenity marry Endymion; going so far as to blame Galaxia for kidnapping the Moon Princess! Part I of III in the Crystalline Revelations story-arc.

Disclaimer: I own nothing -- it's all Naoko's...[sigh] WAIT! The plot is mine! Tee hee!

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There are legends -- legends that tell of the greatest warriors the earth has ever seen. Who made legends of a time of peace and eternal love.

But even among legends there are legends. Even among the warriors of unequaled power on earth, the mighty Sailor Senshi, there was the One. One being whose god-like power grants us the lives we know today, whose defiant arrogance shook the foundations of the mighty Moon Kingdom, and whose anger led the universe to its almost total destruction.

This being, whose power bears her namesake, is the Golden Queen, Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Galaxia, nearly ageless, has lived since before the Sailor Wars. Her origins date as far back as to the Silver Millennium, -- where her flesh and bone were newly forged together by the ever-steady hand of the Goddess.

The Silver Millennium...

Yes, that is the starting point of her story...the story of the mightiest Sailor Senshi -- Sailor Galaxia...and her corruption.

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Though no historian has been able to pinpoint the reason of Galaxia's corruption or the time of its beginning I remember it clearly as being 96 Moon-Years before the Shattering of the Worlds. Galaxia had only been 20 Earth-Years old, and barely out of her youth, when she had arrived on the Moon as an ambassador for her home world, Alpha Senshi.

It was there that she captured the pure heart of Serenity, the beautiful Moon Princess. And it was then that she discovered the truth about Queen Selenity and the Silver Millennium.

This is the truth. Everything you've ever been told about the "glorious" Silver Millennium has been a lie. It's easy to believe the Millennium was a time of joy and tranquility when all the planets were at peace. That the Universe was a happy place and the Moon Kingdom was the happiest place of all -- with fireworks and parties every night and dancing and laughing.

It's a lot harder to believe the truth. Why would you want to when it's so much easier to turn a blind eye to the lies. The lies may even be better than what the truth holds...but I learned to look behind the veil of deceit that they attempted to place over my eyes.

The Sol System was full of discontent and mistrust. Everywhere you looked the tangible aura of hatred could be seen...could be tasted in your mouth. It was a bitter taste of dirt and iron that reminded me of blood. And the only thing that could remotely be considered "peace" between the Powers was an agreement of "mutual non-aggression" called the Peace of the Planets, which bore the signature of each ruler in the system. It only prevented a Solar War and the planets were free to bicker amongst each other and discreetly gobble up asteroids and satellites while not technically conquering them as that would be in violation of the Peace.

Tension was thick making any socialization between the planets all but forbidden. The division was particularly strong between the Inner and Outer planets due to their difference in beliefs and morals. This put considerable stress on the thunderous planet Jupiter -- as it was placed in between the rivaling sectors.

The Moon itself, under the new queen Selenity, became the self-proclaimed ruler of the system. The Lunarian militia units garrisoned on each planet immediately squandered any rebellion at this sudden exertion of force from the Moon. Any disagreement about the Moon Queen's bold declaration was met with grizzly opposition and the people of the Sol learned quickly to accept it and shut up or lose their life.

The peace that had almost turned into a reality by Queen Serenitatis all but disappeared when her daughter, Selenity, took the throne. Everything the former queen had worked for before he death became nothing more than another page in Time's great design.

Selenity was a bitter and punishing woman whose sole obsession was her only child, Princess Serenity. Selenity ruled the dominant Moon Kingdom with an iron fist and tried to raise her daughter to follow in her footsteps. But Serenity was a kind soul with a pure heart and no love for the dictatorship her mother enforced on the enslaved inhabitants of the Moon. And slaves they were, for Selenity saw them as nothing more than dispensable puppets with only the sole purpose to further engrain her power over the humans of Sol.

Queen Selenity had an insatiable need to control every aspect in her life and in the Sol. Her obsession over Serenity was no exception and the young Princess' life had been planned down to the very last detail the day she was born. Selenity would let nothing ruin the "perfect" future she had planned for her daughter. This was the beginning of Sailor Galaxia's corruption...

...and the beginning of our story...