Title: Crystalline Revelations Part I: The Corruption of Galaxia

Chapter Four: The Starshine Waltz

Author: KissThis

Rating: PG-13 (as of now)

Pairing: Usagi/Galaxia

Summary: The true events of the Silver Millennium are bitter and harsh. They also become the base of Galaxia's corruption when Queen Selenity refuses to acknowledge their love and demands that Serenity marry Endymion; going so far as to blame Galaxia for kidnapping the Moon Princess! Part I of III in the Crystalline Revelations story-arc.

Disclaimer: What do you mean I don't own Sailor Moon?! NOW somebody tells me...

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Galaxia stepped into the ballroom just as one waltz ended and another began. Mermaid was still talking animatedly with Jupiter and they both broke off from the group, circumnavigating the dance floor. As the new waltz started it was met with polite, but loud, cries of mirth from the female dancers. The men relinquished the floor and the women arranged themselves into two lines that faced the each other.

A group waltz.

"Come on Kronos!" Galaxia exclaimed grabbing her Senshi's hand, "Join the line!"

She jumped into place next to a noblewoman with a mass of shining, golden curls. She grinned at her look of surprise just as Kronos stumbled in beside her. As the brunette straightened and adjusted her fuku she chanced to look around her and fully acknowledge the orchestra's melody. Her features immediately broke into one of amused anticipation.

"The Starshine Waltz." Kronos murmured smugly.

"Kick some lunar-ass." Galaxia whispered back and then the lines were moving; ending all conversation.

Galaxia and Kronos turned to face one another. They both curtsied in time to the music then circled twice. They paused where they had started, with every other person in the line facing the other way. As one, they lifted their right hands and placed the back of their palms against those of their partners'. Kronos curtsied -- a graceful bobbing motion -- then Galaxia, then together as one.

A deep cello strummed and the partners turned on their toes, matching left to left. The simplistic pattern of curtsies was repeated and the opposite line mirrored their steps. They twisted back and forth with swinging steps matching right-to-right, left-to-left, right, left, right -- increasing in speed with each strumming of the cello until the music ebbed suddenly and they stopped as a unit; arms crossed and both hands touching.

Both lines moved close together, twirling and spinning, and curtsied before dancing back outwards again. Turning left the dancers in each line found themselves facing opposite directions. One hand held their skirts as the other rose and fell through the space of the corridor they had created.

A new sound, that of a violin, struck our -- holding the note as long as it could. The orchestra's addition led the alternate instruments in a faster, upbeat tempo that spurred on the second phase of the Starshine Waltz.

A woman broke of from the head of each line and turned into the center. With a chorus of giggles the pair whirled and pranced down the aisle. As they met in the middle they grabbed each other's hand and spun around together before continuing on their way.

The next pair went and then the next, while Galaxia anxiously awaited her turn. Then, suddenly, she was at the front of the line and the previous woman had just twisted past her. Laughing along with the rest of the women she spun into the aisle and started towards the other side.

Her suede slippers whispered as they danced along the marble floor and played the chorus to her song-filled steps. Her arms twisted sinuously above her head and an exaggerated twirl made her many skirts fan out and swing around her legs. Eyelids that hovered lazily between being open or shut gave way to her other senses...


The rustling of a dozen, dozen skirts accented the flowing melody of the orchestra being executed in perfect harmony. Strings...cello, violin, bass, harp; Winds...clarinet, flute, fife, piccolo, clarinet; a subtle, but steady drum beating in the background.


The coldness inherent to marble seeped through the thin soles of her formal shoes and trailed up her legs. The scratch of her petticoats against her bare legs was joined in discomfort by the tightness of her gown's bodice. Her hair felt heavy against her neck and tickled her bare back.


Her own musky perfume of cinnamon was faint and subdued in the back of her nose. The smell coming to her now was one of nature -- of roses and the early morning. It was thick and heavy in the air around her and she found the scent's boldness oddly alluring.

Spinning forward a blur of silver caught her eye and all her senses, save sight melted away. Her eyes became as wide as saucers as she reached out to clasp her partner's hand.

The tranquil Moon Princess gazed serenely back. Her demure expression between half-lidded eyes gave off waves of primitive sensuality that instantly had Galaxia intrigued. In the few scarce seconds that they were together time seemed to take on a lazy turning that made the world slow and hesitate.

The princess' unique, 'almost-silver' hair had been confined back to its royally trademarked style and the streaming ribbons of hair fluttered flowingly behind her. The thick smell of roses she had noticed earlier was found to be the product of the dozen or so flowers Serenity had adorned her gown with. Pristine white flowers; only a few of which Galaxia could recognize from her Sol System Studies. She recognized the roses around the twin knots of Serenity's hair and the lilies laced into the bodice of her evening gown, but that was the extent of Galaxia's knowledge.

Reality came back in a whoosh; the loud music, the bright lights, and her empty hand. A bit disoriented, Galaxia finished her round of dancing with less fervor than when she had started. The remaining rounds whizzed by her without notice and she didn't "come to" until it ended and a noblewoman let out a high-pitched squeal of delight in her ear.

Mau and Cocoon had just started to converge on Kronos with praise and applause, and Galaxia avoided their grasp and looked hurriedly through the crowd.

The smile left in the aftermath of the dance's mirth, dropped from Kronos' face. She lifted a hand, effectively utilizing her superior rank, to silence the Senshi. "Galaxia?"

But Galaxia's mind was gone. All her thought was bent on the blur of silver moving through the crowd of mingling nobility. Nothing had made her abandon her duties as an ambassador nor drop her responsibilities and code of protocol, but she did so now. Every rational thought had fled the moment she'd caught sight of the princess in the crowd. Bundling up her skirts she chased after.

Kronos was not about to let her go so easily. With a growl of annoyance she took off after her superior officer with the others trailing curiously behind her.

Galaxia grabbed a hold of Serenity's hand just as the orchestra started up a fast-tempo-ed dance. With no escape for herself through the pressing bodies, Galaxia refused to allow Serenity one and without choice Galaxia pulled her close to dance.

"What are you doing?" Serenity asked curiously -- momentarily forgetting all etiquette that had been implanted in her mind during her youth.

Galaxia grinned, "Dancing." She could feel the princess' tension through her grip on her hand.

"But we are both girls..." Her delicate brow furrowed in confusion, her feet unconsciously keeping up with the demanding steps of the waltz.

Now that she was here, Galaxia felt infinitely more in control of her body and her suave and infallible demeanor was restored. Something had drawn her there, like a moth to the flame, and she was going to find out what the hell that 'something' was.

"You've never danced with a girl before?"

Serenity shook her head, "No, never."

Galaxia gave a throaty chuckle and Serenity flushed in embarrassment. "You Lunarians are an odd bunch..."

"I could say the same of your kind, Ambassador." Serenity replied quietly.

"My kind! Ah, little star," Galaxia murmured. "We're not so different you and I. In fact...we were once the same."

"I remember my grandmother's origins." Serenity informed her flatly.

"Yes, how quickly you remember. But faster do your people tend to forget."

Galaxia glanced over Serenity's head to see Kronos and Mau dancing their way towards her. Smiling slightly she turned her back on them and led her partner away.

"Why weren't you at dinner, Lady Serenity?" The formal title was uttered more out of humor than out of respect as Galaxia tactfully changed the subject.

Serenity's gaze immediately darted done, not meeting Galaxia's eyes, "There were several royal errands that demanded my attention more so than dinner."

Galaxia's lips twitched upwards, but she played the part of flaky, lady-like confusion. "The Queen told us you were feeling ill..." She trailed off.

Beneath her mask of ignorance Galaxia studied her quarry. With her inherent empathic abilities she sensed Serenity's emotions at the same time she experienced them.




She watched the princess struggle a little while longer before she cut off her weak attempts at reply.

"It's alright." Galaxia lowered her voice, "I saw you in the gardens beneath my window."

"Are you going to tell the Queen?" Serenity asked meekly.

Galaxia started. "Heaven's no!" She exclaimed. "You're mother already thinks very little of me, and it would hardly help my situation at all to tell her that I was, I'd assume in her opinion, "apparently stalking" her daughter."

"Oh, I see. Thank you."

She smiled, "I wouldn't have told her anyway. Your secret's safe."

Serenity parted from her, and Galaxia realized that the music had stopped. The young princess smiled. "Thank you," She repeated.

Then Kronos was beside her dragging her from the floor with a tight grip on both of her shoulders. Galaxia growled and broke from her friend's grasp.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Kronos?!"

"ME?!" Kronos hissed. "The Queen is watching you! Or were you too wrapped up in seducing her daughter to notice!"

Mouth gaping open, Galaxia turned to face the raised dais upon which the Queen sat, in her place of honor. An ice queen, in her royal gown of pristine white with moonlight hair to match. Those chilling eyes that had early swept over her with such disgust and contempt now glared at her with unbridled loathing.

"Kronos..." She whispered, unable to tear her gaze away from the Queen's.

Kronos' voice was silent. All of her anger towards Galaxia melted away leaving her words hollow.

"I know...things on the moon are definitely not right."