Author's Note

This is my first fan fiction. I never managed to find a beta reader so please be gentle on spelling and grammar criticisms. If you would like to be my Beta please leave a message in feedback. The next five chapters are just waiting on someone to proofread them.

And yes I know this story is centered on Minerva McGonagall, but she doesn't appear to the second chapter.

Predictions, Misconceptions, and Transfigurations

Harry awoke with a start. As he turned to his bedside table for his glasses, the eerie green glow of his alarm clock revealed the late hour.

Glancing about the moonlight filled room, he could pick out Hedwig asleep in her cage, head tucked under a wing. The owl cage rested atop his trunk. After their meeting with Mad Eye Moody, his aunt and uncle had reconsidered their opposition to keeping his school items in his room. The ready availability of his books had been a great change over the previous summers, but in the two weeks he had been at Privat Drive, he hadn't felt much like starting his summer work.

The change in attitude by his relatives unfortunately did not extend much past his trunk and owl. Though the door was no longer kept locked, by unspoken agreement Harry remained in his room most of the day. His meals were delivered to his room and though they were barely palpable they always arrived on a regular schedule and in decent amounts. No longer did he receive a list of chores to complete each morning. The flowers and shrubs were certainly looking worse for the lack of their usual care, but the few times Harry had passed his Uncle Vernon in the hall not a word was spoken. Dear Ickle Diddykins spent ever waking moment away from 4 Privat Drive and more often than not nights would find him sleeping at the residence of one of his gang. When Aunt Marge had telephoned to arrange a visit, she had been quite astonished to hear Vernon's response, "Now is not a goodtime!" before he abruptly hung up.

Not that Harry really found any of this something to complain about. Still thinking about the events of a month ago, Harry had no real interest in interaction, particularly not with any of the Dursleys. The memory of events in the Department of Mysteries and later in Dumbledore's office still weighed heavily in his mind. Sirius -

-Turning his thoughts back to the present, Harry wondered what could have woken him. Tentatively he reached up to the scar on his forehead. Often, especially the last year he had been awakened by a searing pain from tormented dreams. There was no pain and he could not remember even fragments of a dream this night. Pulling his wand out from under his pillow, he continued his survey of the room.

Looking to his door, he noticed it was partially open. Harry tensed knowing that was certainly not the way he had left it.

"Lumos." From the light of his wand he could see the hallway.

Out of the darkness a masculine voice called out triumphantly, "Potter is in this room!"

The door opened further, but still Harry saw no one. The slight rustling of material approaching reminded Harry of his own invisibility cloak. Harry flicked his wand in the area of the door and with all his adrenalin filled force, shouted "Stupefy!"

Not sure what was happening, Harry rose from his bed to examine the single leg and two feet now visible under the hem of what clearly had to be an invisibility cloak.

Harry whirled back around, wand at the ready, as sounds of mingled laughter filled his doorway.

"Constant vigilance Potter. That's what I like to see." said Mad Eye Moody. As Moody stepped out the doorway to examine the form on the ground, Harry caught sight of his former professor Remus Lupin, Mundungus Fletcher, Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"As Lupin moved forward to embrace Harry, Tonks flashed Harry a smile. "Nice work Harry." she grinned.

Suddenly with all the people in the room Harry was rather glad he had fallen asleep in his day clothes.

"Think someone should have mentioned to him we were here last year and already knew which room was Harry's?" asked Mundungus motioning to the now uncovered young man.

"Nah." shrugged a new figure. "Boy's got to learn if he is going to be an auror." Meeting Harry's gaze, the silver haired man lifted his hat in greeting. "Loki is the name. And that over there-"

"Invigorate." interrupted Moody.

-"Is Malone McGonagall."

"Oh" said Harry, turning to follow in the direction the other man pointed. "Hello then.. pleased to meet you. Err- look I'm real sorry about stunning you and all, but you should have identified yourself or something." said Harry suddenly concerned he might have unintentionally done some serious damage. "I mean if you're an auror, you really should know better that that."

"Right. Now lets stop all the talking and get this boy packed and out of here." said Moody. "And why are you still on the floor?"

"We are leaving? Asked Harry excited for the first time since arriving at his relatives. "For the summer?"

"Aye. Now you off the floor." growled Moody.

"Right. Sorry just I've never seen a floor quite like this one - It's quite exciting."

After flashing an odd look at Moody, Tonks reached out a hand to help Malone up.

"Now as we are short a few invisibility cloaks -"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Malone warned Tonks.

"We're going to use invisibility potion." continued Moody.

As Tonks yanked him a jar fell out of her cloak pocket and shattered. Harry blinked. The floor and most everyone's feet had disappeared.

"Or not." finished Moody.

"Well, I didn't see it before, but I must agree the floor is certainly looking exciting now." said Lupin with a wink to Harry.

Malone glared at Lupin. "Why don't you keep your filthy mouth closed."

Moody in turn glared at Malone. "You do know I brought you here to warn us about things like that."

"I did warn you."

"Try and be a bit more forceful next time would you." Moody sighed. Turning to the carpet he barked, "What are you doing?"

Harry looked. Now Tonks was on the ground - or at least where the ground should be - rolling.

"Trying to get invisible."

Harry couldn't help but laugh and soon all of the others with the exception of Moody were laughing too. Tonks had succeeded in becoming invisible, but only in parts. Most of her back was gone, one of her hands, the other arm to the elbow, and bits of her hair.

As the laughter died down, Lupin turned to Harry. "I've put a sleep enchantment on the others in the house so as not to frighten them with al the noise." Lupin paused for a moment to stare pointedly at Tonks who stuck her fully visible tongue out in response. "Rather than wake them, perhaps it would be best if you left them a note explaining your absence."

Harry nodded and tore off a scrap of parchment to compose his letter as the others moved about packing his trunk for him. Staring at the page for a few moments unsure exactly what to write, Harry finally settled on a simple Gone for the summer.

Lupin released Hedwig. After shrinking the empty owl cage, he added it to the pocket already containing Harry's trunk. "Anything else you'll be needing from here?"

"Definitely not."

"Let's get moving then." said Moody leading the way to the stairs. "Keep three in front and three behind Potter . One below him, but not while on the stairs obviously. We are short cloaks so Potter will wear his own, Lupin takes mine, Tonks my spare, and Loki will turn himself invisible.

"Why don't you use that charm you used on me last summer?" asked Harry.

Moody paused a moment to think before replying, "Don't ask so many questions."

"Myself, Lupin, and Shacklebolt in front of Harry to start with, Loki beneath, the rest covering the rear. We will fly in circles around Potter. Invisible people move clockwise in a small circle. Visible go counterclockwise in a slightly wider circle so we don't collide."

Moody continued explaining his rather involved and sometimes contradictory strategy as they made their way to the front door.

"Stay in formation no matter what, but keep moving. And every so often on my signal everyone will change the direction of their circle. Keep the enemy guessing. I want a human wall around Potter. If we get attacked, Potter and the other invisibles keep moving and try to get away. The rest of us are expendable - your mission is to safely deliver Potter for the Wizengot. No heroics."

From under his cloak, Harry realized he had never asked why they had come for him now. He had just assumed he was going to Ron's house or the Order headquarters.

After last summer's experience with the Wizengot, he was more than a bit hesitant. Thinking back, he certainly couldn't recall having done anything noticeable by Ministry standards in the last two weeks. He hadn't received so much as a warning from Mafalda Hopkirk much less formal charges. Given how Fudge and Umbridge had tried to railroad him last summer by changing his hearing time without notice, he wouldn't be at all surprised if they tried and convicted him of some trumped-up charges before notifying him this time.

"I haven't done anything. What are the charges against me?"

"Not to worry Harry," said Lupin. "You are not on trial."

"In times like these, a little paranoia is not a bad thing." commented Moody.

Shooting Moody a dark look, Lupin continued. "Most of the Death Eaters you and your friends caught in the Department of Mysteries pleaded guilty, but Malfoy is demanding a full trial with witnesses against him present."

"But you were there. You saw what happened. He was captured in the Department of Mysteries. How can Malfoy possibly hope to get out of it?" Harry felt his rage and panic growing at the thought of Lucius Malfoy escaping punishment again after what had happened to his godfather.

"Not to worry Harry. Not even Lucius can bribe or threaten his way out of what he has done." assured Lupin. He tried to lay a hand on Harry's shoulder but swiped empty air near Harry instead.

Aye." agreed Moody. "We know the imperius curse wasn't necessary for that one."

"The Wizengot has him dead to rights." Tonks added.

"I'm not sure what he is planning for this trial, but knowing Malfoy it's nothing good. The trial doesn't start for two days. The official ministry people are scheduled to come here to deliver you tomorrow night. We thought it best to use Order people and do it a day earlier. Given how easily Fudge was taken in by Lucius Malfoy last year, who knows what leaks and incompetence are in the Ministry. Constant vigilance!"

"If there aren't anymore questions - "

"Actually, I have one more." interrupted Harry his mind racing to catch up with what was going on. "Malone McGonagall? Any relation to Professor McGonagall?"

"Yes, actually. I am the son of the brother she doesn't admit to having."

"Oh…the son of the brother she doesn't admit to having?" repeated Harry.

"Well…now that that's all been cleared up," chuckled Loki. "Shall we?"

Using his magical eye, Moody scanned the yard and night sky for anything unusual before opening the front door.

As soon as Malone, the last of the rear guard, crossed the threshold of the door he stopped. "Wait, something is very wrong."