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Kasumi stepped through the dark opening into the nightclub, trying her best to blend in and remain inconspicuous. Despite her best efforts she still drew stares, although not the type she had been accustomed to in the past. Kasumi's slim figure and ample bust would make her the envy of any women around her, and her bright amber eyes seemed to catch the eye of every man in the room, or at least, they used to. However, her occupation of rogue shinobi had caught up with her six months ago, or rather her half sister had.


The forest flew past as Kasumi ran silently through the foliage with the grace of a panther. Kasumi heard, or rather felt a slight disturbance in the air and twisted sideways, performing a graceful flip and narrowly avoiding the razor sharp shruikens that whizzed past, embedding themselves deep in the coarse bark of the tree behind Kasumi. Kasumi spun around, instinctively moving hard hand behind her to grab her tanto. She looked on with narrowed eyes as a figure leapt gracefully from the shadows, landing in front of Kasumi without even the slightest hint of effort. The figure moved forward into the light, drawing her katana. "Time to die, Kasumi. You've made fools of us for long enough."

"I have made fools of no one." Kasumi retorted, "I saved my family, and now I'll try to do the same again. Leave now Ayane," Kasumi pleaded, "I don't want to kill you."

"Unfortunately, I do not share your sentiments." Ayane replied coldy. She then moved forward, her anger and hatred emanating into what seemed to Kasumi to be almost visible rays. Ayane struck swiftly and accurately, striking at Kasumi with such force that when their blades met, showers of sparks exploded off the curved blades. Kasumi parried and blocked, but speed with which Ayane was lashing out at her was alarming, and Kasumi felt a growing sense of dread welling up within her. Finally, Ayane raised her katana over her head for a powerful overhead strike, and Kasumi saw her opening. Despite her consciousness' screaming protests, Kasumi knew what she had to do. Kasumi lunged forwards, thrusting her long knife towards Ayane's chest, then Kasumi's eyes widened in horror as she realized her mistake. In the heat of battle, Kasumi had forgotten that just because she was using a tanto did not mean her opponent was. Kasumi was not in striking distance, but Ayane with her katana, was. Ayane's eyes gleamed with malice as she brought the blade swinging towards her sister. Kasumi tried to pull back, but she wasn't quite fast enough. Kasumi turned her face and she felt the tip of the blade enter near her temple, drawing an oozing red line down to her jaw, missing her left eye by millimeters. Kasumi screamed in agony as the left side of her face lit up with pain. She dropped her tanto, and covered he face with her hands, smearing blood over her cheek, in her hair, and all over her hands. Kasumi turned and ran, faster then she ever thought she could.


Now the stares she got, ones of sympathy and pity, were a reminder, a reminder that Ayane was willing and capable of killing her. Kasumi absentmindedly traced her fingers along the long scar that ran from temple to jaw, and turned her now cold eyes to the bar, half-listening to the rock song that was blaring through the club's many speakers:

And now, you've become a part of me, You'll always be right here You've become a part of me, You'll always be my fear, I can't separate, Myself from what I've done, Giving up a part of me, I've let myself become you.

~end of chapter~

So what does everyone think? As you might guess, this won't be the happiest of fics. For anyone who didn't get it, that was the chorus from a Linkin Park song call figure.09, which also happened to be my inspriation for the fic. I love feedback, even if you just want to tell me I suck, so please R&R!