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Summary: This is a sequel to "Do I Have To Say The Words" my other story featuring Summer Ryan and other characters. So if you want to understand this one more, you must read the other one, to get the general idea. Also for further Summer-Jeff interaction you need to read "I Want You To Want Me" because there is a little bit of back-story there too. Otherwise the summary for this story is simple. Summer and Jeff are married, but marriage doesn't always turn out the way you want it. And these are the days of their lives. LOL.

A/N: Now for those of you that have read both of the stories listed above then you know this story was supposed to be written a long time ago, and although it did take me a long time to do it, here it is, and I hope you like it. It's another one of those stories that I am writing offline first and then posting so if the updates aren't everyday then you know why. But you will not have to wait very long for them. I'm going crazy with my writing these days.


Summer picked up the phone to dial the familiar number she was used too, but thought better of it.

It had been a month since her and Jeff had decided to split and it wasn't the right thing to be calling him now. Placing the phone back down, she picked up her contracts determined to get some work done.

Just as she started to review the contracts, she heard her phone ring. Glancing over through her glasses, she noticed it was her personal line, not her business one.



Summer thought she recognized the voice but couldn't be sure because he was talking to low.

"Yeah this is Summer. Who is this?"

"I thought that you would recognize your own husbands voice by now when you hear it. Guess I was wrong."

"Well Jeff, if you weren't talking so damn low then maybe I might have understood you. So after a month of not talking to me, what could you possibly want now?"

Jeff heard the utter anger and indifference in her voice and knew that he deserved it, but he couldn't help hoping that she would be a little more open to talking again.

A month earlier after the funeral of one of their close friends, Jeff had been at a standstill. He wasn't following through with his music and his band the way he had hoped, and he missed being in the ring.

He had tried numerous times to talk to Summer about how he felt, but every time he did she was preoccupied or out of town. It seemed that no matter what she did, Summer succeeded at everything. He spent so much time alone, and then started to really hate it when she was home, because her mind was never truly with him.

So the last time she had come home, he had asked for a separation to get his head clear. Ever since Hayley had died, his mind was a jumble, of things she had said, and ideas that she had given him. He wanted to explain that to Summer but when he had tried too and brought up the separation, she had flipped out. So that left him where he was now, and the phone call.

"We have to talk."

"Well isn't that convenient now Jeff. It suits you so it must be done. Is that it?"

"I'm not getting into this with you right now Summer. Not when you are sitting in Canada and I'm sitting here in North Carolina. We need to sit down and sort this all out."

"I've already sorted it out for you Jeff. You want to be alone? Well you got your wish. Now please don't call me again, my lawyer can handle everything from here on in."

Before Jeff could respond, the line had clicked off. He didn't want to admit it, but when Hayley had died, so had his marriage to Summer right along with her. What he didn't understand was what Summer meant by having her lawyer deal with it. Putting the phone down he had realized that he didn't only lose a wife, he had also lost his best friend too.


He didn't have to wait long to figure out what she meant by having her lawyer dealing with any further contact.

He stepped out of his car and made his way up his walkway with Matt. As he got to his door he saw a short skinny man waiting for some sign of life at the house.

"Who the hell is that Jeff?"

"I don't know bro, but I guess I'm going to find out."

Jogging up the walk while the man has his back turned to them; he tapped him on the shoulder. Turning around, the man looked taken aback, like he had been caught red handed.

"Hey man, can I help you?"

"Are you Jeffrey Nero Hardy?"

"One and the same, but I haven't had anyone use my middle name in a long time. What can I do for you?"

"Well Mr. Hardy, these are for you."

"What are these?" Jeff asked totally confused.

"Man, it looks like you're being served."

"That's because he is. Have a pleasant day gentleman."

Jeff watched the man run down the stairs and up the walk to his car, a block away, and turned back to his brother.

"Jeff why the hell would you be getting served?"

"Not completely sure, but I do have a few guesses."

"Anything you care to share with me?"

"Matt she wants a divorce. That's what this is."

"Who? You mean to tell me Summer, the girl who is deeply in love with you, so much in fact that she pledged everything to you, wants a divorce? You have to have this all-wrong man. Just open the papers."

Jeff looked grimly from the long brown envelope and back to his brother again. It was obvious what this was, and no matter what Matt said, he knew that Summer didn't want to talk. She just wanted it over.