Title: Secrets.

Rating: PG-13 at the moment. May go up in time.

Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Tara/Willow, Anya/Xander

Summary: AU fic, everyone is human. Buffy joins a new school with a big secret. Warning: This was written a long time ago.

Spoilers: Nope.

Disclaimer: You know the drill. I own everything. Umm, I mean Joss and his zombies do…

Distribution: Of course! Just let me know please.

"God it's hot today." Xander Harris complained, fanning himself with his math's text book he was supposed to be studying from.

"Maybe it would help if you took off your coat." Willow Rosenburg pointed out.

He grinned sheepishly before shrugging his fleece off.

"Have you seen the new girl that started today?" Liam O'Connor asked, his full name was Angelus O'Connor. But his friends called him Angel. He was tall and broad, very handsome and had a big reputation for being a ladies man.

"No, I haven't seen her yet, but Tara was assigned to show her around the school so I'm sure she will introduce us." Willow said, referring to her girlfriend Tara Maclay. 

"Why have you seen her?" Anya Jenkins, Xander's girlfriend asked.

"I saw her briefly." Angel explained.
"Is she a hotty?" Xander immediately asked, resulting in a punch from Anya.
"There's Tara." Willow interrupted, her face immediately lighting up.

Tara smiled as she arrived alone to the bench her group of friends were sitting at and on, outside there school in LA, Hemery High.

They all said there hello's and she took her seat next to Willow.

"So is she a hotty?" Xander asked her again.

"Who?" Tara said innocently.

"The new girl!" Xander cried impatiently.

She shrugged, "I only have eyes for Willow." she said resulting in a 100-watt smile from her girlfriend and gagging noises from around the table.

"She's transferred from Sunnydale in California; she's really sweet and nice. I think she's shy. I invited her to sit with us, but she said she had somewhere else to go." Tara filled in.

"And yes, she's a hotty." Angel finally got in.

"Giles?" Buffy Summer's said hesitantly, entering her new school's library.

Her old friend came out from between some stacks of books, carrying a cup of tea.

"Buffy." he said warmly with a huge grin. He handed the tea to her. "I guessed you would come here at lunch. How's it been so far? Made any new friends?"

"Fine thanks and yes." She said, taking a seat around a table in the middle of the room.

"Oh really, who?" Rupert Giles asked. Known to everyone as Mr Giles except Buffy who had always called him Giles.

"Tara Maclay. Do you know her?" Buffy said, taking a sip of the tea.

He nodded, "Nice girl, she's friends with a gang headed by Liam O'Connor. In the month I've been here, it's become apparent he's got quite a reputation."

Buffy nodded, "She told me he a big softy at heart. Told me to ignore people who say otherwise."

"He has come in here a number of times, he has a good taste in books. Some very deep things." He stopped shuffling with papers and took a seat opposite her.

"How's the actual move been?" he asked.

"Ok. No questions so far. Ryan and Laura been great." Buffy said, referring to her cousin and his wife she now lived with.

"I've have explained to the teachers some things, told them to ask no questions. Not everything of course, just enough." Giles told her.

The bell rang saying home room had started.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Buffy said, "Ryan's picking me up from school."

"Goodbye Buffy. Have a nice evening."

To Be Continued…