They all slowly filted into her room. Buffy was sitting up in bed, propped up by pillows. When Gunn had slipped off to get drinks he had also got a little 'Get well Soon' bear from the gift shop. "Hello." Buffy smiled weakly. Willow and Tara both gave her a hug before perching on the end of her bed. She looked pale and had a cut on her forehead where she had hit her head. Gunn held out the bear. "Cost me my life savings." He joked, before suddenly hugging her. "I'm glad you are ok, you almost had us worried there for a minute." Angel smacked him lightly on the arm before sitting on the chair next to her. "So, you're all leaving then?" Willow asked. She nodded. "Yep. That stuck up bitch with a bug up her butt of a police officer has arranged for us to go somewhere. I don't know where yet." They all giggled at her description of Kate. It certainly fit. Kate herself suddenly came in. "By telling you, your life's are not safe." She announced, "I'm checking it out, but the odds are you will have to go into hiding to." They all gave each other uneasy glances, "What about our parents?" Willow finally said. "Of course they will be informed, but once they know of the risk I'm sure they will all cooperate." "Kate, this is ridiculous." Giles snapped, "They will be fine." "When you say taken into hiding, what do you mean exactly?" Angel asked. "You will be taken to another country, and given accommodation and police protection." Kate said, "Until we give you the all clear." "Another country?" Willow said shocked. "Cool." said Gunn. "You will each be taken home in a police car to get your stuff and then be taken to the airport now. Go and see the officers waiting in the downstairs check in." Kate told them. They all left, talking amongst themselves. Gunn had never known his parents. He lived in a foster home, and he wouldn't be sad to leave it. Willow's parents wrote books about other teenagers. They had probably forgotten they had one of there own somewhere, in her opinion. Tears filled Buffy's eyes. Laura saw and pushed Kate out of the room. "You lost your house because of me and now they have lost there lives." She wailed. "Buffy, none of this is your fault. It is no one's fault." Laura said, "Anyway, it will be like an adventure." Buffy smiled slightly, "I'm not ten." She whispered. Then she looked stricken, "My photos! I have no more." "Spike. He has loads you didn't take with you in Sunnydale. Once we get to England you can write to him and get him to send them." Laura suggested. "I miss him. I wish he could have come to LA with me." Buffy said. "Well, this time, you're going to take all your friends." Laura grinned. "Except Xander, Anya and Oz." "True, but you will have so much to tell them when you get back. You can ring them now so they can see you off at the airport." Buffy swung her legs out of bed. "What am I going to wear tomorrow? And my top has blood on it." "Phone Willow and ask her to bring you some clothes you can borrow. We can get more in England, along with everything else we need." Laura said. "Good idea." Buffy said, getting her phone out of her jeans pocket she had been wearing. "I wonder where we will go." Laura wondered. "I hope it's somewhere nice!"