Title: …But All Men are Reptiles.

By: Amanda

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Rating: G

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to V the miniseries, television series or anything. Though, I'd love to own Willie.

Summery: Harmony Musing: from V: The mini-series

Completed: September 1, 2003


Okay. So that cute man who stumbles over sentences and stole my heart is a reptile. But really, deep down, aren't all men? At least the ones I usually meet in L.A. are, so why should Willie be any different? Just because he's from outer space doesn't mean a damn thing. A man is a man is a snake in the grass. At least with the other ones you know what to expect, it is L.A. after all. And I've met my fair share over the years, trust me it's hard not too. So I thought that a couple hundred light years would make a difference. Boy was I wrong!

Okay, I'll admit it, I am pissed. To say the least. And a little hurt. Why didn't he just tell me? Oh yeah, right…the whole green-skin and slime thing. The whole thing has totally creeped out in the long run. I mean I was willing to…you know…right there in the storage room with a freaking lizard. An alien lizard at that! Don't tell me that that wouldn't send a girl screaming into the distance, unless she was into the green scales and world domination. But not this one! No siree. Not me…never…

But look at him in the back of the truck all scared and bewildered. That man, er reptile, is a puppy. A little lost puppy out in the world all alone. That little pout and such sad eyes. He looks like a dog that's been kicked, the poor guy. Are those chains really necessary, really? So what if he is, technically, part of their world, he wouldn't hurt a fly. Probably wouldn't even know how. And he has no idea what's going on around him. I just can't help but feel so sorry for him there, all scared and alone. So I'm going soft on him. Hell, I was soft on him from the get go. But look at him, just look, I know he's not like the others…not really, not deep down. It's always the man we girls go for, not the suit, right? I'll just have to remember that one in the long run. After all, it wasn't his face that made me love him, it was the man, er person, ah…personality. And that's what matters. And really…all men are reptiles anyway.

"…You hungry?"


A/N: I just saw V for the first time and totally fell in love with Willie. Not to mention my reason behind watching was Robert Englund in the first place…but I totally fell for Willie.