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Chapter Eleven

Home again

Like the tree that grows so tall

Leaves turn gold and then they fall

They've gone down, now they've grown

They're going home

Now my friends it's time to go

And this love will live to grow

And I want you all to know

I'm going home

-Arlo Guthrie

Aragorn lay languidly in his bed. He did not feel up to the task of getting out of the soft blankets his body was wrapped in. He could tell that one of his brothers was in the hall. His suspicions were confirmed when he was Elrohir's smiling face peek around the door, holding a tray with the delicious smell of a breakfast that made his stomach grumble loudly.

After weeks of camp rations the hot food seemed like a feast. And by the size of the tray, it just might be. His brother sat on the edge of his bed and set the tray down on the side table. A wide grin made his light elven features shine. "Glad to see you awake brother."

"Glad to be awake. Where is Legolas?" Estel tried to rise out of the bed, but Elrohir pushed him back down with surprisingly little force. "You are going to have to get by me if you want to leave this room, Estel."

Aragorn gave a good-natured twist of his mouth and laid back in his bed. One way or another he was going to get out of there and go to the wood elf, but not while his brother was watching closely. While the ranger was pondering an escape plan through the balcony, a rap sounded on the door.

It startled Aragorn out of his thoughts and the door swung open, showing a frowning Elladan and a triumphantly grinning Legolas. Looking at little more the worse for wear. Aragorn's face broke out in a wide smile that nearly split his face in two.

"I had to give in, he threatened to go out the balcony." Elladan's frown did not show any real anger. Just an exasperation that said he knew the blonde elf would do just as he said he would.

Legolas walked toward Aragorn's bed with help from Elladan. He knew the elf would have to have more rest than one night if he was to heal from his injuries. But his elven healing was wasting no time in healing the elf. He already looked perkier and did not totter so much on his feet.

Aragorn welcomed him warmly with a light smack to his shoulder. "How is it that you are able to get up and I am the one who is to stay in bed. You are the one who is injured, are you not?"

Legolas laughed musically and winked at Aragorn, "It is simple, my friend. I possess elven persuasiveness. And you, sadly a human, do not." Aragorn laughed with the elf and scooted over so that he might be able to lean back against the headboard.

Legolas lifted the linen covering on the tray of food on the bedside table and sniffed appreciatively. Selecting a muffin for himself, Legolas tossed another to Aragorn. The fresh pastry still steamed warmly and the ripe berries baked into it made it absolutely delicious.

Elladan and Elrohir nudged each other and started towards the pair seated on the bed. In moments, they too had helped themselves to the breakfast and began munching happily.

Legolas closed his eyes and sighed deeply. It felt better than any of then knew to be at home, or at least as close as home could be. He had been dragged back to Imladris to be cared for so many times, it was not hard to see the city as a second home. He let the sound of the twins and Aragorn bickering quietly wash over him.

After a moment, he felt Aragorn nudge him, "Are you well, my friend?" Legolas opened his eyes, his own gray stared into Aragorn's blue. "As well as I have ever been Aragorn."

A smile came to the rangers lips and he nodded, no sense in taking down a brink wall with only your bare hands. He was merely glad to be home and at peace. Why was it that trouble always seemed to find Legolas and he?

"Is something amusing you, my friend? You seem to be laughing." the blonde elf's eyes sparkled with his own mirth and he joined in with Aragorn, not knowing why, but just for the sake of laughing again. Though it hurts his ribs, how could one not laugh when surrounded by good friends.

"And to what occasion do I find you all celebrating?" The deep calming voice of Lord Elrond caused the elves and ranger to turn their heads to the doorway where the elf Lord stood quietly, his hands folded in front of him.

"Ada!" The cry rang simultaneously from three mouths and a third grinned and nodded in welcome. Elladan and Elrohir leapt up and brushed crumbs from the front of their tunics, trying their best to look innocent.

Elrond laughed at his guilt sons. "Did I not tell you that your own breakfast would be delivered soon enough. Elladan poked Elrohir in the ribs, "He did? El, why did you not tell me?"

"Not tell you! You were awake, you heard him yourself." Elrohir jabbed back at his brother playfully. The twins argued for a moment before they realized that they were the center of attention and everyone had raised their eye brows in their directions. "Well, we'll just be going then." Elladan pushed Elrohir before him and they made a hasty getaway.

Elrond walked further into the room and sat on a padded chair next to the bed that Legolas and Aragorn shared. The elf and human looked guiltily up at Elrond, Aragorn not meeting his gaze. It was because they had been irked by the monotony of the summer days that they had disobeyed the elf lord and went out on their hunting trip. But the reluctant ranger tipped his head up until he met his fathers eyes. The held no condemnation, only a reprimanding smile that was so much like a fathers.

Aragorn sat up and nearly knocked the elf lord over in his haste to throw himself into his arms, nuzzling against his chest fondly "Ada." Elrond recovered in an instant and smoothed Aragorn's unruly hair and murmured softly to him.

Legolas watched, happy for his friend and he longed for that kind of bond with his father. His eyes, even though turned towards Elrond and Aragorn, were not seeing them. His thoughts were turned inward. But he was soon awakened from his thoughts by a warm embrace from Elrond. "You may as well be another one of my sons. Eru knows you spend enough time here. I am glad to see you home as well." The Mirkwood Elf smiled and retuned the hug just as ardently as Aragorn had. He was home.

Over the next few weeks, in the time Aragorn and Legolas were recuperating from their injuries, they seemed give their best shot in making up all the mischief they had missed out on while away. Though it seemed that even severe warnings did not keep them in bed. They went right back with twins trying their hardest to make everyone in Imladris as miserable as possible. Glorfindel was at his wits end after only a week and the kitchen staff was getting wearied of midnight snack raids and pleas to let them go hunting.

Even Elrond had to remind himself more than once that it was good they were home. But he smiled fondly as Legolas and Aragorn without the twins for once came tearing into his study and attempted to hide in various parts of it. They finally decided behind Elrond was better than anything else and there they stood, barley keeping their laughter in check as Elladan and Elrohir stormed into the room, looking very displeased and soggy.

The glanced about the room for a moment until Elrohir saw that Elrond had grown two extra pairs of feet. The elf lord made a speedy dodge to the side that left Legolas and Aragorn defenseless. "I thought you were our brother Estel, never did I think that you would go this low." Elrohir nodded with his brother, an identical impish grin creeping onto his own face.

Elrohir had Aragorn in a tight hold in a seconds time, Elladan was having a tougher time with the wood elf, but managed to pin him down just the same. Elrohir began to tickle the ranger unmercifully until he was red in the face. Elladan wasted no time in doing just as his brother was. It was not a hairs breath of time before Aragorn and Legolas were crying for mercy.

Elrond found his chair and sat down comfortably. It was nice to see his sons getting along so well. Estel and Legolas always got along admirably, but it had been some time since he had seen them all together in one spot. Even if two of them were held down and being subjected to a cruel and unusual torture.

After a good deal of begging and pleading, the twins, who had, in their rolling about on the floor, had gotten the carpets soaking, as well and Aragorn and Legolas, soaking wet. Glorfindel would not be pleased.

Elrond shooed them out of his study with hopes they would make it outside before they caused further harm. He very nearly slipped on the large puddle that decorated the floor of the room, but managed to catch himself on a chair and hauled himself upright. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a figure scurrying past the doorway. It looked like one of the kitchen assistants. Lord Elrond sniffed and frowned at the doorway before settling himself down once more into his chair and bent over his desk.

In another weeks time Aragorn allowed Legolas to finally take of the bandages around his chest, for his ribs stopped giving him twinges of pain. Aragorn was not permitted to remove the brace from his hand for another week at most, and did not take it any better than Legolas did when he was told not to get out of bed for the few days after his return to Imladris.

It was now in this time that the late summer breeze started to have a bite of chill in it. Winter would be coming soon and preparations would have to be made. And there was the sad looks from the wood elf, his father would most likely be calling for him soon. He did not want to leave Imladris before winter. It was even better to curl up in the Hall of fire on a cold winter night.

The looks had not gone unseen by Elrond, but a small little letter replying to his own sent to Mirkwood just might do the trick and cheer the wood elf. He could not keep the good news to himself, he really had wanted to tell Legolas as a surprise, but as soon as he got a message from his returned pigeon, he went straightway to Aragorn's room to tell them the news.

"Awake now, there is much to be done, the kitchen staff is going to have a mutiny if they do not get something to fill the larders soon." Legolas sat limply in a large cushioned chair by the bed, his eyes glazed over in sleep, and Aragorn was sprawled across the bed snoring softly. Legolas blinked away the glassiness from his eyes at the cry from the Elf Lord and Aragorn snorted and sat up quickly, still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as his father threw open the curtains, letting the autumn sunshine spill across the room in a flood of russet and fading green.

"Ada, you should not taunt Legolas so. You know he must return to Mirkwood soon." Aragorn peered at his father, slurring his last words with a cavernous yawn that made his jaw creak.

"Does he? I must have forgotten." Legolas and Aragorn traded a glance, by the Elf Lord's innocent smile, they knew just where Elladan and Elrohir had gotten it. The wood elf felt a smile of his own growing, Aragorn climbed out of bed and tugged on a tunic. "Ada, what do you know." Attempting a frown of impatience like the one often received from Elrond, Aragorn folded his arms across his chest. "Well, if you do not feel like sharing, I will excuse myself to go help Legolas pack his things."

Laughing lightly, Elrond's put a hand to his son's chest, "Not so hasty Estel, It is not for me to tell." He handed the letter to Legolas to read aloud.

The wood elf accepted the letter, written in the hand of his father and read silently to himself, eyes skimming across the page. A slow smile spread across his face, nearly splitting it in two. "I can winter here! How did you get his permission?"

Elrond shrugged modestly, "I merely told him that his services were greatly needed in Imladris and that I would be deeply grateful if you could stay and give us your much required assistance." The Elf Lord rolled his eyes innocently, too innocently, and I might have a said that Estel would accompany him back to Mirkwood when spring decides to shine down upon us.

Legolas threw his arms around the startled Elrond and hugged him tightly in gratitude. Aragorn joined after a moment and added his own laugh to the wood elf's. Elrond ruffled their hair and disentangled himself from their arms, smoothing back his robes. "Elladan and Elrohir are getting ready, go help them."

"for what ada?" Aragorn cocked his head at a quizzical angle.

"For the hunting party of course, go one now." Elrond smiled at their enthusiastic grins.

He watched as Aragorn pushed Legolas into the bed and sprinted out the door, the wood elf regained his balance in a split second and dashed after him. With any luck, they wouldn't trip down the stairs. The elf Lord watched them go and smiled fondly at the sound of feet racing down the hallway. Watching for only a moment more, Elrond bent to gather the fallen blankets from the bed and carefully remade it. He remembered as a child, Estel had always had his blankets strewn about. Everything had been so much easier when he was a child, now he worried whether he could come home alive. Sighing as he exited the room, Elrond made for the quite of his study, if he had to patch either of them up one more time, they would be going to Mirkwood for the winter, snow or not.

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