This normally isn't stuff I write, but I couldn't resist! advised that there is some...descriptive emotion, nothing really really bad, but! Tell me if you want chapter 2 up!

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Chapter 1

His back arched in pleasure as satin draped kisses encased his body, the lovely numbness taking over.

"I love you, Shi-chan." The voice whispered, lips of silk touching bare flesh. Eyes filled with passion looked onto the one he loved, though he just shrugged those tender words off.

Ebony hair was matted down by sweat, as was ashen hair. "Not tonight, Aya." He turned on his side, sighing."I'm not in the mood." Aya sighed deeply, draping an arm around Shi's chest.

"There's something wrong, my love. You're always up for a good romp." Aya smiled, the smile soon fading, seeing that his lover found no humor in this. "Shigure...please tell me." Kissing his bare shoulders, Aya looked onto his love, longing to know what was bothering him so.

Brushing off the gentle kisses, Shigure closed his eyes tightly. "Just go to sleep, Ayame." Aya was hurt by his bitterness as he turned his back to him as well, crying silent tears as he drifted into a hurtful sleep.

He lay unmoving for most of the night, thoughts frolicking thought his mind. Who do I love? I don't know. So many words spoken, yet so many words unheard. He looked to his left, Ayame clinging tightly to a frail blanket, whimpering slightly. I love him, yes, but is there something else out there for me?

"Aya? Aya? Wake up." Gently shaking his shoulder, he watched Ayame rise, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes like a child. He grinned, cradling those fleshy cheeks. "I've changed my mind..."

Ayame grinned, wrapping delicate arms around his love, kissing down his neck gently. "I knew you'd change your mind..." Letting out slight moans, the night came alive again in his voice. The night, which was almost spent, was recreated in the moans that filled the room. The night was recreated in his eyes, in Shigure's compassion filled eyes.