"Blind Ambition Part II - Ambition Realised"

'Heading Home'

Thirty Two - AR

"I can't see." Scott repeated.

"Hang in there Scott!" Virgil urged him. "Remember the doctor told you that your night vision might take longer to recover. It's still pretty dark in here."

"He's right Scott." The doctor agreed. "Just relax. I'm not worried yet."

"I'm glad someone isn't." Alan couldn't resist saying and then ducked his head as Gordon took a half-hearted swipe at him.

The lights continued to inexorably brighten.

Every one of them continued to fix their gaze on Scott's blue eyes, willing them to show some kind of recognition. Something that would show that the week of stress would soon end.

Scott's grip on Virgil's hand was starting to hurt, but Virgil didn't complain. The pain of the thought that his brother might be permanently sightless was far worse.

Scott was staring in front of him. His eyes showed no sign of life.

John was thinking 'I can't take much more of this.'

Grandma Tracy laid her hand on Jeff's shoulder and squeezed it, as much to reassure herself as her son.

Virgil glanced down at his now white fingertips and then back up into Scott's face. He was just in time to see Scott blink. He felt the grip lessen somewhat.

"Scott?" he urged with suppressed excitement. "You saw something didn't you."

"I... I don't know. I thought I saw a... flash of light."

"Well did you or didn't you?" Gordon squeaked.

"I think I... Ow." Scott closed his eyes and looked away. "Something's pretty bright in here."

They all looked where Scott had been staring. They couldn't see any source of light.

Then it was Jeff who saw a bright flash. "Doc! Could it be the light reflecting off your watch?"

"It's possible. Scott what can you see."

"Shapes! They're pretty vague, but I can definitely make out shapes." Scott sounded as if he were trying to keep the excitement out of his voice.

"Yes!" John exclaimed.

"That's good." The doctor maintained a professional air. "Are they becoming clearer?"

"Yes. I'm getting some colours too!"

"Which ones?"

"Blue and a kind of reddy grey. And these two have got to be Alan and John," Scott pointed at his two brothers, "'cause their hair is so pale." Scott was looking around now. "I can't see your features, but I can tell who's who."

"The light's only about halfway to full illumination." The doctor informed him. "Your vision will get better."

"I can see yellow now. Is it me or are those walls a terrible colour."

"Trust me. It's the walls." Virgil said with feeling. "I've had to live with them this past week. Count yourself lucky you haven't had to look at them."

"I don't know. I could get to like them." Scott smiled, his eyes taking in everything. "Grandma. I always liked you in that top. The colour suits you."

"Why thank you Scott." And Scott was pleased to see her cheeks redden and dimple as she smiled.

"How's thing looking now?" The doctor asked.

"Kinda out of focus. I might have to borrow Brains' specs for a while."

"Brains?" The doctor was confused.

"He's a friend of ours." Alan explained. "He's got very thick glasses."

"Hey Scott!" Gordon thrust out his hand. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Two. And what did you do to your thumb?"

"Oh." Gordon looked at the blackened nail. "I was doing a bit of maintenance and Thu.. the hatch slipped."

"Ouch." Scott commented.

"That's not what I said at the time."

"Speaking of 'ouch'." Virgil felt he finally had to speak up. "I've only got one good hand, Scott. Mind if I keep it?"

"Sorry Virg." Scott released his grip.

Virgil shook the numb limb vigorously to get some feeling back into it. "Look! The fingers have gone white!"

"So they have." Scott said. "All five of them." Despite the pain of pins and needles, Virgil couldn't help but grin.

John stretched out his long legs. He kicked something. "Hey what's this?" With some difficulty he managed to extract the long object from underneath the bed. He held it up.

"It's my cane." Scott exclaimed. "Guess I won't be needing that anymore."