"Blind Ambition Part II - Blind Fury"

- a trip to the dark side.

Thirty Two - BF

"I-I can't see."

The words hit them like a bombshell. No one wanted to believe it.

"Give it time Scott." His father pleaded.

"I've given it time. I've given it a week!" Scott drew in a ragged breath. "I'll have to face it. I'm never going to see again!"

"Doctor!" Jeff turned anxiously to the doctor who was standing there looking at his patient. "Can't you do something?"

"Let me look at you, Scott." The doctor said gently. He got his torch from out of his pocket and shone it into Scott's eyes. There was no change in the dilation of the pupils. No squinting. No blinking.

No reaction.

The doctor stood back and laid his hand on his patient's arm. "I'm sorry Scott. I wish there was more I could do, but... I'm sorry," he repeated. "I'll give you all some time alone." He left the room.

Jeff wanted to say something, anything. He was supposed to be the patriarch of this family and he should be able to say something to make everyone feel better. But what words could put this right? There were none. Just as when Lucille had died, Jeff felt at a loss. Once again, when his son needed him the most he felt that he was failing him...

Grandma Tracy tried to hold back the tears. Over the past week there had been so many times when she could have given way and sobbed herself into a soggy mess, but she'd resisted, she'd remained strong. But somehow this was different. She'd convinced herself that Scott would be alright and the knowledge that he wouldn't be had come as a bitter blow. She could no longer hold back those tears...

John saw his Grandmother start to weep and quickly circled the bed to be at her side. Wrapping his arms around her he held her close, but found himself unable to speak. He remembered the voice of the member of Regnad Corp cheerfully telling him that the seven scientists had safely got out and suddenly found himself hating the man. If International Rescue had been told earlier then none of this could have happened. Then John started questioning his own performance as he had many times over the previous few days. Could he have let Scott know earlier? Could HE have prevented this tragedy? He hugged his Grandma tight...

Gordon remembered the bunting and streamers that he'd got together to celebrate Scott's homecoming. He'd chosen bright colours to greet his big brother and now he knew that Scott would never see those colours. Feeling sick he walked to the window and looked out. Scott would never see this view, never see the flower gardens, see the trees, see the clouds. Never pilot another plane. He leant his forehead on the glass as the nauseous feeling intensified...

Alan wanted to run. To get out of this room. He felt as if he were to escape then this nightmare wouldn't have happened. That if he could walk out of that door, Scott's eyes would once again hold that spark of life. He remembered Tin-Tin. He'd promised her and Kyrano and Brains that he'd 'phone as soon as he had news. He'd readily promised to call, firmly believing that the news would be good. He could leave, he had the excuse - but the family, Scott needed him now...

Virgil felt numb. This couldn't be happening! Not to Scott. Scott who was always so strong, so sure, so clear eyed. Then he remembered the last time he'd seen those eyes and shut his own to try to block out the horror of the image. It was then that Virgil realised that he'd always known that Scott wouldn't have a chance to see again. He'd repressed the knowledge, deluded himself to believe that Scott would see again, to give Scott hope, but still he'd always known...

Scott didn't know what he felt. One moment he wanted to yell and scream and throw things and deny it all... The next he felt a calm acceptance. He'd survived one week okay, taking one day at a time. He could do this... Then he just wanted to curl up into a tiny ball and cry and beg his father to take this pain away, to make things right. Parents were supposed to be able to do that... 'But only when you're a little kid' he thought. 'You're not a child Scott. You're a grown man who's got to learn things all over again. How to read, how to write, how to find your way around, how to... I can't even imagine 'how to' what at the moment...'

It was Virgil who eventually broke the silence. "Scott." He said softly. "I'm so sorry. But I'm here for you, we all are. We'll help where we can." There were murmurs of agreement from his family.

"Thank you." Scott said tightly. "I'm going to need it..."

The room was quiet for a while longer. Alan decided that he could no longer bear the oppressive silence. "Excuse me." He said. "I promised I'd ring Tin-Tin."

"Sure Alan." Scott said. "Give her my love. I guess I won't be seeing her anytime soon."


"Go on kid. I meant I'm going to have to be in rehabilitation for a few weeks."

Alan escaped to the safety of the hallway. Once there he leant up against the wall and took a few deep breaths. After composing himself he went to the nurses station and asked if there was a 'phone nearby that he could use. He was directed to an empty room down the hall.

He waited a full minute before he made the call.

Tin-Tin answered almost immediately. "Alan how is..." she started eagerly and then her face fell as his expression sunk home. "Is he...?"

Alan nodded. "It appears to be total."

"Oh, Alan! Poor Scott!" tears welled up in her eyes.

"Tin-Tin... please don't." Alan begged. He didn't know why he felt like this. His big brother was still alive. He would be coming home. But still Alan felt bereft as if Scott had somehow died. Seeing Tin-Tin's tears brought his own to the surface...