Da Capo (From the Beginning)

Written by Meeko Melodie

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the plot and the characters I've added.

Summary: This is a sequel to Betrayal Two years...Izumi had waited for Kouji for two whole years, but Kouji didn't show up! Had Kouji forgot about the promise? Disappointed, she returned home only to find out another shocking news-her parents died in a car crash! Now even more miserable, Izumi was taken by her aunt, who sent her away to a boarding school to get rid of her. There she met a lot of new people, but what she did not expect is that Kouji went to the same school as well. Will they get back together or are they destined to be alone forever?!

Chapter 1: The Broken Promise

Two years back, Kouji had written a letter to Izumi and put it on the Orimoto's doorstep. He left for England to study. Izumi waited him for two long years.

The two years had ticked away slowly and Izumi still didn't change much, or at least, her heart didn't change. She was still waiting for him, waiting. . .

She didn't forget that day when Kouji was playing in the competition, all his feelings for her. She could feel it and she really wanted to talk to him, face to face. But she didn't have the courage at that time and ran away from him. She regretted herself for doing that. But it was no use now. If she really wanted to see him again, she had to wait and she did.

That day . . .

Early in the morning, the sun had not even rose yet and already, Izumi changed into her t-shirt and khaki pants, grabbed her keys and rushed out into the dark.

There were still a few faint stars lingered in the mysterious blue sky as Izumi ran past bus stops and signs. In a few minutes, she had reached the Yakohema beach. The sea currents were strong, even in the middle of August, and Izumi shuddered as a gust of wind blew through her long, blond hair. Izumi looked over at the beach, no sign of anyone. But wait! Who's that dark figure walking along the water? Mystified, Izumi walked towards the figure.

"He looked really familiar," Izumi thought to herself as she stepped closer to the boy. In the dark with a little pink light from the east, she could see that the boy has short, navy blue hair, wearing a big, white t- shirt and baggy shorts.

"Could it be . . .?" Izumi hesitated, breathing in with difficulty. Just then, the boy heard the noise behind him and jerked his head to look what was causing the noise. That action definitely surprised Izumi and she lose her balance, causing her to fall on the sand.

"Oww. . . "Izumi moaned in pain, rubbing her back. The boy lent her his hand as he gently pulled her back up on feet.

"Thanks," Izumi murmured, still hurt from the fall.

"No problem," the boy answered, still holding on to her hand.

"Kouichi?" Izumi asked, recognizing the voice.

"Yea," Kouichi answered.

Izumi looked down at her hand, which was still being held by Kouichi and she blushed lightly.

Kouichi noticed that and quickly dropped her hand and apologized.

"That's okay," Izumi tried to smile, "what are you doing here, anyway?" Kouichi looked away and answered," Nothing, really. I'm just walking around."

"Are you sure?" Izumi asked, observing Kouichi's solemn expression.

"I'm moving," Kouichi replied simply. Izumi was shocked.

"But why?" Izumi asked him.

"My mom just married a rich guy and she wants me to have a better education so they both decided to send me to a boarding school," Kouichi said, looking at the water.

"Oh," Izumi said, "but do you actually want to go?"

"Yea, sure," Kouichi replied," my mom wanted me to and I don't want to disappoint her."

"Oh," Izumi said again. They were silent for some moments.

"What are you doing here this early?" Kouichi now turned his attention back to Izumi.

"Erm. . ." Izumi hesitated, she was not sure if she should tell him or not.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Kouichi said quickly.

"I'm waiting for Kouji," Izumi answered.

"Kouji. . ." Kouichi was thinking," didn't he go to England to study?"

"Yea," Izumi said, "but he promised me he'll meet me here two years later."

"I see," Kouichi said, and commented, "He should be here if he really misses you."

"Maybe he's just a little late," Izumi said, trying to make herself feel better.

Kouichi left her alone without saying anything; while Izumi keep waiting as people slowly drifted in to the beach.

Tokyo National Airport

At the early morning at that same day, the airport was packed with people. People going out of the country were checking in on desks and heavy suitcases were being heaved on to belts, which would send their belongings on to the airplane. In the crowds, a long, dark blue haired boy was standing alone in front of the gate.


"You're going to Vancouver tomorrow," a man said to his son, who was obviously Kouji Minamoto.

"What?" Kouji asked, jerking his head towards his father sharply, which almost broke his neck.

"You are going to Vancouver to study tomorrow," his father repeated.

"You're telling me that because. . ." Kouji asked, cocking his eyebrow.

"You should go pack your things now," his father suggested.

"No!" Kouji shouted hotly.

"Calm down, son," his father tried to reason with him.

"How can you do this to me?" Kouji asked hotly, "I just came back from England and now you want me to get the hell out of this house again."

"Kouji," his step mother came in, surprised at his use of language.

"You stay out of this," Kouji said to her rudely.

"Say sorry to your mother," his father said, his face getting red and he was starting to get angry.

"Why should I?" Kouji said, glaring at his parents, "she's not even my mother!" Kouji walked quickly out of the room and out of the house.

End of Flashback

Kouji shifted his backpack on to his other shoulder and walked into the gate. He passed the guards and the security and he sat on one of the many plastic chairs, waiting for the plane.

"Flight CX 838 is now boarding," a voice announced over the speakers.

Kouji picked up his back pack, got out his plane ticket and went to line up. The flight attendant checked his ticket and pointed him into a tunnel, which lead to the plane. In the plane, another attendant checked his ticket and helped him to find his seat.

"This is the captain of the plane. You are riding CX 838, destination Vancouver, Canada. The plane will leave in a few minutes. Please buckle up your seat belt and enjoy the ride."

Kouji put on his seat belt and in a moment, the plane was moving out the way and as the plane pick up the speed, it was flying above the city of Tokyo. Kouji closed his eyes.


Kouji slammed the door behind him and he strolled along the side walk. He had come back for a week and he planned to stay here for some time. But now, his father made him study in some stupid boarding school in Vancouver and that ruined his plan. He hated his father for not being reasonable at all. He should at least tell him before hand, not the day before the flight.

Steaming, Kouji continued to walk, thinking at the same time. He should tell her he was leaving. He hadn't seen her for two years now and Kouji wondered if Izumi had changed much. Then he remembered his promise to her meeting at the beach tomorrow. But he couldn't make it. His flight was too early. Desperate, Kouji thought about going to her house and tell her. A part of him wanted to go but a part of him didn't. At the end, he decided that Izumi would be happier if she didn't know about it. So Kouji just went home.

He knew that once his father had made up his mind, he would never change his plan and there was no use in arguing with him either.

End of Flashback

The sun was setting as Izumi was still sitting at the same place. Her stomach was grumbling but she didn't want to leave, in case Kouji came by when she was getting something to eat. But as night came and the stars came out, she knew that Kouichi was right, "if he really misses me, he should be here a long time ago."

Disappointed, she walked home, shaking horribly, but not because of hunger. It was because she was crying silently.

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