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Part II

Chapter 10 – Waiting

Lily Evans sat in front of her vanity and studied her reflection in the mirror. Frowning, she leaned in closer and examined the unsightly little bump on her forehead. Was that a pimple she saw? It couldn't be. Yet there it was.

She sat back in her chair. She hadn't had a pimple since…well, never, and yet now… She sighed. Of course it was all Severus' fault. Not just the pimple. And, no, it wasn't due to the overabundance of grease in his hair. It was this waiting that was killing her. Okay, maybe he hadn't actually said that he'd be calling her, but it had certainly been implied, if not understood.

But now, three days had gone by. Three unexpected, and painfully long days! And Lily was getting tired of waiting. After all, she wasn't exactly a "sit-by-the-phone-and-wait" kind of girl. She was much more the "take charge" type. She'd certainly taken the direct approach with Severus. Well, sort of.

Yeah, she'd made the first move. But then she'd then been shot down—and unceremoniously so! She'd been sorely licking her wounds when Severus' owl had arrived. A mixed message, but… Wow!

And then there was the date. She'd never imagined—ever—that it would've been so, well, dreamy. She was still stunned, and she couldn't, no matter how hard she tried, think of anything else but those seven miracle hours spent with him. Of all people! If any of her friends back at Hogwarts ever found out! Girls could be so cruel… And Severus was like…social pariah! They'd never understand. But did she care? No, not really.

But now this…this…silence. It was positively killing her! She'd expected to hear from him immediately; an owl bearing roses, a poem, or maybe even a serenade on her front lawn. Okay, maybe a singing Severus was a bit of a stretch…

But there'd been nothing!

No owl, no poem, and certainly no serenade. She was left disappointed, and puzzled.

Hadn't he felt the same way that she did? It certainly had seemed so. He might've been sparing in the words department, but he'd communicated quite clearly in other ways. The way he looked at her, and held her close when they danced, and the way he kissed her…

Surely, he must've felt it. What she felt. Sitting in front of her mirror, Lily frowned at her reflection.

What did she feel, exactly?

Well, whatever it was, it was exciting, amazing, and it was more than a little scary. For the first time in her young life, Lily Evans had given up control.

And to whom?

A boy that everyone at school avoided—even she had…before.

But there was something about Severus Snape that drew her in. Something that set him apart from everyone else; a quality that had attracted her. He wasn't particularly handsome, or charming like a James Potter. Or like Potter's friend Sirius for that matter. Or even, to be perfectly honest, like Lupin (not that Lupin was particularly charming or handsome). Surely, though he had Peter Pettigrew beat hands down on both counts. But aside from the more superficial qualities, Severus had something all the other boys seemed to lack. She thought for a moment, before it came to her.

It was mystery.

She'd often watched him, during the latter part of the school year; as he walked down hallways, head held high, stride full of purpose and his dark cape billowing behind him. His expression was almost always closed, but she'd seen occasional flickers. There'd been a definite fire in his eyes the day Potter and Company had decided to play bully with him. He'd let down his reserve for just a short time and she'd glimpsed what he so carefully guarded: his emotions, and more importantly the strength of them.

Interest piqued, she'd sneaked glances at him during the remaining O.W.L.'s and noted how his face nearly touched the parchment, and how his lips moved almost fervently as he took his exams. She noticed how alone he looked as he sat on the far end of the Slytherin table during meals in the Great Hall. She also noticed how he seemed to be looking at her more and more, and that she seemed to keep bumping into him. She recalled the expression on his face when he looked at her. Was it loathing or admiration in those dark eyes of his?

At first she wasn't sure. Then finally, she figured it out, or at least thought she had—he 'fancied' her. Yes, he was rude to her, abrupt, and not the least bit friendly, but she thought she could see past his cover. He liked her. She knew it. No, she felt it.

There was something between them, and she could sense it. He did too.

Of course, he had been fighting it all the way. True pure blooded snob that he was. But he should've known it was futile. Poor sap. She sighed again. Of course, who was the sap now?

Lily glared at her reflection with a surge of determination.

"No more waiting!" Lily muttered angrily. Then with one last glance at the offensive pimple, she stood up and went to her wardrobe. She rummaged through her clothing and picked out a suitable outfit: faded jeans and a knobby green sweater, which matched her eyes. She pulled on her sneakers and headed downstairs.

She'd almost made it out the front door, when a shrill, bird-like voice stopped her.

"Where are you going?" the voice demanded.

Lily stopped in her tracks, and stood in the threshold. She turned her head sideways just enough to see her older sister Petunia emerging from the kitchen. Tall and skinny, with limp, pale blond hair and an impossibly long neck, Petunia Evans looked almost crone-like—and she was only seventeen!

Lily paused before answering. The two girls had never been close, especially after Lily had been accepted at Hogwarts. Petunia seemed to have always resented her younger sister's beauty and talent—not to mention all of the attention that Lily seemed to get. Clearly, the Evans' favored their youngest daughter. Lily saw it, and maybe she should've said something… But what? It wasn't like her parents meant to be unfair. They loved both of their girls—just not equally.

And it wasn't anything material. Both girls had their own rooms (of equal square footage and on the same floor with a similar view). Both girls had the same amount of clothes, same allowance, and comparable chores to do. On the surface, it appeared that the Evans' went out of their way to be fair. And maybe that was true. Probably, though, because it wasn't…fair.

Lily saw, as did her sister, the look in her parents' eyes when she came home from Hogwarts, and how excited they were when she told them about her experiences there. Petunia never asked questions, or contributed, to these conversations. Instead, she sat on the side-lines and pouted. Her parents', seemingly oblivious to their older daughter's displeasure, never missed a beat, and never stopped beaming…about Lily.

They were so proud. And how could they not be? Ever since she'd started at Hogwarts Lily had come home with incredible stories about a world the Evans' had never known existed before. A magical world (literally!)

How could a simple B on a History exam or an A- on a Literature paper compare to subjects like Transfiguration or Care of Magical Creatures?

Lily almost felt sorry for Petunia, but not quite. For it seemed, and this had been going on for a long time, that Petunia was bent on making Lily's life just a little less bright. If she couldn't impress her parents on her own merits, why she'd just make her younger sister a little less impressive. If you can't join them, and she couldn't, beat 'em (or her).

Fortunately for Lily, her sister's plan wasn't really working. Her parents' rarely listened to the mean-spirited comments Petunia calculatingly made about her younger sister. So when Petunia asked where she was going, Lily played cool and replied, "Out."

She turned to leave, but Petunia wasn't done.

"Out where?" she asked in the same shrill, harpy-like voice.

Oh Hell! Lily cocked her head a quarter turn back. "Out out," she replied irritably.

"Out out where?" Her sister was not giving up, and this kind of interrogation had potential to go on quite a while.

"Out out…none of your business," Lily said simply, and she left with out looking back.