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Back from the dead

One day dragon, Janelle, goku, vegeta, ryu, karn, shadow, sonic, shadow, Felix and hiei are relaxing

Dragon:;-;  I wanna se shaman king

Hiei: -_- be quiet

Ryu: ^-^ fishing fishing I love fishing

Zog stumbles from behind a rock

Zog:  what's my line again?

???: I think its EERROOO!


Felix: ahhhhhh zombie faints

Karn: didn't we kill you or something?

Zog: …

Hiei: hn.

Dragon: you felled ghost mage. The matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit

Zog: huh?

Menardi: jumps from behind the rock no its EERROO

Dragon: can you see, can you believe, can you be the shaman king

Vegeta: will you shut up about that stupid show?

Sonic: gotta go faster, faster, faster faster faster sonic x

Shadow: you need better lines

Dragon: starts playing that dragon song from breath of fire on her ocarina

Ryu: passes out

Zog: ahhhhh make it stop ahhhhhpasses out

Karn: what a pushover

Cell:jumps out from behind the rock hey no fair, uhhh, I mean ERRROOOOO

Felix: wakes up huh what happened

Shadow: how pathetic

Janelle: -O_O- yea

Dragon: you felled ghost mage.

Cell: huh

Janelle: kicks zog and he diesthat was easy

Omochao: pichu pi

Dragon: wal-mart must pay. They stopped carrying yuyu hakusho DVDs

Goku: dieknocks out cell then throws a poke' ball I caught a cell

Saturos: ERRROO

Sonic: he is as cool and blue as me

Shadow: get new linesbleu appears

Bleu: yawns did someone call me

Felix: zombieseseseses

Bleu: shrugs nova rest of the zombies blow up I'm gonna go watch shaman king

Dragon: ohhh ohhh wait for methey leave

Everyone else: ^-^ yea 

Karn: puka! Ox, Bo, and Gobi appear and thy fuse

Karn: makes that annoying roar noise

Hiei: pulls out his sword and chases after karn

The end

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