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Default chapter: A Pirate's Past -------------------------------------------------------

"Mother, mother, come quick!" a young blond-haired girl yelled. She jumped up and down frantically on her creaky bed as her mother entered the room.

"What, what is it, Tetra?" the woman said quickly, sounding a little

The 5-year-old just smiled at her mother. She jumped off her bed and ran to her mom's side, grabbed her hand, and squeezed it.

"Don't you know what time it is?" she said with a cute smile.

Her mother thought for a moment, then got a look of pure happiness on
her face.

"Of course I do, dear." She said sweetly. "How could I forget?"

Tetra jumped with happiness as she let go of her mother's hand and ran to the bed. This was her favorite time of the day, even if it meant afterwards she would have to go to bed. She didn't care though, since most of the time she would end up dreaming sweet dreams about her mother's bedtime stories.

By now, Tetra's mom had made her way to a desk with a picture mounted on the adjacent wall. She opened one of the drawers and pulled out a thick book that looked like it could be a hundred years old.

When the woman turned around to look at her daughter, she saw instead an irregularly shaped wad of blankets that was giggling profusely. She smiled and walked up to the pile of talking covers and searched a bit before grabbing the cloth and wiggling her fingers. The resulting sound of Tetra's laughing was enough to make her laugh as well.

"I thought you wanted to hear the story?" she said in a joking manner.

A head quickly poked out of the covers. Before she knew it, Tetra was sitting right next to her on the bed, eyes anxiously staring into hers.

"Alright then, shall we begin?" she said as she begun to open the

"Yes! Lets!" the young girl said in great excitement.

With that, Tetra's mom opened the fat book and turned to a page that had old-looking pictures on the right and strange writing on the left. Propping the book with her right hand and holding Tetra in the other, she began to read...

"Long ago, there existed a kingdom..."

"A kingdom where a golden power lay hidden."

"It was a prosperous land, blessed with green forests, tall mountains,
and peace."

"But one day, a man of great evil found this power..."

"And took it for himself..."

"And with it at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom."

"Oooooooo." Tetra mused, as she snuggled closer to her mother.

She continued...

"But then...just as all hope had died..."

Tetra leaped as she quickly pointed to a picture dangling on the wall next to the bed.

"Then he came!!!" she shouted excitedly.

"Oh you're so smart!" her mother said heartily.

"Read on, please!" Tetra said happily.

The woman looked back down to find her spot.

"A young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere."

"Wielding a blade that repelled evil, he sealed the dark one away..."

"And gave the land light."

"This boy, who traveled through time to save the land,..."

"Was known as the Hero of Time."

"What a funny name." Tetra interrupted.

Her mother looked down at her with a smirk on her face.

"Oh sorry...I didn't mean to interrupt you momma."

"It's ok dear."

The woman looked back down to continue but suddenly stopped. She lifted her head and said to Tetra. "Don't you think you should be going to sleep now?"

"What? Why?" her young daughter replied. "You always stop there! Can't you read more??? Please!" she begged.

"Dear, it's late, and we have a big day tomorrow." She explained. "I would like it if you went to bed early."

Tetra humphed but gave in to her mother's wishes and crawled
under the covers.

"Hey Mom..." she began to ask.


Tetra paused for a while before continuing.

"Do you think we'll ever find that great treasure in the ocean?" she asked as she stared at another picture across the room.

Tetra's mom smiled and said. "I don't know, honey. But what I do know is that when we do, we will finally know where we belong."

Tetra fiddled with the necklace that her mom gave her when she was two. She wasn't sure why they were looking for such a place when their lives were going just fine as it was now. But then again a better life did sound neat, so she didn't question her mothers objectives.

Just then, they both heard a knock on the bedroom door, followed by a slightly deep and goofy-sounding male voice. The voice sounded anxious...

...and frightened...

"Miss! Miss, you must hurry and get up on deck! It's urgent!" the
voice cried.

Tetra's mom looked at the door with a puzzled look and said. "In a minute, Gonzo. I'm putting Tetra to bed."

"But Miss...!" Gonzo cried. "They're here!"

The woman's eyes went big.


She quickly turned back to Tetra.

"Tetra, stay here in your room. I'll be back to tuck you in,

"Ok." Tetra said, a little confused as to why her mom was acting
a little strange.

Tetra's mom quickly got up, walked to the door, and stopped. She turned back to look at her daughter.


She looked up at her.


The woman looked away.

"Promise me you will take care of that necklace? Make sure no one else take's it from you...guard it with your life...ok?"

Tetra was now even more confused. Why was her mom telling her to watch over her necklace? It wasn't going anywhere...right?

But she promised her anyways, even if she didn't know why.

The woman began to open the door.

Tetra quickly looked up and called.

"I love you mother."

...But the door was already closed...

The tall male known as Gonzo watched as Tetra's mother quickly closed the door behind her. The man looked very much like what a pirate would look like; this was so, because he was a pirate. In fact, everyone on the ship was a pirate. He had overheard what they were talking about inside the room and had something to say to the woman before they went on deck.

"Are you ever going to tell her the whole story, Miss?" the man asked. He rubbed the sleeve of his forest-green top as the woman looked at him with soft eyes.

"I will..." she replied. "But...not now...for now I want her to know the happier ending." She lowered her gaze. "I'll tell her...when she is ready."

"If you say so, Miss." Gonzo replied.

Once Gonzo and Tetra's mom got to the main deck, she looked over to see that the entire crew had gathered to one side of the ship, all of them looking out into the sea. When she asked them what was going on, they all turned to her and started to speak all at the same time.

"It's them!" One was shouting.

"They're here!" Another yelled. Others pointed out into the vast ocean that stretched for miles down on to the horizon.

"It can't be..." she thought. The woman ran up to the edge of the railing and gazed out to the sea.

Sure enough, something was coming towards them on the horizon...

The whole crew began to talk at once and pretty soon no one could understand what the other said in all the chaos.

"Calm down!" Tetra's mom shouted, trying to get the crew in

Once they quieted down, she leaned forward.

"Now tell me...one at a time."

Back in the room, young Tetra was shifting in her bed in anxiousness. She had tried to go to sleep like her mother wanted her to, but she didn't feel the least bit sleepy. She could hear voices coming from the upper deck but she couldn't make out any words through the thick wooden ceiling.

She turned on her side to face the picture hanging next to her bedside. Every night her mom would tell her the story of the Hero of Time, but she never actually told her why. She mostly figured it was to lull her to sleep, but now she was questioning that thought. She also wondered why her mom never read the whole story. Was there something in the ending that her mother didn't want her to know?

She signed. All this pondering was making her tired.

Rolling back into a flat position, she slowly closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep again.

Just when she thought she was about to doze off...the ship suddenly jerked sharply to one side, flinging Tetra out of her bed and sprawling her onto the floor!

She sat up quickly, wondering what had just happened that made the ship lurch like that.

Suddenly, she got extremely worried.

"Mother!" she cried. She quickly stood up and bolted out of the door to search for her. After running through a small hallway, she stopped in front of yet another door and heaved it open. Once it was open, she was suddenly bathed in light!

Tongues of fire were dancing around the main deck in front of her, burning away at what use to be the crows nest! The pirate ship...was on fire!

She tried to shield her eyes from the heat and shouted.


She kept her distance from the fire and climbed the small flight of steps that stood next to the door she just exited from. She covered her mouth to try and not breathe in the smoke, but her arm was not enough to keep it from entering her lungs. She coughed a bit as a little puff of smoke managed to seep into her throat and caused her to gag a little. She swallowed it down as she tried to search through the thick blanket of smog. It was even harder to see, considering it was after sunset.

Not a trace of her mother or the crew was in site...

"Mother!!!" she cried, even louder this time over the loud crackling
of the flames.

"Miss Tetra!"

Upon hearing familiar voices, Tetra looked around to find the source. The voices sounded like they were coming from off the ship, so she looked overboard toward the sea.

Floating right next to the burning ship was the crew, crowded in a small boat that the pirates used only for emergency escapes.

Her mother, though, was not among them...

Instead of jumping into the boat, the young girl cried out.

"Where's my mom?!"

Before they could even consider answering her, a loud screech was suddenly heard hovering over the entire ship!

Tetra winced at the sound and covered her ears. She looked up to find the source...and gasped at what she saw!

There gliding around the ship was the biggest bird she had ever seen in her entire life! It had dark black feathers that covered its entire body, while the tips of the wings were a pale white with black and maroon trimming. Four huge tails protruded from the creature's rear, each one covered with large, brilliant yellow and green feathers. A large mask-like helmet was protecting the bird's face and part of its upper grey beak, the mask being a shiny metal color with maroon designs all over it. Two bright yellow jewels made up the eye sockets of the foul's helmet, which made the bird's maroon colored neck and head look even more frightening.

The huge beast let out another screech as it made a turnabout and headed straight for the ship, talons extended.

Tetra wanted to run but was paralyzed with fear and terror. Even if she wanted to run, there would still be nowhere to hide...or run to even! She was nearly surrounded by burning fire! She could only watch as the bird came closer and closer...to where she was standing!

Right when it came too close for her comfort, Tetra let out a loud high-pitched scream in hopes that she would scare it away!

Suddenly, she felt something push her out the bird's path of flight, knocking her off balance and causing her to stumble backwards! She hit the slightly scorched railing, but it was already brittle from the fire and it quickly snapped under her weight upon impact!

Before she knew what was going on, Tetra was suddenly drenched in salt water as the waves swallowed her up into the sea! Without hesitating, she reached out her arms and clawed around to try and reach the surface to breathe. But not matter how much she tried, it appeared as if she was going only further into the ocean depths. She was still at a young age...and no one had taught her how to swim yet!

Just when she was on her last bit of air and on the verge of drowning, a hand suddenly grabbed the back of her shirt and yanked her out of the choppy water.

She gasped for air and leaned up against the side of the boat she was pulled into, relieved that someone had pulled her to safety.

"Miss Tetra, are you alright?" one of the shorter pirates with
buckteeth asked.

Tetra didn't answer him, but instead sat straight up. She looked back at their burning ship and stared with frightened eyes.

Her mother could still be on that ship!

"Mother!" she cried as she blindly started to crawl out of the boat.

"Miss Tetra, stop!" said one of the taller pirates, reaching out and grabbing her by one of her arms and pulling her back into the boat.


Tetra froze.

That was her mom's voice!


She frantically looked around, along with the other pirates, to try and spot her mother.

Before anyone could spot her, they all heard another screech, followed by loud flapping directly over them.

Everyone quickly looked above them as the giant bird swooped over their heads and begin to fly off toward the dark horizon.

Young Tetra was, unfortunately, the first one to see what was clutched in the bird's huge talons.

"MOM!!!" she cried.

Her mother was now being carried away in the talons of the enormous bird, and was slowly getting fainter and harder to see in the distance. She was reaching out to her daughter helplessly and repeating Tetra's name over and over, her voice getting fainter and fainter as they flew further away.

Tetra reached back to her mother, even though she knew she was too far to reach. Tears welded up in her eyes and she squinted to get one last look at her dear mother.

While doing so, her eyes accidentally fell upon something that was on top of the bird's back...

It looked like a human figure...

...with pitch black clothing...