Dag nabbit I wish this wouldn't take up so many documents but FFN has a length limit. Fooie! Oh well...it's question time! Woot!

3.) Extra Info

This section is going to split up into two groups. The first will be background info about how the story came to be. Second is storyline questions. Just some stuff I thought you people might find interesting to know basically. ^_^ This is also where questions asked by reviewers are answered as well, amongst other questions that I even asked myself. First section...first question...

Q: What made you want to write a Wind Waker story in the first place?

A: The game of course. But when I completed the game, the first thing that came to my mind was sequel! But after thinking about trying to figure out a sequel just then, I found that there were a lot of things that were unexplained about my favorite character (Tetra) that would have made writing one difficult, or make many things about the sequel confusing. So I thought...why not rewrite the entire game from her point of view? And presto! Instant story! But probably my main reason for wanting to writing a story about Tetra, was to portray what I thought her past, actions, and feelings were really like during the game. So I wedged myself into her situations, thought up a logical explanation for her actions as well as putting a creative twist on events, and it just went on from there.

Q: What kind of story is The Wind Waker: Tetra's Journey?

A: If you're talking genre then I believe it was a little bit of everything really. Action and Adventure was the most obvious though, along with suspense (I guess). Romance wasn't too big but I thought I showed enough of Tetra and Link's relationship to make it at least a little romantic and make it the second most referred to genre. Humor was another thing added, to make sure the story didn't become too serious. Now if you're talking about it in general then that's a different explanation. This story was mostly pre-written, meaning that it was almost entirely complete before I started posting it on the internet. Why did I do this? Because I didn't want it to end up like my other story I have posted on FFN (that story is still uncompleted). I figured if no one knew it even existed and I for some reason stopped writing it, no one would get mad at me for discontinuing it or delaying it. That would keep guilt off my shoulders as well as giving you great people a steady update and also a finished story at the end. :) I recommend this method to all you other fanfic writers too. Believe me, it's a great way to go!

Q: How long did it take you to write it?

A: Well let's see...I started writing the default chapter on the first of May (2003), and I finished all the correcting and junk in mid October of the same year. So that would mean, from when I began to when I finished...it took me about 6 months to write the whole story. Of course, that's only a rough estimate, since on the 4th of July, I took a trip to New Jersey and later on a road trip all over the northern border of the U.S. During that time, I made almost no progress or enhancements to the story what-so-ever! I was just so darn busy I had barely anytime to write (and when I did try to write, what I came up with was crap!). I believe the start of chapter 16 was when this occurred. But when I returned from the trip in the beginning of August, my usual routine of typing up the story on the computer resumed (not sure what it is...I do my best writing straight from just sitting alone at the computer). After I completed the whole story, I began to edit and post the story on the internet, up until this summary ^_^

Q: Did you ever get writer's block or encounter any obstacles while writing this story?

A: Yes! Writer's block is like practically unavoidable to all writers when you think about it. But what is weird and perhaps a little scary about my writers block for this story in particular, was that it seemed whenever Tetra was depressed in the story, I found myself having writer's block. Probably the biggest example of this, was in the last two chapters when Tetra is depressed the most (It was too creepy and I hated it!). It's a good thing though that it went away and I could revise the chapter a little if it sounded too cheesy *cackles*. But of course, I got writers block in other spots as well, whether Tetra was depressed or not.

Q: Exactly what did you do to get out of writer's block and keep yourself inspired to continue writing?

A: Well the first thing I found myself doing to cure writers block, was to run to my GameCube and play Wind Waker for a while. It worked great for a while, until...*gulps*...I...I got tired of seeing it everyday! *bashes self* I know I wondered how such a thing was possible too, but it happened (I guess its called too much of a good thing). So I shifted my focus and got away from it for a while (during my trip actually...though I did play it a lot up there too. But that was different, since I was surrounded by fellow WW fans instead and I got inspiration from them, thankfully). But probably my best tool of inspiration, was listening to music! Music really helps set the mood. I found myself using New Age music (from Radio@AOL surprisingly) for those normal or peaceful parts, and also the variety of CD's I have. I listened to stuff like Evanescence(used "Going Under" to help think up what happened in chapter 3), Yanni (New Age again), and even the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (worked very well with the fast paced parts and battle scenes!), all of which helped to fit whatever mood the story was set in. Another thing that helped inspire me, was reading fellow Wind Waker fan fiction on FFN! Stories like...The Way the Winds of Time Blow (written by Aria Zephyr, great finished story!), Tetra's Hope (written by Zeldafreak84067, very cute!), Finding Love (written by Sakura84067, yay Link and Tetra forever!), and also The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2 (written by P4Pancho, unfinished but has a very interesting plot!). There are others, but then this question would be waaaaaaaay too long ^_^

Now for the storyline questions...

Q: Is Tetra really 12 years old in the game?

A: Umm...well to tell ya the truth, I'm not sure if that's really her official age. I spent a good deal of time trying to figure that out since Nintendo doesn't specify anywhere what her true age is. 12 was just right to me though, considering her size and maybe her personality. I knew she was the same age as Link though, so I went about trying to figure out his age. I think I remember hearing that young Link in Ocarina of Time was 12 when he started his journey, so since Link got his outfit at his coming of age (when young Link started his quest), 12 seemed the right amount. It was either 10, 12, or 13 to me really. 13 I figured they looked too small to be that old, and at 10 neither Link nor Tetra act that young, so I was stuck with 12. But I've seen that age used a lot in fellow WW fanfiction, so I think I made the right choice.

Q: How in the world did you know as much as you did about Tetra's crew?

A: I got most of my TRUE information about them from their individual figurines in the Nintendo Gallery. There's a side quest involving the pictobox and the guy hidden on that small island next to the Forest Haven in which you could get figurines of whoever you took a picture of, and each figurine has a description of that character. That is where I found out that Nudge was the one who understood Tetra the most (and is also the strongest of the whole crew), that Niko is too merry for his own good, and also that Mako keeps his dagger slash knife hidden in that huge book he carries. But things like how Zuko talks weird so no one understands him (partially at least) and how Gonzo keeps repeating the word "yeah" a lot, I got mostly from the game (too obvious). Also I talked with every one of them twice (whenever I could) in the game to find out more about Tetra's past or themselves. I did leave out a couple things...but hey, I could always express them better in a possible sequel.

Q: I never saw Ganondorf use magic like that during the final battle in the game. Could he have really done that if Nintendo allowed it?

A: If Nintendo allowed it, of course! Anything Nintendo makes official is official, whether it makes sense or not. But obviously they didn't...so why did I add it then, you ask? Well I believe he could have used magic like that, in all possible truth. You see, I did some small research on previous Zelda games, and I just so happened to find slash remember this...In Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf did use magic when he didn't have the Triforce of Power. If you can recall (that is if you played the game), Ganondorf did shoot a small blast of magic at young Link in the scene when Zelda and Impa were fleeing the castle to get away from him (and he didn't have the Triforce of Power then). And also Ganondorf did mention him having "magic" throughout the WW (though by that he probably meant strength...he's so darn vague! .) So now you know that it could have been possible. But other than that, the added effect of Ganondorf using magic I believe heightened the tension of the fight. I mean, come on...a plain old sword fight for the entire battle would have been boring and possibly hard to write when you think about it (I really don't know martial arts or anything about swordplay so what was I to do...learn in a couple months? Nah...).

Q: I never played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. What was Link doing from when he was tossed into the ocean by the bird until when he got to the Forsaken Fortress for the second time?

A: Well let's see...right after Link was tossed out to sea (and somehow rendered unconscious too), he was found by the King of Red Lions and taken to Windfall. After acquiring a sail, Link then began his own quest to retrieve the three pearls (so he could get the Master Sword down in Hyrule...it was the only way). As he was acquiring the first two (first from Dragon Roost and second from Forest Haven), chapter 6 and 7 were going on. Link then went on to get the third but found Greatfish Isle in ruins (you know why *grins*). Quill found him just then and explained about Jabun's location as well as the pirates being at Windfall. Then chapter 8 steps in, up until he leaves to go get the last pearl. He does obviously get it, and places the pearls in their appropriate spots on different islands. The Tower of the Gods (seen in chapter 9) appears and he does a whole dungeons worth of fighting (this explains his tattered clothes in my story) until he defeats the boss and goes down to Hyrule. He gets the Master Sword there, and then goes back to the surface. Then chapter 9 enters, until he warps himself to the closes spot to the Forsaken Fortress (which would be Tingle Island...*shudders*). He sails the rest of the way there to rescue his sister. So basically, he was doing what Tetra was instructed to do by her mother, where as Link was instructed by the King of Red Lions. The only difference is that Link was quicker *snickers*.

Q: Ok then what happened immediately after Tetra fell unconscious during her and Link's first encounter with Ganondorf up until when she wakes up in Hyrule?

A: Well, right after she blacked out, the whole ruined ship they were inside started to shake. Ganondorf was distracted enough by the noise long enough for Quill and Prince Komali to fly in a snatch Link and Tetra up and away from him when he wasn't looking (what a dummy *laughs*). Valoo then appeared (in my story he would have arrived while the whole confrontation was going on) and torched the ship while Ganon was still in it (he didn't fry him unfortunately...darn!). The scene then shifts over to the Tower of the Gods where everyone now is, and after a short chat with Valoo, him, Quill, and Prince Komali fly off back to Dragon Roost. The King of Red Lions, Link, and an unconscious Tetra then use the portal in the water to sink down into Hyrule, where she wakes up.

Q: You do know that the large bird is called the Helmaroc King right?

A: Heh heh...yes I am well aware of the large fowl having a name. I guess I didn't add its name because no one ever says or tells its name to Tetra or Link (or no one really...heck I didn't even know it had a name till I got its figurine ^_^;). I know, it's a stupid but logical reason...I guess I could have now that I think about, since I did the same with the Bokoblins. But oh well...I can't change that now, and it wasn't that big a deal.

Q: Are all the attacks you made the Helmaroc King try against Link actually in the game?

A: Most of them are. Like for instance, the bird does do that beak drilling into the ground attack, as well as the dangerous dive-bombing attack (which I might add, can make it fly into the wall if you're positioned right). It also tries to stomp you if you are too close (which I might add looks like its attempting to dance and looks very silly), and attempts to blow you into the spikes (not while its beak is in the ground though). All the other attacks I made it do came from my head, mostly to add something new to the battle and to accommodate the presence of Tetra jumping into the fight. I might as well go on to add that it takes more than one hit to the bird's mask to knock it off in the game (in my story it only took one), and also once the mask is off, arrows can hurt it (just an added bonus I thought I could mention).

Q: Why did you make Tetra's experience as Princess Zelda so depressing?

A: I have a couple reasons. My first will be that I noticed how she wasn't acting normal anyway in the game after she changed, which sort of suggested to me that she was either too surprised to recover her attitude up until everyone left, or her personality changed. I went with the whole changing personality thing, cause it sounded more logical and I thought it would be more interesting to read and write. Second reason would be I wished to show what her personality would have been like if she never experienced her mother's kidnapping (hence the innocence and not-so-bold attitude). Besides...what's a story without some sort of drama? ...um...don't answer that...^_^;

Q: Was Tetra's past really like what you showed it to be?

A: If you mean is it official, then no. I did not contact Nintendo and ask them about her past, and instead went on from clues I got from playing the game. For instance, you learn from Nudge that their previous Miss (Tetra's mom) was "lost". He didn't say how though, so I guess that wasn't much of a clue. Never the less, I knew that I had to stick her mother in there somewhere. While I was planning, I found out that having her mother taken by Ganondorf didn't interfere with the actual storyline. It sounded like a good way to begin the story too, and I also wished to present the legend somewhere (as well as her mother's words to protect the necklace...you know how that goes). It all came together somehow while I was writing.

Q: How come you didn't make Link and Zelda/Tetra kiss ever?!

A: You have to remember that I did this story on a slightly realistic view, and I thought to have two 12 year olds kissing was a bit much. It's not so much that I didn't WANT to see them kiss (believe me I really wanted to see one too!), but mostly everything was going against the idea. They never did in the game anyway, and I don't think Link likes her THAT much just yet. Heck, he hung around Medli more often than Tetra or Zelda in the game! So Link, to me, did not spend enough time with her to actually get to know her well enough in the game and kiss her (same goes for Tetra, but she has never had friendship before from outsiders and doesn't know what to do when it comes to love. It's still way out of her league at this point). I'll finish by saying, however, that by the end of this story, Link and Tetra are good friends, and that is a very good start for romance in possible sequels.

Q: In chapter 20, why did Tetra leave during dinner when Link got to the part of rescuing his sister?

A: I had her leave for only a few reasons. And those are, she didn't want to hear her experience as a princess all over again, and she also did not want to see her crews reaction to the fact that she is actually a princess (and even cried while being one). But what I didn't mention in the story (or even in the summary for that matter) is that I made it so Link did not go beyond rescuing his sister (which is why he said no when she asked him if he did or not). Actually I made it so he talked about the Helmaroc King battle as well as him and Tetra's confrontation with Ganondorf, but when he got to the part when they were rescued, he merely stopped there and said that the Rito took them to their island to help them recover. Also if or when he would be asked why he and Tetra were out in the middle of the ocean with no boat around, he would cover everything up by saying that he and Tetra were looking for them, and they got caught in a cyclone and tossed out of their boat (good explanation considering that the King of Red Lions was somewhere else when they found it). He would have covered up for his apparent injuries by saying they had to fend off a lot of sharks while stranded in the ocean and he didn't go down without a fight. So basically he stopped there, cause he guessed the reasons for her leaving and didn't want to go against her wishes...*shrugs* Dang that was long...O.o

Q: Why did you make it so that Tetra forced Link to stay on Outset and experience torture and sadness as a result, instead of making her allow Link to say his decision?

A: If you didn't get the hint why I did this in the story, then it's because she actually felt he deserved to stay with his family more so than staying with pirates (which she guessed he considered not as great as being with family). Plus she had already guessed his decision in advance, even if she waited until the last minute to hear his true decision. She really wanted the best for him, and actually pulled a selfless act by making sure he stayed, even if it meant hurting herself emotionally. I think that pretty much explains it.

Q: What was Link's decision in the first place anyway?

A: In all actuality, I made it so that he decided to go with her to look for the new kingdom. But obviously I had Tetra stop him for reasons already explained, and so he could not let her know his true indentions. He decided this, because he felt like he, as the Hero of Winds and as a friend, should continue protecting the bloodline to ensure the kingdoms future (and also he didn't want to let the King of Hyrule down by not helping with finding the kingdom). The conversation he had with his Grandma that was mentioned by Aryll in my story, was focused on that decision. Just thought I should mention that ^_^

And for the most frequently asked question of them all!

Q: Is there going to be a sequel?!

A: You all hopefully will be happy to know that I am indeed planning a sequel ^.^ In fact, I've got two ideas, and both of their storylines have been laid out, minus the details. I don't want to tease you or anything like that, but I find no harm really in telling you the titles of both ideas along with a brief bio. The first is titled The Legend of Zelda: The Gates of Jade, a mostly action and adventure story that I believe would make a terrific Zelda game if it could have been made (it can't...believe me I asked Nintendo). Seriously though, this has a flow similar to any Zelda game (you know, dungeons, bosses, and an ultimate evil). The second (and the one I'm most likely going to do) is titled A Pirate's Life for Me, and no its not based off the song (I don't know the lyrics). Basically this one is an action story, with lots of turns in the plot and even a plot that partially originates from Wind Waker. In actuality, this particular story I believe would be better on screen than in writing, since it has more movie qualities then a Zelda game storyline (this is a good thing!). And don't worry about romance in either of these sequels. Unlike the amount I put in Tetra's Journey, both of these ideas will have much more going on in Link and Tetra's relationship ^.^ (I only do G or PG rated stories, so you better not be getting dirty thoughts *glares at you menacingly if you are anyway*) Before you get too exited though, I must give you a big warning. So...

WARNING: If or when I write a sequel, I will be writing it in the same fashion I did Tetra's Journey, meaning that it will be pre-written before I start posting it here at FFN. That means, people, that this sequel will NOT be posted within this year (don't panic, it's almost New Years ya know). If I start writing within the next month or two, you can expect it to be finished sometime in the year 2004, that is if inspiration remains constant. But that is if I start writing soon. It pains me to say this...but after taking as much time and involvement as I did with this story, I feel I must take a break from writing (and even Wind Waker cause I'm suddenly losing interest in it! Help!), so I can better prepare myself for the next story. Don't say I didn't warn you about this! I did the best I could to give you all a good story, and I plan to continue doing so with future titles. But to do that, a break is very necessary, and it requires a lot of patience on your part.

Look on the bright side though! There are other great fanfic stories out there for you to read and keep you busy while you wait. Just don't make waiting for the sequel your life (believe me I know a couple people who would...), or else you might be disappointed if it never happens (IF people, IF!).

That ends my summary. Again I must thank all of you (especially the people who read this entire summary! Dang!) and I am looking forward to seeing you again in the near future!

This is the Ultimate Treasure Hunter signing off.