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Author's Notes:

This series is set after "Impact" a stunning season 4 episode that originally aired on KidsWB Saturday, August 31. If you've not yet seen it, please find a way to get and view it before reading this series. The episode gets a solid 10 out of 10 from me for overall content and effect and without seeing it this story will seem a little puzzling. Also it contains major spoilers, so beware.

Though there are many mentions of scenes from the actual episode, this series is COMPLETELY Alternate Universe! It is put in that category because it introduces characters from the comics that may never actually appear on Evolution and it also blends in aspects of the first X-Men movie, but all of that is subtle and in no way takes it from the Evolution genre. Please keep that in mind at all times when reading the story.

It will contain: action/adventure (little bits), angst, drama, humor (quip remarks, funny scenes, etc), romance, suspense (as in I'm gonna leave y'all hanging wondering what will happen next), and what most will probably view as fantasy, sci-fi or supernatural. Basically it'll be your usual X-Men fic.

There are a few driving forces behind this series:

1) The chemistry I always see between Evo-Logan & Rogue. Destiny's words to Mystique in Self-Possessed, "An ancient mutant will rise to once again walk the earth. Your fates, both yours and Rogue's, are in his hands." Mesmero's words to Mystique in Dark Horizons Pt II when he's getting her to open the final door, (NOT an exact quote) "Apocalypse will look after those who serve/help him."

2) My belief that Apocalypse has some of the same mutation as Rogue's – absorption - only he is far more advanced and fully in control of those powers.

3) Mine and Kurt's refusal to accept that Mystique (my FAVORITE villainess) is dead as well as the belief that Rogue TOTALLY regrets her own actions and wants to take them back.

Story Intro & Summary:

Following "Impact" Rogue flees the X-Men, a devastated Kurt realizes Mystique cannot be saved, Logan follows after Rogue against Charles' orders, Charles tries to cope with all the twists of the day and Mesmero is given another chore by Apocalypse.

In the early chapters, attention will be focused on everyone dealing with the events, including the Acolytes who separate without Magneto's leadership. Logan will find Rogue, only to have her taken from him by Mesmero, who has also collected the remains of Mystique for some unknown reason. The team recovers and prepares for their next mission, which Logan believes should be finding Mesmero and Rogue. (These chapters will be high on drama, angst, anger and arguments with hints of romance.)

The later chapters will focus on the mission to rescue Rogue and it's results. (These chapters will contain action/adventure, continued drama, suspense, sci-fi/fantasy, romance, the death of a minor character, and the revelation of Magneto's fate.)

Who all will be falling in love in this epic?

What is the fate of Rogue, the X-Men and the entire world?

How successful will they all be in their missions?

Can this possibly have the happy ending I always write?

Who dies?

What is it that I believe has happened to Magneto?

To learn the answers, you must read on. :-)