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Chapter 6

Anya unlocked Giles' door with the key he had given her during their engagement. She closed the door quietly and couldn't help but smile at the amusing sight. Giles and Spike passed out on the floor in front of the TV with at least six bottles of scotch surrounding them. She knew what to do.

Entering the kitchen she banged the pots and pans together as she started to make some coffee. Both of the men groan and blink at Anya who smiles brightly at them from behind the counter.

"Good morning!" She says cheerily and they both groan again. "Babies." Anya smirks at them. Spike manages to pull himself to his feet.

"I don't bloody well need to take this." He slurs still slightly drunk. He moves to leave but goes the wrong way and ends up passing out again on the stairs that lead to Giles' bedroom. Anya giggles a little and then heads into the living room where Giles manages to pull himself off the floor and to sit on the couch. She sits next to him and hands him a cup of coffee.

"Why are you here?" He asks her. He takes a drink of coffee and frowns. "Do you want a divorce?" He whispers.

"No." She says and her heart practically breaks at the hopeful look that he gives her. "I want to date." Giles smiles at her and hesitantly reaches for her hand, which she gives him.

"You do?" He asks and she tightens her grip around his fingers. Anya takes a deep breath and leans over and kisses him gently.

"Yes." Anya says with a little smile and Giles returns it but then grimaces.

"Oh dear." He lies back down on the couch and Anya smirks at him again. "Perhaps I shouldn't have tried to keep up with Spike last night?" She laughs at that he clutches in head in pain.

"Silly Rupes! He's a vampire." She grins at him and goes to make him a cold compress. "But I am very impressed by your manly drinking skills." Giles smiles and closes his eyes. His future looks a lot better this morning than it did last night.


Buffy sighed as she looked at the computer screen in front of her. Her Internet job was a lot better than Double meat. When they were under spell and Spike had found out that she worked there he had scoured the classifieds looking for something new for her and had found this opportunity to work from home. He had gotten a job with the same company too and they had had a lot of fun working together and still being there for Dawn when she got home.

She had to admit to herself that he had taken really good care of the two of them while he had been here. Buffy frowned as she realized just how much she had come to rely on Spike over the past four months and how he had never let her down. Ignoring her work for a moment she doodled on a piece of paper next to her when the doorbell rang. She welcomed the interruption and jumped to answer it, hoping that it will be Spike even though it is still sunny outside. She frowns as she opens the door and sees Xander standing there with flowers.

"Can I come in?" Buffy nods and he comes in.

"What's up Xand?" Buffy asks hesitantly.

"Buff. The spell…it opened up my eyes." Buffy went to stop him but Xander put his hand up to stay her protest. "I realized that I loved you. I've loved you since high school." They stand in silence for a moment as Buffy digests this news.

"Xander. I love you too." He moves to take her in his arms but she steps back. "But not like that. I love you like a brother Xander."

"No. You had to have felt it when we kissed!"

"Xander. I didn't feel anything like that. Please. Just try to understand." Buffy pleaded as he walked back to the door.

"I don't understand it Buffy. Why am I not good enough?"

"It's not that…"

"You're still wearing his ring." Xander says coldly looking down at her left hand. Buffy quickly moves her hand behind her back.


"Stop. Don't say anything." Xander said and he dropped the flowers to the floor and left the house leaving a sad looking Buffy behind him.


Buffy stood looking at the door for a long time after Xander left and was startled when Willow put a hand on her shoulder.

"If you love Spike then don't push him away Buffy." Willow said quietly. Buffy turned around slowly.

"But he's a vampire Willow." Buffy says weakly and Willow gives her a half smile.

"He was the best boyfriend you ever had. These past few months when Xander and I thought that we were a couple, I was so jealous of you and Spike. You were so in love and Xander and I just didn't feel that way about each other."

"But there's so much that we can't do. Go out in the sun, have children…" Buffy trailed off and Willow had to repress the grin that she felt when she realized that Buffy was trying to do.

"Buffy. Tara and I couldn't have children the conventional way together. But do you think that means that I'm going to not be with her because of that?"

"No." Buffy mumbled and Willow went on.

"And did it matter you the past four months not being able to go out during the day with Spike?"

"No." Buffy admitted. "But Angel said-"

"Angel isn't here. You can't let what he wanted for you interfere with what you want for yourself. What do you want Buffy?" Willow asked in all seriousness. Buffy studied Willow's face and found no disgust of anger as she had always imagined would be there.

"Spike. I want Spike." She answered and smiled at Willow. She quickly hugged her friend and ran out the door heading towards Spike's crypt.

Buffy's feet pound on the sidewalk as she runs to him. People stare at her but she doesn't care. All she can think is one thought: get to Spike and make things right between them. She approaches his crypt and slows down. Buffy cautiously opens the door and gasps at the sight that greets her.

There are shattered bottles everywhere and as she goes further into Spike's crypt she can see that the TV and couch have been destroyed. There's vamp dust on the ground and as she moves towards the refrigerator, her foot kicks a stake. Buffy collapses on the floor and can't keep her tears from falling. Spike is dust.


Spike rubs his head as he makes his way to his crypt. The sun just set and he woke up to find Anya and the Watcher making out like randy teenagers on the couch. He was never so happy to see sunset in his entire unlife. Spike stops as he hears crying coming from inside his crypt. He rushes inside and sees Buffy on the floor in tears.

Not caring if she's still mad at him he runs over to her and takes her in his arms. At first Buffy struggles, but soon realizes that it's Spike who's holding her and her cries taper off as she looks up at him. Spike gives her a hesitant smile. Her eyes fill with tears of joy and Buffy pulls him close and hugs him to her. Spike lets out a breath in relief and tentatively kisses her hair.

"What's wrong pet?" He whispers.

"I thought that you were dust." She said and pulled back again to look at him. He looks afraid of what she's going to do, but hopeful at the same time. His hesitation breaks her heart and erases the last fragment of doubt from her mind. Buffy leans up and kisses Spike slowly and leisurely pulling away after a few minutes to gaze into his eyes. "I love you." She admits to him and she is greeted by something that she longed to see throughout the past day: Spike's smile.


Dawn stomped up the stairs to go to her room. While under the memory spell she had tried out for the school play and landed a starring role. She was extra glad that she had practice after school today, as she wasn't looking forward to talking to Buffy or Willow when she got home. Passing by Buffy's room, Dawn hears giggling and pauses at the door to listen. Buffy is talking with Spike and Dawn's face breaks out into a grin. Maybe things will be ok after all?

"So what happened in your crypt anyway? I mean I know vamp dust when I see it!" Spike laughed and rolled to face her.

"Some bloody fledglings were living there and one of them was wearing my bleeding duster pet." Buffy giggled at the put out look on Spike's face and on the other side of the door Dawn smiled. "Oh no pet, no laughing at me!" Spike says and reaches out to start to tickle Buffy.

They have a brief tickle war before Buffy finally cries uncle and Spike lets her up.

"Why were you crying, love?" Spike asks after a pause that made Dawn thinks maybe she shouldn't stand by the door anymore.

"I thought that you were gone Spike."

"It'd take a lot more than a few wankers like that to make me leave pet." Buffy turned and looked at him seriously.

"I know." She pauses for a second and looks at him curiously. "Where were you anyway?" Spike chuckles at her question.

"Passed out on Giles' stairs actually." This statement makes Dawn giggle as well. The couple inside stops talking and Dawn stumbles backward right into Willow who's smiling at her. Buffy flings open the door dressed in her robe and grins at the two of them. Willow looks around Buffy into the bedroom.

"Hi Spike." She says and continues on her way downstairs to put together dinner for everyone. Dawn pushes past her sister and rushes into the bedroom and hugs a bewildered Spike.

"Now you're both together and I know why I'm so happy for you." She whispers as tears spring up in her eyes. Spike grins at her and then looks up at Buffy who is watching the scene happily until she realizes one very important fact.

"Dawn! Get out of here so we can get dressed!" Dawn giggles and swears that she can see Spike turn red.


Willow called a Scooby meeting at the Magic Box for the next night so that she could apologize to everyone properly. As she Buffy, Spike, and Dawn walked in the door they were a little surprised to see Giles and Anya making out behind the counter (except for Spike who had seen enough of that the previous day).

Buffy smiled at them and cleared her throat. The couple jumped apart and Giles blushed furiously at the newcomers while Anya merely smiled and winked at Buffy who held Spike's hand firmly in her own. Tara enters and Willow's smile fades a little as they all sit around the research table.

"Where's Xander?" Willow asks Anya. Anya huffs and rolls her eyes.

"I have no idea." She replies and Buffy gives Spike's hand a reassuring squeeze.

"He's working through some stuff right now. I think that the spell hit him a little hard." Buffy says quietly and Willow looks down in shame. She's about to start with the apologies but the door chimes stop her as Xander comes in and nods at everyone.

"Hey guys." Xander says.

"Hey." Tara replies and Willow waves at him happy that he's not too angry with her to come out tonight. "Listen, I just wanted to let you know that I understand what's going on with you guys. I want to apologize for what happened between us, as most of it was my fault." He looked at the various couples around the room. "It'll take me a while to get used to all of this. Especially Anya and Giles being together." Xander looked down at the ground and then up at his friends again. "But I'll try. I'll try because I know one thing; I don't want to lose you guys."

His speech was met with silence. No one really knew what to say that. Willow and Tara weren't really mad at all so they just smiled at him supportively and got up to hug him. Buffy looked between Xander and Spike and smiled before nudging Spike in the side. He frowned at her and then sighed resigned that he would be whipped for the rest of his unlife.

"So do you wanna be an usher or what whelp?"


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