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Chapter One: The Time Turner

"Check it out!" James said, dangling the hourglass in front of Sirius's face, grinning like a clown and chuckling merrily, which was probably due to the two or three bottles of rum he'd been drinking earlier.

Sirius took it and looked it over, looking bored.

"So?" He said, handing it back and leaning against the back of their herbology class's greenhouse (where they were meant to be, I might add), sticking a cigar in his mouth, but not lighting it and staring up at the sky with the disinterest of one verging on sleep. "It's an hourglass, what of it?"

James coiled as if he'd been slapped and said with disbelief, "This? An hourglass? Sirius, my friend, you've gone blind in a night! This is the rarest thing that I've ever laid hands on in my life! It's a time turner!"

Sirius shot up so fast that the slightly tipsy James beside him fell over, and snatched it out of his hand. His eyes suddenly lit up with the kind of dangerous curiosity that had united the two boys from the very start and he now held the hourglass as if it were a prized possession that he'd never even imagined he would behold.

"Where'd you get it?" Sirius breathed, stroking the time turner's long golden chain with almost loving caresses.

James was quickly subdued from his small fit of chuckles that he often suffered when he drank, straightened his robes (but left his forever untidy hair alone, in the hopes that it looked even more windswept than usual) and said, "Got it from my dad's collection of ancient stuff that he has lying around. You know...all those old spell books that don't teach worth a damn and all those old quidditch posters and some of his old school supplies--I honestly don't know why he keeps it. Anyway, I thought I'd have a look-through, and I found this. Don't know where he got it."

Sirius looked sideways at him wryly and said, "By the way--what did your mum and dad say about me coming this Christmas? Or did that slip your mind too, Lump?"

James raised a slim eyebrow and said, "It's only September, Padfoot. No sweat. We've got months to ask. Why?"

Sirius laughed harshly and started pulling up tufts of grass, "Well, we'd better make sure soon, cause my dad says that he's moved all of my stuff over to my Uncle Alphard's house and since I ran away once I'm not getting the chance to run away again...oh yeah, and he says that Uncle Alphard and I can be house mates....blood traitors together...."

James looked at the sky with a barely disguised look of mingled fury and disgust on his face and worked for a few moments at mastering himself before looking over at Sirius again and saying, "Don't worry, Sirius, I'll ask my parents as soon as I can, okay? You can come back to my house for Christmas this year..."

They sat in silence for a few minutes until the bell rang off in the distance, then stood up to join the crowd of students leaving the greenhouses and shifted through classmates to join Remus and Peter.

"Where were you?" Remus asked without looking up from the handful of notes he was going over.

"Ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies, Moony." James said lazily as he watched Lily Evans's hair swaying as she walked ahead of him.

"Right." Remus said dully, just as consumed in his notes as James was in his long-time crush.

Peter watched James with big, watery, admiring eyes and said in a squeaky voice, "No, really, James, where were you two?"

"Leave the guy alone, he's got Evans on his mind. You'll never penetrate into his thick skull now." Sirius said with a smirk, nodding at the red haired girl in front of them.

James seemed completely unaware that Sirius had just sent an open insult across to him. So did Peter.

"...huh?" Peter said uncertainly while he looked for whatever it was that Sirius had just nodded to.

Sirius laughed at the empty expression on Peter's face and turned to Remus. "We'll tell you once we get somewhere where we're sure we won't be overheard."

Remus looked up at Sirius, his eyebrows raised, but Sirius only smiled and walked in front of James's view of Lily Evans, to a resounding, "Get out of the way, Padfoot!" from James.

Lily stopped with the shout and turned around, turning angry emerald green, almond-shaped eyes on Remus.

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