Jeshi: Yay! I'm FINALLY starting to get a few ideas for Mario fics now! This is finally an idea for a series! ^.^

Larry: O_O…WHY do I feel trapped?

Jeshi: *sigh* WHY don't you know how to do the job of a 'moose' like you're supposed to?!

Larry: _ *sarcastic* Oh, gee…I don't know…maybe because…I'M NOT A MOOSE!! *

Jeshi: *whacks him with a frying pan* Quiet you foolish mortal!! _*

Larry: @_@ Owww….HEY! Where did you get the whole 'hit me with a frying pan' gig from? You steal it from Princess Toadstool or something?!

Jeshi: ^.^ I learn from video games!! *does a little peace sign like Mario*

Larry: O_O….*is scared*

Jeshi: O.O…I'm hungry…*drops frying pan and searches for the fridge*…fooooooood! Fooooooooood!! Where is the foooooooooooooood??! T_T

Larry: O_O! *is VERY scared*

Jeshi: *evil,angry death glares of doom* WHY AREN'T YOU DOING THE JOB OF THE 'MOOSE'?!?!?!?!?

Larry: O_O!!! She doesn't own anything from Mario….right????????? O_o'''''

Jeshi: ^.^ Yes, thank you! *skips away* Oh jolly good, where is the strawberry tea? Oooooh!! Or maybe wildberry zinger tea!!! ^.^ Yum yum!!

"I'll…be…calm…you…grrrrrrrr…you little brat. GRAAH!! YOU BRAT, I'LL KILL YOU!! I'LL KILL YOU, DAMMIT!"


Zoom!! The two koopalings ran off in hot pursuit. Larry was running, screaming for his life, while his brother, Roy gained on him right behind.

The two of them bolted down the dark stone, castle floors and walls in the hallways with their sounds following with them.

Roy at long last caught up to his little sibling at the end of the hall. He reached out, grabbed Larry by the arm and threw him into the wall. While he struggled to get up, wincing in pain, Roy grabbed Larry again by the arms and slammed him into the wall again, pinning him there. He dug his claws into his skin and bared his teeth angrily, growling.

"I'M SORRY-I'M SORRY-I'M SORRY!!"Larry screamed. He had never seen Roy like this. He knew and was used to Roy getting angry really quickly, but never like this. Larry was actually scared of Roy this time! He was more than just pissed off now.

Larry squinted his eyes shut, hoping…praying that Roy would just let go of him, or hoping that Iggy would walk by and Roy would drop Larry and head off to beat up Iggy instead, forgetting all about him. Or he was just hoping that when he opened his eyes, Roy would be gone. He slightly opened them again, only to see Roy giving him a cold, deadly look. Even though he could barely see through Roy's funky shades he had on his face, he could definitely see that his eyes had the definite look of loathing in them. Like the way he looked at Mario. He turned away in fear, hoping that Roy got the picture that he was really REALLY sorry now and that he would just…punch him in the stomach and leave. But he didn't.

Roy stared at the now quivering figure that he had pinned to the wall that was his brother. That little brat…he permanently DESTROYED one of his precious belongings, and he was sorry?! HA! No, he wasn't "sorry"…YET.

"You BRAT! WHY did you do it?! WHY?!" Roy scowled at him. Larry re-opened one eye to look at his officially more-than-just-a-little-pissed-off brother.

"It-it was just laying around in your room-"

"ANOTHER THING!! YOU WERE IN MY ROOM!! AND YOU BEHEADED MAKAR, THE GREAT!!!!" Roy bellowed as he pulled the head of an old looking army doll out. Larry looked wide-eyed at it. The doll was so old, it was discoloured and already the one eye seemed to be loose. The doll's head looked like it had seen better days, Larry forgot what the BODY must have looked like, especially when it was assembled to the head!!

But how was he supposed to know that that THING had sentimental value?! Especially to Roy. True, he was in Roy's bedroom…true, he had found the doll laying around, and true…he HAD decapitated the doll, thinking it was Wendy's..heheh..the perfect crime where he would escape…NOT…Roy had walked in when Larry still had the doll in his hands. And so began their fine chase. First around the bedroom, then into and down the hallway. And now, here he was.

Larry didn't want to say anything else…he had already heard his voice quivering..and he didn't want Roy to know he was scared…even though if he knew Roy, Roy would already know that he was scared..VERY scared. He wanted to scream, but was too afraid. His dad was definitely not around. He was in his chamber somewhere plotting yet again a plan to kidnap Princess Toadstool, take over the Mushroom Kingdom and kill Mario. He had no one to help him, and he didn't know what to do.

Then suddenly, as if it were a magical miracle of some sort…and believe it, it surely WAS a miracle, for Ludwig was suddenly there, and had grabbed Roy's arm. He didn't seem to have any emotion to him, but he stared hard in Roy's eyes, nothing changing when he saw how incredibly angry Roy was.

"Roy…what are you doing?" Ludwig asked him. He looked down at the doll's head that Roy was holding.

"Oh yes…I remember your little childhood friend from years ago…we could never pry you away from that thing. What are you doing with it now? Do you talk to it when you're angry and you have no younger siblings to pulverize? Or are you using him as your new wrestling buddy? OR…are you going to start practicing voodoo and get a long stick to tie him to by his hair?"

"HE tore the head off of Makar!!" Roy growled viciously. Ludwig gave him a very bored look.

"Roy, he is the younger sibling. Younger siblings will do that, they are curious, they do not bother to think before they act. It is natural that they will sneak into your bedrooms for curiosity gets the best of them, then destroy anything they can get their disgusting little claws on. Trust me, I know, for I have 6 of them," Ludwig replied with utter bored-ness in his voice.


"Roy, why must you worry about vital things? Sometimes even YOU destroy valuable work of mine that even had taken me weeks, months to create and I don't go to violence as quick as you do. You shall eventually grow up and out of your little toys anyway. And if that does not convince you in any way, then you will be interested to know that Iggy has found the body of your little doll and is hoping to dissect it."

"WHAT!!??!" Roy screamed. He then turned back to Larry, "grrrr! You know what?! Sometimes…I wish that you'd just DIE! Just go away! GET LOST!"

He threw Larry to the side, then took off stomping down the hallway in search of the unsuspecting Iggy.

Larry then got to his feet, and stared his saviour right in the eyes. His older brother, Ludwig stared right back.

"You should know better too, Larry. Though you're younger, privacy is definitely an issue. You know that Roy turns to violence and vengeance right away, revenge is a big thing to him, very important. To keep yourself out of trouble, stay out of Roy's belongings, stay out of his room. It was only by chance that I had happened to come down here when you were in a time of need. I would have left you two alone, for Roy is always like that to the younger ones, but the older brother senses kicked in. I saw your fear, I could hear it screaming and crying for help inside my head, as much as you want to deny it, I knew you were scared. Either way, no matter what, the older sibling will ALWAYS protect the younger ones. I hope you have learned a valuable lesson from this…though half of this incident was your fault, and half wasn't. Stay away from Roy for a day or so, he'll be back to himself and forget all about it," Ludwig said. He then turned and left for his own bedroom all the way down a long hallway.

Larry stood there and watched him leave. He had no comment for the small speech that his brother had just given him. Instead, he headed towards his room himself. He flopped on his bed, and drifted off to sleep. Maybe a nice nap will calm him down, and then after he could make it up to Roy for what he did…hopefully…

But all the thought about were the words that Roy had said to him before he let go of him… "get lost"…

Jeshi: ^.^ Awww…poor Larry..T.T…Yeah, see the whole plot hasn't totally unfolded yet, because I can't stand long chapters! ^.^

Larry: _ Let me get this straight…in the beginning muse, you treated me like a punching bag…and in the story, ROY treated me like a punching bag?

Jeshi: Yeah..well, I didn't treat you like a punching bag actually…I just hit you with a frying pan! ^.^ OHH!! VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!…u.u…sadly enough, as much as I know about Mario and all, I do not know the order that the koopalings go in from orders of oldest to youngest. I had heard that Ludwig was the oldest, I heard that Larry or Iggy was the youngest…but someone had told me Larry was…are you, Larry? O-o

Larry: *pouts* I'm not telling you…

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