So many things had changed in Will's life before now. At first, life had been as good as was possible without adventure or Lyra - but slowly, things went further and further downhill. When his daemon began to slowly disappear, Will was both frantic and distraught. For three years now, Will hadn't seen his daemon at all, and somehow, the worry had slowly worn away into miserable depression. Will had never been the same since having met Lyra, and in the awkward turn of events that followed, it seemed no wonder to the young man.

The next odd event that happened was that the Subtle Knife came back to him. He didn't know how, but it returned completely repaired to his dresser drawer only a few weeks prior to his encounter now with Toseamarie. Will didn't know why he was thinking back on all of these odd happenings now, when he was in grave face of danger. In the eerie, shadowy light that was provided by a small lamp inside of the office of which the raspy old woman was standing just outside of. Not daring to take a closer look, Will disguised his breathing slightly, praying that he was not in the face of danger, that he was just dreaming.

But despite his wishes, it was real. In a rapid movement, the old lady's hand moved slightly, and then, the world around Will was drenched in light. Cowering in the skinny shadow of a small bush, Will closed his eyes, clenching the knife in his right hand with the ferocity of a thousand men. He was never letting go of the grip he held on it.

"I can see him."

This was another voice, more airy, transparent. Immediately upon hearing it, Will dreadfully thought of the combination he had previously encountered: a harpy and a Specter. Now, together, what were they to do to him? The ragged breathing of the old lady and the soothing breaths of the other creature slowly neared, and yet Will held his ground, hoping that he could only be not seen.

In a blur of moment that even Will could not recognize, the creature (of which the bush before him was blocking the view of) whizzed forward, past Will, and dove into a bush nearby. Out it dragged a bright gold, long- toothed, grinning monkey. Immediately, Will familiarized the figure. He could not help it, he let out a long breath - eyes widening in horror beyond which he was becoming a part of before. The monkey was Mrs. Coulter's daemon. In horror, Will peeked over the small bush which he was still sheltered beside.

"Circus animals! What nuisances - dispose of the scum!"

The old voice uttered disgustedly. Her hair was dark and matted in endless amounts of tangles - her eyes glinted with cold distrust, and her frail body was hunched over with age. Then, Will saw something that made him even more confused, the old woman winked at the captor. Suddenly, it struck Will. They knew one another - for the old lady was in disguise. The old lady was Mrs. Coulter.

Only one thought ran through Will's dumbstruck mind. How?