What if the Potters had made Pettigrew their secret-keeper, but had told someone like Dumbledore and Lupin? Voldemort still would have killed them, Harry would still have the scar, but Sirius wouldn't have gone to Azkaban and Harry wouldn't have been landed at the Dursley's.

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A Change of Fate

The Fate of a Child

Three figures stood at what not to long ago was the front door of a house. However, now the rubble was hardly distinguishable. The middle figure, a young woman with long tawny colored hair and midnight blue robes and cloak, carried a small bundle of cloth in her arms very gently. The two figures flanking her were men. The one to her left had light brown robes and cloak and tawny hair that matched her own in all but length. The one to her right had long sweeping black hair, which matched his own robes and cloak.

The bundle in the woman's arms moved and began to wail. "Shh, little Harry." She whispered her voice choked with tears. She tried in vain to get the infant to hush, but nothing would avail. Finally the man to her right reached out his arms. "Give him here, Krista." His voice was rough and hoarse, but had gentleness buried underneath. She handed him to the black hair man, who held the baby as if he was the most precious thing in the world. Carefully he rocked the baby as he took out his wand. "Sirius, what are you doing?" The woman voice was touched with panic and dread. The man to her left grabbed her. "I'm just casting a sleeping spell on him. I don't want him waking the Muggles before Dumbledore can get here." Said Sirius.

He cast the spell and a soft purple light surrounded the child. As the light began to fade the baby's bright green eyes started to drupe shut and finally closed for good. Sirius handed the baby back to Krista. "You know I wouldn't hurt Harry, Krista. Especially after what just happened." She bowed her head. "We both know that Sirius." The man in the brown robes finally spoke up, his voice was soft, barely audible. "It's just this is still too close to the heart, you know? It is still so hard to believe that Peter..." His voice broke as a sob shook Krista's body. Sirius reached behind the woman and rested a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I know Remus, I know." He shook his head. "If I ever see that rat again, I'll rip his heart out for this." He growled. Krista took a deep shuddering breath and moved to sit on the low stone wall that still stood guard in front of the house.

Sirius watched her sadly. "I just can't believe that James and Lily are truly gone. I mean how can they be gone?" Remus came and sat beside her. "I know what you mean, Sis." He whispered. "I'm just glad tonight wasn't a full moon so I could come." Krista nodded as Sirius walked over to his huge motorcycle. "I'm going to go get Dumbledore. He might not have felt the pull that we all did."

"You are quite mistaken, Sirius Black. I did feel it even as you three did. I simply was prolonged in arriving." An old man appeared on the other side of the bike from Sirius. He was tall, thin, and very old if one was to judge by his hair and beard. Both were so long they were tucked into his belt to keep them from flying about. He was wearing long purple robes with a purple cloak. His eyes were a light, bright blue and sparkled behind his half-moon spectacles. His nose was very long and had been broken at least twice if one was to judge by its crookedness.

Krista rose from the wall. "Albus, I'm so glad you finally came." Albus smiled. "As am I, Krista, as am I. May I see little Harry?" Sirius stepped between Krista and Dumbledore. "I am sorry Headmaster, but I can't let you take him. He is Krista's and my godchild. I will not allow you to take him to some muggles." Remus came to stand beside Sirius. "Neither will I. I'm sorry, Headmaster," he added upon seeing Albus' expression. "But I can't let you either."

The old headmaster sighed and shook his head. "You don't understand... only if he lives with those of his mother's blood with the spell that saved his life this night live on in his blood to protect him against further threat." "You don't believe Voldemort could come again to this world, do you headmaster?" Again Albus shook his head. "I don't know, but the Boy-Who- Lived must survive and I can only ensure this by having him grow up his mother's sister, Petunia Dursley."

Krista visibly cringed as she stepped forward, coming up between her brother and her husband, to hand Harry over to his life with the muggles. All of those present, besides perhaps Harry, knew how great the Dursley family's hatred of wizards, witches, and all things magical ran, and they were all loath to send Harry, the most famous child of history to live with them. Suddenly Krista froze. She looked down at Harry, seeing again the strangely shaped scar that marred his forehead; a lightening shaped scar.

"Wait," her voice was an octave higher than it normally was. "All Harry has to do is live in the same house as them, correct?" Albus nodded guardedly. "What if they lived with us? Then we could take care of Harry and teach him, but he would still be protected..." "Where could we all live that would be big enough, Krista?" Remus muttered quietly, not liking to be the voice of reason in such a situation.

"The Black family manor," Sirius whispered with a voice as hollow as those of the dead risen. "It would be more than big enough despite the work it would take to make it comfortable." "And you would be willing to live there again Sirius Black? You would be willing to again live in the house of your ancestors?" Dumbledore appeared dubious of Sirius ability to succeed in this regard, but Black's Gryffindor pride and courage quickly burned through the painful memories of his past. "Of course I'm able to do this. For the sake of my godson, I would proudly die."

Sirius unconsciously wrapped his arm around his wife's waist as he said this and she knew that one-day he might fulfill the promise.

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