by Marron-chan1

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Chapter 1

I don't know what to do anymore…

There's no point to my life, but still, I am fated to spend eternity attached to this damned ring. 

My rough treatment towards Ryou has finally set in and he has finally started to stand up to me.  Though I'm glad he has more confidence in himself, it means he doesn't need me anymore.  

Yami regained his memory and of course he had to "remove the evil" from myself and Malik's hearts, as he had done for Kaiba in the beginning.  It was probably a good thing for Malik, but I've lost so much of my motivation.  Being devious was who I was.  I can't strike fear into the souls of every mortal with one look, like I used to be able to do.  It's like they don't see me at all anymore.  I've lost my touch and I've lost who I am.  Now, there is nothing for me.  Stupid Pharaoh.

I can't help but wonder if there is a loophole.  Maybe I can somehow manage to rid myself of this horrid existence.  Down below there is a world full of busy people.  Busy people that wouldn't care if I plummeted down to the earth at this very moment.  No one would care.  Everyone hates me for my past actions anyway.  Everyone, except possibly Ryou, but he doesn't need me anymore.  If I disappeared, this world would go on as it does each and every day, without change.

From atop this glorious view of the city, I can see everything, everything that I am not a part of.  Maybe if I jump, I can escape from this world, even if it is just for a little while.  

I look at my Millennium Ring in my hands and aim every Egyptian swear word towards it that I can think of.  Even as I take it from around my neck and place it beside me, I know that it will just return to me, just as it always has before. 

As the wind blows through my hair, I sit with my legs dangling and wonder what it would be like to hit the solid ground below.

"What are you doing all the way up here?"

That smug, arrogant voice instantly lets me know that the Pharaoh has decided to grace me with his presence.

"Is that any business of yours, Pharaoh?" I try to say with as much hostility as I could gather, without facing him.  It doesn't seem to faze him though, of course, because he decides to sit down next to me.  Nothing can possibly intimidate the almighty Pharaoh who has defeated numerous enemies far worse than I.  I must be a joke to him. 

"I was just curious and besides, I think Ryou is worried about you" he simply states without turning to face me.

"It's nothing for anyone to be concerned about.  Ryou should be worried about his own life."

"He told me that you have had your link with him blocked off for several days now.  We are all worried and someone needs to help you," he says calmly. 

"Just fuck off, Yami!  Why are you suddenly playing the 'school counselor' now?!?  There is no point to it!"  I bitterly yell while looking at the ground below.  I can't help but be angry at him, why now does he choose to involve himself in my life?  I move around so that my back is to him.   

"As much as it pains me to say it, I think that I may have caused some of your problems."

I roll my eyes but of course, he can't see my face.  I know he doesn't really care.  Yugi and Ryou probably put him up to this and we all know that Yami can't resist a request from Yugi's huge, violet eyes. 

"Oh, that's real big of you Yami," I say mockinigly, as I turn around and look him straight in the eyes.  "Now then, I thought I told you to fuck off!!  I have yet to see you leave so, if you don't right now I'll-"

"You'll what?  Pull me into another one of your pathetic little shadow games?  Try to steal my puzzle again?  Or maybe this time you'll actually do something to win against me, ne?"  He says as he stands up with that smug little smirk that I want to rip off his face every time I see it.  I knew he wouldn't be able to hold himself back when he had a chance to mock me.  I knew that he wasn't really serious. 

I stand up slowly and with my full height.  Even though it is not much, being taller than him gives me at least one thing that I have over him.  If he thinks that that little comment is going to make me back down, he is sorely mistaken.  With my most ice cold expression, I tell him, "I knew that you enjoyed ridiculing people and beating them with your clever little mind games, but I never expected you to just flat out make fun of someone.  Isn't that a bit low for you, almighty Pharaoh?"

Now he's mad.  He emits a low growl, but I hold my ground. 

"Bakura, there's no reason for you to act like this.  Why do you have to cause problems?"  He asks while trying to control his anger.

I have something akin to an epiphany and decide to just not care anymore.  "Well, I've decided not to cause you or anyone else in your own perfect world any more problems."  I lighten my expression into the slightest of smiles and step back off the top of the building. 

Before I fall over the edge of the building, I see his look of absolute surprise as he stares back at me with wide eyes. 

I descend to the ground as the clouds rush away from me.  The feeling is exhilarating, unlike anything I have ever felt before.  There is suddenly an immense amount of overwhelming pain, but it is soon gone, as is everything else.  I am free.  Nothing exists here.  I wish it would last forever.

To be continued-

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