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Chapter 10: Only You, A Means to an End By Ansa

Three years passed since their first kiss, and many things have changed. Friends have moved on, the world has molded into something new that is not much different from three years ago, but still new none the less. The Teen Titans, or the old band of Titans, have disbanded, making room for new members such as Aqualad and Kid Flash. Each Titan went their separate ways, however, Raven and Beast Boy remained together, their spirits still drawn together by some unseen force. Raven had begun to write poetry two years previous and was now going to a community college, Beast Boy supporting her decision whole heartedly. As for he, Beast Boy was working at a local garage to support Ravens college tuition as part of their agreement. Raven would go first and Beast Boy would support her as best he could, then would come his turn for higher education.
New friends arose in this new life together, even though they kept in touch with the other Titans, these new friends could be there for them at anytime. Derek was a co-worker at the garage, and quickly grew friendly to the boy with the green skin. They would hang out together and play pranks using Beast Boys morphing ability, always available for a good laugh. Kristen was in Ravens psychology class and had become a part of her study group. Kristen was very good at becoming friendly with good people and took an instant liking to Raven, often wishing that she had hair as gorgeous as she.
"Hey Derek, did you check out the white Sudan today?" Beast Boy grew a warm smile on his face as he reached for his cold class of cola, for some reason, his hands trembling as he picked it up.
"No, what's up with it?" Beast Boy just smiled from behind his glass and in setting it down made a gun motion with his hands.
"That thing is shot man! He might as well buy a new car with the money that he would use to pay us."
"Oooh, that's harsh." Once again, Beast Boys hands shook as he lifted his glass, checking his watch for the fifth time in the same minute. "Dude, you ok?"
"Huh? Yeah I'm fine."
"You look nervous man, what's up?"
"Oh, they're just running little late."
"They'll be here; they had a test today remember?" Derek checked his own watch, waiting for Kristen to return. He had started dating the young woman after meeting her through Beast Boy who in turn met her through Raven. Just then the door to the café opened and Raven walked in, her arms overflowing with books.
"Sorry, Professor Forbes wanted to see me after class." Raven set her books down on the table and gave her beloved a soft kiss on the cheek before taking the chair next to him.
"How'd you do?" Raven gave a quick smile and thumbs up, her newest and favorite mannerism. Beast Boy smiled, he adored her so, every bit about her even more so then he had three years ago.
"So, why'd you want to meet her today, I though you had work until eight?"
"I took the rest of the day off; because there's something I need to do." Beast Boy slowly stood up and moved over to the corner where a small microphone stand and guitar was propped up against a stool. Raven and the rest looked on with curiosity as he got up onto the platform and the all the lights in the house dimmed except for the ones illuminating him and the small acoustic guitar. After a small test of the levels, Beast Boys voice could be heard over the overhead speakers in the café. "Hi, this song is for someone very special to me. I just learned to play this thing so if I suck please bear with me." Ravens face flushed red as a small spotlight fell upon her and everyone around her turned to look at her red cheeks. Soon, her embarrassment melted away as the gentle strumming of the guitar sounded, and Beast Boys song began.
(When I first met you I knew you were the one
Something inside me grew and filled itself with love.
The glow inside my soul, sparked an eternal flame.
You would be the one to guide me through lifes twisted games.
I just want to be with you, and no one else will do
Nooo I just want to be with you.
When you enter a room you fill it with your light
When I look into your eyes I pray that I win the fight
I just want to be with you, and no one else will do
Nooo I just want to be with you.
Some say that life's too short but I think that it's just enough
I'll spend my life with you
It seems you called my bluff
I just want to be with you, and no one else will do
Nooo I just want to be with you.
You're all I ever need
You're all I ever wanted here
You're my shining light, You'll guide me through the years
I just want to be with you, and no one else will do
I just want to be with you.
Only you will do.only you.)
The sound of the guitar was haunting, as was the words sung. Raven felt each one as it passed through her body and pierced her soul. Her eyes began to tear, her love growing, and his love quite evident. Halfway through Beast Boy got up and moved through the tables up to her and began singing directly to her. Only she didn't blush, she no longer cared who knew of their love, nor public affection. Then, something unexpected happened, on the last line, Beast Boy dropped to his knees, and pushed the neck of the guitar towards her. Hanging on the string adjustment was a shining diamond ring.
Raven nearly burst into hysterical sobs at this point, her tears flowing down her cheeks as complete strangers stared and gave their "oohs" and "ahhs" over the rock attached to the golden band. If anything it was an engagement ring, and although she had never seen one before, she knew what it was immediately, her eyes growing wide as her smile desperately tried to force back the sobs of joy that were trying their best to break through.
She never made a grab for the ring; instead she threw her arms around him forcing her lips upon his as they both fell to the floor. Now everyone was on their feet applauding the happy couple. This was the true beginning of life for both of them. It's ironic in a way, how the beginning is also an end. Their beginning would be the end of pain; the end of sorrow, their love brought any kind of sadness between them a means to an end.
The End as Well as a Begining

Note from the Author~ Well folks, it's been quite a ride hasn't it? I have to tell you, I have enjoyed writing this fic more than any other I have done, and I know you have all enjoyed reading it. Right now, I am not quite sure of what my next project will be, but you can be sure it will contain that same quality of writing I always tried to give you during FOREVERMORE. Thank you so much for all of your support. -Ansa