Summary: The untold story of Violet and Johnny Ringo

A/N: This is a collaboration between Ryan (RyanAnne) and Candy (Alanna) this is our first fic together, so please review and let us know what you think!!!

Rating: PG-13

Easy on the Eyes, Hard on the Heart

She felt a slight burn as the whiskey went down her throat. Even after this fourth shot she still felt pain. Not pain for herself, but grief and empathy for her best friend.

She'd never forget the look on Maylene's face when Sheriff Challenger walked into the Trading Post and coldly informed her friend that her husband, Martin, had been killed.

There was a look of disbelief and finally shock on her friends face. May looked over to her friend as her face crumpled and tears fell from her eyes. Violet had taken her into the back room and held her as she cried, her sobs finally dissolving into hiccups.

She tried to convince May to spend the night with her, but she was insistent about going back to the ranch. Violet's protests stopped when she heard her friend whisper, "I need some time alone."

That had been over four hours ago. Dusk had settled over the sky and the first few stars had peeked out giving the town a beautiful bluish haze. After downing one last shot, Violet picked up her glass and the half empty whiskey bottle and threw it behind the bar.

She turned back to the crowded saloon and knew she'd better start attending to her customers. Her heart wasn't in it though. She sighed and started to pour a drink for Charlie Saunders.

Violet turned as the entire room went silent. She knew even before she turned who had entered. He stood there, just inside the door, his hat shadowing his handsome face and his penetrating blue eyes surveying the establishment to see each and every patron. His eyes moved in on one particular man who had been playing poker with the town regulars. He had just come to town today and had seemed friendly enough, but the way Johnny's eyes bore into him it made Violet wonder if this man was an outlaw as well…and perhaps one that Johnny didn't take kindly to.

"I don't want any trouble." She said boldly.

No one usually spoke to Johnny without being spoken to first, but for some reason Violet felt the need to rile this man. She knew it was foolish. She knew his reputation, yet she couldn't help herself.

His eyes moved from the stranger to her. His eyes were cold and angry, but suddenly a twinkle appeared as he spoke.

"Wouldn't want to cause you trouble, Violet." He said with a smile.

He walked over to the stranger, bent to whisper in his ear and the man bolted from the saloon. Johnny laughed as the doors swung from his hasty exit. He picked up the bottle of beer that had just been served to the stranger and he scooped up the man's winnings as he took a swig from the bottle.

"Carry on, gentlemen." He said, but he turned and gave a look to the piano player who decided it was a good time for a break.

The conversation in the saloon resumed at a softer decibel as Johnny headed over to the bar. Violet tried to ignore him, but he certainly was easy on the eyes. The way the black denim clung to his muscled thighs and his black shirt stretched over his well-defined torso, a woman couldn't help but notice him.

If that wasn't enough, his chiseled jaw line and those devastating blue eyes made the most proper of ladies swoon. But for Violet, it was his voice that shattered her resolve. His slightly raspy, deep tone was the sexiest voice she had ever heard.

"How are you, Violet?" He asked quietly.

"I was doing fine, Johnny. What brings you to town?"

"Business." He said not making eye contact for a moment. He paused a beat then added, " And you."

Violet raised an eyebrow. "Me in this town, some other poor girl in the next, I know your type." Violet said with feigned disinterest.

He reached out and stroked one finger down her forearm.

"You don't know me at all, Violet, but you could."

Violent felt that light touch down to the tips of her toes and it made her shiver even though the temperature in the saloon seemed to rise drastically. Johnny noticed her flushed face and smiled at her reaction to his touch.

"You could know me real well." He drawled his eyes traveling down her body.

"Whiskey?" Violet asked moving away and reaching for a glass behind the bar.

She needed to distance herself from this man. She knew he was trouble, yet she was drawn to him.

"What do you recommend, Violet?" he asked.

"That you leave." She said coolly.

"Tsk, Tsk, that's no way to treat a paying customer."

He picked up the glass Violet had sat down in front of him. He stared at it, contemplating for a moment then raised the small shot glass to his lips. He kept his eyes on her as he tipped the glass back and swallowed slowly.

Violet couldn't tear her gaze away from the man. He was an outlaw, she knew, but there was something about him. She watched his Adam's apple move as the liquor moved down his throat. Of all the men in the world why did this scoundrel have to pique her interest? *It's only because of his looks* she told herself.

When she looked up at his face, suddenly she scowled. His mouth held an undeniable smirk, one meant to taunt her. He knew.

Instead of saying anything, Johnny only grabbed her wrist and pulled forward. Her eyes widened in anger, wondering what the hell he was doing. His lips pursed together and made a soothing 'sshhh' noise. He opened her closed fist and dropped a handful of coins into her small hand. Violet's eyes flared.

"Where'd you get that Johnny?"

His eyes flickered to the empty chair where the stranger had been playing poker just minutes before.

"A friend owed a debt, it was high time I collected."

He was standing too close. She needed to get away fast. She pulled away from him, this time he let her go.

"Whatever you say, Johnny."

Before she could walk behind the bar to get back to serving the customers he stepped behind her, pressed his body to hers and whispered into her ear, "You know, Violet, anyone that called me anything other than Mr. Ringo would be dead." He paused, "But I have to admit, I think I like my name on your lips."

The innuendo didn't go unnoticed by Violet. Angry with herself for letting him get to her she spat, "Was there something else you needed, Mr. Ringo?" She kept her back turned to him in fear of seeing the look in his eyes

He let his eyes roam over her for a moment, "Not at the moment, but maybe later."

He turned suddenly and walked out of the bar, but not before giving everyone in the saloon a cool look. He called from the door with his back turned, "Later, Violet."

Violet moved to behind the bar, and quickly poured herself a shot of whiskey.

The last thing she needed was more alcohol, but she was going to need something to calm her nerves if he was coming back. She didn't think she could handle another encounter with him anytime soon.

Conversation and card playing had begun full-force again once Ringo had left and the customers were getting thirsty. Picking up the whiskey bottled she headed out to the floor to refill some empty glasses.