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Chapter 1

Vegeta Briefs glanced over at his partner, Goku Kakarrot. He was dressed in a suit, black like his hair. The pants weren't doing a very good job at concealing his muscular legs. The white undershirt was now wrinkled like his once neatly ironed suit. His black tie loose around his neck. He was flipping through another file. Scanning over information he had gathered. Each page fell on top of the others. Vegeta sighed heavily as frustration clearly printed across Goku's face. His teeth biting into his bottom lip, almost drawing blood.

Goku was at a loss. There were no clues. Nothing. The only clue they had was it's a woman. Every day the body count rose. "Dammit . . . there's nothing." There were teeth marks in his lips, almost causing the older man to chuckle.

Vegeta stood up from his chair. "Come on Goku. It's late." He put his hand up to stifle his yawn.

"I know. I just want to crack this case.

Vegeta stepped behind the disappointed man. "I know you do. You will solve it, but not without rest. You'll be in no condition to go after someone if you can't stay awake. Besides I don't want a dead partner." He pushed Goku's chair gently. "Come on."

Goku closed his eyes for a moment; it had been a while since he had a decent amount of sleep. "You're right." He picked up the papers and put them in the correct files then shoved them in his briefcase. He slowly got to his feet, his knees aching from sitting so long. He faced Vegeta; a grin making it's way to his unblemished face.

Vegeta forced a smile; just seeing his partner smile sent his heart fluttering. "I'm always right, you should know this by now." He already had his black briefcase in his firm grip. He turned quickly the opposite direction and to the door that exited out of Goku's office. With a swift turn and push, the door was open and both of the men were out. Goku shut the door behind him. They passed other offices, all of them empty.

"What time is it?" Goku asked as he walked down the hall, his shoes barely making a sound, while Vegeta's squeaked every time they stepped onto the tile.

"Too late to get any sleep." He paused and glanced down at his watch. "One thirty two."

"Thank god for coffee." Goku mumbled as he stepped in front of Vegeta and opened the glass front door to the Federal Bureau of Investigation building. Vegeta let the door shut on it's own. They headed towards the parking garage; it was silent as Vegeta spoke.

"Security's not very tight any more."

"Yeah, letting their guard down again. It'll be like last time." Goku frowned as he remembered that day. Many FBI agents had died. Too many.

"We have more important things to worry about than that. Tomorrow, there will most likely be another homicide victim that fits the usual description. All we can do is wait for more evidence-"

"Wait! We've been after this girl for almost three years! I want her caught not only did she kill a good friend of mine; she's been eluding us and it pisses me off. I'm almost ready to drop the case."

Vegeta eyed his friend. "I know; but dropping the case won't make her go away. We need to get solid evidence against her."

Goku cut him off, "but we don't even know who she is? It can be anyone."

Vegeta's frown deepened as they continued to walk down the empty parking garage. Goku was right. He hated it when Goku was right. His blood ran cold as they heard a shout for help. They both took off in the same direction, towards the back of the garage. It was almost completely empty except for five vehicles. With a flick of his wrist, Goku motioned for Vegeta to go to the right and he went to the left. The cry was louder this time but was abruptly cut off. Goku's eyes went wide. 'Dammit, it better not be another victim.' He rounded a black SUV, his shined shoes touching the edge of a pool of crimson. He froze as he saw something move.

"VEGETA!" He shouted and extended his arm towards the moving figure. It dashed behind a nearby car. "OVER THERE!" Vegeta was already speeding towards the figure. He hair was shoved back. He panted as he neared the shadowed person, his gun now raised. He cautiously inched towards the figure. It seemed to slow.

"FREEZE, FBI!" The figure suddenly took off. It quickly disappeared from sight. Vegeta slowed to a stop. He growled under his heavy breathing. "Fuck." Goku stepped beside him.

"Did you get a look at her?"

Vegeta ran the back of his hand across his forehead, "No . . . is he dead?" Goku nodded.

"Another murder. I think it was her." Goku's fist tightened. "Dammit." He then rested his hand on Vegeta's shoulder. "I'll go call an ambulance." Vegeta nodded.

~ ~ ~

Goku jerked awake as files were dropped onto his desk. He rubbed his eyes as Trunks yelled at him. "I thought you were going to finish these!"

Goku then yawned, enraging the purple haired man more. His eyes narrowed to slits as Goku spoke calmly. "Sorry about that sir. I was busy and we found the body and everything else on top of that . . ." His eyes drooped again.

"No one else here is slacking off. Now since you don't seem to want to do these you and Agent Briefs are going to go down to the coroners and make sure that it was Kyofu who did this. Then go home and get some rest. Be in tomorrow and don't let me catch you sleeping again." Goku smiled at his higher and got up from his seat.

"Does Agent Briefs already know of this assignment?" Trunks nodded. Goku's lips rose at the corners as he walked past him. He already knew that it was the infamous Kyofu who killed the man they found last night. They still haven't gotten a name yet, but he had a feeling in his gut.

He didn't like the feeling and another closely followed it. The feeling that it wasn't safe in the building anymore. She had been in the parking garage. She could work here for all they knew. He exited his office, making sure to leave his door open for Trunks to walk out of. As soon as the purple haired Agent left the room, he let it shut silently. He strolled over to Vegeta's office and brought his hand to the doorknob but it was pulled in, surprising him. Vegeta chuckled.

"Lets go." He motioned for Goku to follow. They hurried down the hall, passing familiar faces. Vegeta slipped his keys from his pocket and held them in is hand. A low jingling sound came from them. After heading out the front door, they went over to their vehicle. Not their own, the agency had given them a special Expedition so no one could track them. All the Agents had one. Vegeta unlocked the drivers side door, Goku got in the other side. Without saying a word, they strapped their seatbelt in and Vegeta brought the car to life with a twist of the key.

They drove in silence until they got to the very familiar morgue. The two Agents piled out of the SUV and were soon inside.

A black haired woman greeted them. She looked about 35, Vegeta's age. "I'm Chichi. The body is over here. So far, the cause of death is a knife in the heart as were most of the others. He was lucky though; he had a quick death." She said as they followed her into another room. A body lay on the table his nether regions covered. Goku and Vegeta eyed the body. He was fairly good looking. Nice skin, he had nice skin; black spiky hair. His eyes were still open, fear etched in the brown orbs. "Name's Goten Williams."

Goku sighed sadly, "Have you found the mark?"

She nodded, "Yes. It's on his ankle this time." She lifted up the blanket at the bottom. The two agents stared at the letters carved into the man's skin. KYOFU

That was her signature.

"Another homicide victim. Dammit . . ." Goku said softly. His eyes went over to Vegeta.

~ ~ ~

"I think we should put out a warning." The others looked at Goku, amusement written on their faces.

"And what will we say Agent Kakarrot? All good looking men beware. Walk in groups?" Trunks' left eyebrow rose.

Goku's eyes downcasted. "It was only a suggestion, sir."

"I know. When we get more solid clues then we'll tell the public."

"But sir, all the victims so far have been males that are attractive to women. They were always alone at the time. The latest murder wasn't like the rest. He worked in the bureau. She was here. This is putting us in danger. The public needs to know!" Goku insisted.

"When the time comes we will do so, but until then you will continue to search for evidence. Maybe you can find something important about your friend that died." Goku's face paled. There was no way he was going to investigate his murder. "I know it's hard but Agent, you can help with his case the best. You knew him well. Go down to his place and search for anything remotely suspicious."

Goku sighed heavily, "Yes sir." He got up from his seat and his eyes met each of the other men that remained seated. "May Agent Briefs accompany me?" There was a succinct silence.

Trunks then spoke up. "Yes." He adverted his attention back to another case.

"Thank you Sir." Goku quickly spun towards the door, swung it open and exited before Trunks could reply.

~ ~ ~

"Agent Briefs." Goku spoke as he stood outside Vegeta's small cubicle. The door opened away from him.

"Agent Kakarrot? What are you doing here? I thought you were going home." Vegeta's forehead was creased in concern.

"I decided to stay . . . you are to go with me to Killian Talias' apartment and search for any evidence." Goku bit the inside of his cheek, cooper bleed into his senses.

Vegeta's eyes saddened for a moment but changed back to emotionless pools. "I'll drive, hold on let me get m-"

"We don't need to drive, it's only a block away." Vegeta's mouth opened in a soundless 'oh'. The door shut behind him. His hands moved up and tightened his black tie. Goku's was still hanging loosely around the collar of his white shirt. A smile appeared on his face for a moment but faded, as he started moving down the hall.

Vegeta trailed after the taller male. His black eyes watching the hypnotizing sway of Goku's hips. He frowned, he had caught himself looking at the younger man in places he knew he shouldn't have been. His eyes constantly wandered over his gorgeous body. He mentally slapped himself. 'I am not gay! I like women. I LOVE WOMEN!!! But . . . Goku doesn't count, he's in a completely separate category. Pure beauty. Not many are in this category but he sure the hell is!' Vegeta smirked, his thought still roaming over the other male's body.

Without even realizing it, Vegeta was already outside of the building and walking down the sidewalk. People quickly passed them in blurs of colors, Vegeta moved himself so he stood next to his partner. Both Agents still walked in silence.

"Vegeta." Vegeta's eyes shot to the right, his hand going to the cold metal of his Beretta. His mind registered the high pitch voice. His hand moved away from his gun and back to his side. Goku did the same next to him.

His eyes caught sight of blue hair. "Bulma." A smile was planted across her barely younger face. Her arms wrapped tightly around Vegeta until he found all his air shoved out of his lungs. Her grip loosened. "It's been a while since I've seen you." She said happily. The squeak in her voice still remained. "I've missed you, bro."

"Same here." Vegeta released his sister from his powerful grasp. Goku was silent through out the whole ordeal. He didn't know Vegeta had a sister. His head cocked to the left in confusion.

Bulma Briefs sky blue eyes went over to the good looking- who was she kidding? The hot man next to her brother. "So are you going to introduce me to your cute friend here?" She purred as pink flooded the curves of Goku's cheeks.

Vegeta nodded towards Goku. "This is my partner Agent Kakarrot." Goku gave his wide gin, baring as many pearly teeth as possible.

"You can call me Go-" Vegeta glared at him. "Uh . . . Agent Kakarrot."

Her left eyebrow rose. "It's nice to meet you Agent . . . Kakarrot." Vegeta eyed his sister. She was not supposed to roll the 'r' like that. He was!

"It's been nice talking to you but we have somewhere important to go."

Bulma's eyes saddened then turned big. "Please can I go?"

Vegeta shook his head. "Stop by my apartment. Kakarrot and I will be by later. Bye." He snorted and continued walking.

"Goodbye Bulma." Goku gave a quick wave and jogged over to his partner.

Bulma eyed them for a moment. 'I should follow them; they are in the FBI. This could prove useful.' She lifted the hood of sweatshirt and covered her soft hair.

~ ~ ~

"Jeez, why were you so mean to her?"

Vegeta sighed heavily. "I can't stand her. She does everything in her power to make me angry. We'll leave it at that."

"Okay." Goku answered lowly. "That's where he lived." He pointed to a nice looking apartment complex. The building had no clutter anywhere and the freshly painted building was a light blue.

~ ~ ~

Bulma listened to the words her brother spoke and was appalled. Her fists tightened, her nails biting into the tender flesh. Her eyes roamed the area they were in. It seemed very familiar to her. Her eyes caught the quick movement of Goku's hand. His pointer finger extended towards an apartment complex. One she knew very well. Her eyes narrowed to slits as she moved closer. The two Agents moved to the stairs that led to the front door. 'Dammit. Don't tell me they're on the Kyofu case.' A smile came to her face. 'This is one mystery they won't be able to solve.' The home belonged to Krillian Talias. A victim of the Kyofu murders. Well no one knew but maybe they do now. 'Fuck . . .' Her thoughts raged as her brother and Agent Kakarrot were let into the building. 'That was the only one where someone showed up.' She made her way to the apartment building. Her feet stepped up as she went up the four steps. Through the glass door she could see them walking down the hall, they rounded a corner and were out of her sight. She frowned. 'I might as well go to Vegeta's apartment. Maybe I can get some information out of them.' She rotated around and let her hood fall back onto her back. She glanced back at the building for another moment then she walked forward, disappearing into a crowd of people.

~ ~ ~

Goku pealed back the yellow crime scene tape; Vegeta took it from his grasp. Goku then took out a key ring out of his pocket. Various keys of different shapes, sizes and colors, shimmered in the dull lighting. He put a key between his pointer and thumb, letting the others dangle as he shoved it into the keyhole. With a swift turn to the right and a weak push, the door was open. Vegeta followed the taller male into the large apartment. The stench of blood reaching their noses. Vegeta coughed and covered his nose but Goku seemed to ignore it. The usual strange innocence in his eyes faded and his eyes turned to ice. He set down the key chain on the wooden table that sat in front of a leather couch.

Vegeta broke the silence. "So what exactly are we searching for?"

"Anything that may seem strange."

"Is that why they sent you?" Goku was silent but he nodded. His unruly hair mimicking his movement. "I'll start at his desk and you can search for anything in here."

Vegeta surveyed the living room. It was trashed. A conglomeration of items were thrown across the floor. Glass was scattered across the tan carpet. There also were splattered droplets of crimson. "Is this where he was attacked?"

Goku looked up from the mahogany colored desk. "No."

Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest. "Then what happened here?"

"That was where I came in." Vegeta blinked slowly.

"Y-you showed up . . . but there wasn't any witnesses." Vegeta spoke awaiting an answer.

"I know. They said I didn't need to. I was unfit to do so. They asked some questions then that was it."

Vegeta bent down and moved some of the glass aside to look for anything suspicious. "You never told me this." His eyebrows drew together.

"No . . . but you didn't tell me you had a sister." Goku's voice was now half muffled. Vegeta's eyelashes lowered. Goku was right once again. He didn't answer. Goku walked up to him a frown on his face. He obviously hadn't found anything. "We'll search that room next, then Krillian's. Last we'll search the bathroom." Vegeta nodded in agreement. Both Agents moved towards the shut door. Goku opened it and his hand flipped up the light switch. Clearing away the darkness and replacing it with light. Vegeta immediately liked this room a lot better. It didn't have the stench of blood but the aroma of cologne. A very familiar cologne that scent clung to Goku.

Vegeta's arms crossed, "I'm guessing this was your room."

"Yep. Left everything here." He moved towards the neatly made bed. On the dresser next to it sat a picture of Goku and his parents. He picked it up, a smile appearing on his face. He set it back down, his eyes scanned over the room seeing nothing peculiar. "Nothing's different in here." He went past Vegeta who was still looking around the room. "Vegeta." He was snapped out of his thoughts. "Come on."

The door to Krillian's room was left ajar. Vegeta pushed it open the rest of the way with the tip of his black shoe. "Kakarrot, why are they just now sending you here? Why didn't they ask you to see if-?"

"They said I was unwell and it was too personal. They didn't want me having the case but I ended up with it anyways." Goku's hand ran across the messy sheets on the bed. "Him and I were going to go into the case together. We wanted this case so much. We finally got it." Her sat down on the bed. Vegeta listened silently. "I went down to the morgue to look at another body while Krillian stayed here, he hadn't been feeling too well. So, after I was done I came home. As I walked into our apartment, I knew something was wrong. I called for him but got no answer. Then I moved towards the sound of footsteps. As I went past his room, someone slammed into me sending me across the floor and into the living room. We fought until they go the best of me and made a run for it. I got a glimpse of whom it was but I don't recall. I had a concussion so it was very hazy." Vegeta moved closer to Goku.

"We need to finish up in here." Goku's eyes met Vegeta's. An unsaid 'okay' was passed between the two. The taller Agent got to his feet as Vegeta turned and exited the room followed suit by Goku. They moved to the right and they stood in front of the bathroom.

To be continued . . .