Chapter 2: chloroform perfume

She silently followed the tall male. His ebony hair flipped around with the movement of the wind. He didn't notice her. That was the idea. She had followed him from the apartment when the two FBI agents had split up. Both on their way home. She knew where Vegeta lived, but to be on the safe side, she needed to know where Agent Kakkarot lived. She wouldn't kill her brother unless she had to but she wouldn't have any trouble killing the other.

They had walked a few blocks, about 3, and turned down Cherry Blossom Street. They passed 3 small homes and Agent Kakkarot stopped outside of one made of brick. He fumbled with his keys he took from his pocket, unlocked the door, but before he stepped inside-he froze and turned around, eyeing the vicinities for anything suspicious. He must have felt her presence, but he didn't see her behind a parked car. He shrugged and opened the door to his small home and stepped inside, shutting the door behind himself. The female caught sight of the house number. 5743. She repeated it over in her mind, quickly memorizing it. She had to go to her brother's house. She did say that she'd meet him there later but she had some free time to have some fun.

She rubbed her hands together in excitement. Her eyes shot down the street, looking for any unsuspecting victims. There was one. A man that appeared a little taller than her with rather long hair. He was quite handsome. She let a smile draw across her face as she sauntered over to him. "Hello." She purred seductively. His eyebrow rose in amusement.

"Sorry, but I'm looking for someone." His voice was deep, but he obviously wasn't interested.

"Maybe I can help." Her eyelashes batted at him.

"I'm looking for my brother, his name is Goku."

" . . . .Got a last name?"

"Kakkarot. He lives down here somewhere . . ." He trailed off and glanced at the homes.

She grinned. "I know where he lives. I just went over there."


"Yeah, but he isn't home. He's at work right now. I can take you there if you'd like?"

"Sure. I'm Radditz." He held out his hand, she took it and shook it vigorously.

"My name is Bulma. It's this way." He walked beside her as they made their way to the building.

They walked in silent until Radditz spoke. "So how do you know my brother?"

"My brother knows him."

Radditz nodded. "Who's your brother? I can tell you're not Krillian's."

"Agent Vegeta Briefs."

"Goku's partner eh?" Bulma nodded, quickly tiring from the questions. "You just Goku's friend?"

"Yeah, I just met him not too long ago. He's very nice."

Radditz smiled warmly. "That's very true. So, you just went over to visit him?" 'What was he trying to get at? Oh, he thinks I like him.'

"Well, I was hoping maybe we could go to dinner or something like that. But I don't know him too well . . . and I don't want to get turned down."

"Bulma. How can any man turn you down? You're very attractive."

"That's true." She chuckled. She halted by her apartment. "I need to get something from my house. You wanna come in?"

"Sure why not." He followed her into her apartment building. They entered it and she told him to take a seat. She'd only be a minute. He sat down and she returned a minute later, wearing a purse. "Come on. It's only a few blocks away from here."

They walked briskly across the street and the building came into eyesight.

"Hey Radditz." She sprayed something onto her wrist as he turned to face her. "Can you smell this for me? You think Goku will like it?"

She held her wrist up and he inhaled the scent. His eyes closed and he almost lost his balance. Bulma grasped a hold of him and held her wrist to his nose. Dizziness over took him as he tried not to inhale the scent. He shoved at her but it only caused him to fall backwards and into an alley. He stumbled to his feet. Panic written across his features as he managed to run, seconds later his legs went numb and he found them not under his control any more. They buckled and he slumped to greasy concrete. His dark eyes threatened to roll back as he tried to crawl away from the crazed woman that placed her foot upon his back and pressed down holding him painfully in place. Gloves were now upon her hands as she took something from her black purse.

Goku awoke with the sound of ringing in his ears. He rubbed his eyes and groaned as he groped the small bedside table for the phone. He picked it up, silencing the annoying sound and brought it up to his ear.

"Yeah?" He mumbled and sat up. "What? . . . Ar-are you sure?" He said in disbelief. "No . . . he-he can't be. Oh god . . . yeah- I'll be fine . . . sure. I'll be there in a few minutes" He set down the phone. His bottom lip twitching slightly as he held back tears. He bit into his lips to make them stop as he got up and quickly dressed himself.

Vegeta waited for his partner, a grim look on his face as he looked down at the body of Radditz. He hadn't needed to even use his ID card to identify him. Vegeta knew him pretty well. He had been the one who told Goku that his brother was dead. Goku would rather him tell him then someone that didn't know him.

His brother had been barely conscious when he was killed. His throat had been gouged out, and he slowly bled to death. The thing that stood out the most was the mark on his face. Letters carved painfully into his skin while he was still alive. Vegeta shivered. Kyofu was the word. He recently found out what it was. It was Japanese for terror.

So far, there was no fingerprints, no fabric of any kind that was not from Radditz, nothing. He turned as Goku stepped next to him. A frown on his usually cheerful features. "Kakkarot?" Vegeta looked up at his friend. "Are you going to be alright?" Goku looked across his brother's still body.

"Yeah . . . is that what I think it is?" He bent down in front of his brother's body and lifted his cold chin.

"Yes. Why was he here? Was he going to visit you?"

Goku nodded. "Yeah, I haven't seen him in a while. He wanted to see my new house . . ." He trailed off. His eyes going to Vegeta's. "Oh god, what if h- he the-what if they know where I live!"

"Calm down. You're over reacting. They don't even know you're on the case." Vegeta watched as Goku thought it over.

"Yeah, you're right . . ." He ran his fingers through his hair, brushing his bangs out of his face for a moment. "He said he'd be by around seven. I got home about 10 minutes till. So, he must have been looking for my house but why would he be all the way over here? He didn't even have to go down this street. His house is the opposite way."

Vegeta frowned, that was odd.

Goku bit into his lip as he thought about it. "The bureau is right over there, maybe he was going there. I don't know why, I was home and awake at the time."

Vegeta glanced at Radditz's body. "Someone must have met him by your home. He didn't know where you live."

"Oh my gosh. They must have seen him and could tell he was looking for someone and decided to help. But why would they bring him this way?"

"Perhaps they do know who you are and told him that you weren't at home."

"-And told him I was at work or something like that. That's why they came this way."

Vegeta clenched his jaw. 'What if they do know where Goku lives?' "Dammit! What if they were there to kill you?"

"Why would they kill me? We don't know who the murderer is. We have no clues. And if they did kill me someone else would be put on the case."

Vegeta nodded. Still uneasy. Goku has all the qualities of the victims. They all had something to do with the government. Radditz was a lawyer. They had all been males, very good-looking males. He fell under that category too.

Vegeta scowled and eyed Goku. "You may be right. But we don't know this murderer's plans. I don't want to see you get hurt."

Goku gave a small smile. "I know. Same with you." Vegeta glanced down at his watch.

"I think we should go home. The coroner is going to take the body. Are you sure you're gong to be alright?" He asked in concern.

"Of course. He's not the first person I know to die, oddly from the same person . . ."

"We'll get her Goku."

Goku smiled at his partner and looked up to the dark sky. "I know we will."

To be continued . . .

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