What is UPA?

Unlimited Parallel Adventures.

What does it mean? It all began as a Command & Conquer story, a joke that started from an ICQ chat session which was interrupted by a thunderstorm.

That real-life incident prompted me to actually write a what-if story... Specifically, what if that storm caused me and my friends to warp into the Command & Conquer universe?

Weeks later, the story got longer, the ideas wilder, the universe expanding larger. I realized that I could literally link them all up together in one big alternate universe where the avatars of me and my friends became ageless immortals and go gallivanting about wrecking havoc and doing as we please.

The result is UPA, my very own alternate universe of anime, games and other interesting material. It is one big crossover, with gratuitous amounts of self-insertions, liberal interpretations of original canon and a dosage of (hopefully) healthy imagination and humor.

And now, it is this anime/game/whatever's turn. Feel free to skip the first prologue/introduction if you wish to ignore the UPA universe, you will be able to treat the other chapters as an AU/Self-insertion fic.

I hope you will enjoy my UPA take on this particular anime/game/whatever... and wish you won't get too confused in the process.

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Arion Wong

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"I have memories of another life..."

                        --- RDAW, circa 1996

      After the departure of the SDF-1[i] and the so-called Exodus Group with the alien Chenjesu in 2014[ii], the United Earth Government fell apart.

      The UEG's seemingly cold-heartedness in refusing the Chenjesu's plea for help had caused its popularity to dip throughout the world. Prominent member countries: China, Japan, the USSR, and the East Asia Economic Co-prosperity felt snubbed by their slim defeat in the UEG voting process that caused the defection of 70,000 of the world's most brilliant minds and best soldiers.

      Even before the very short war of 2014 following the Exodus that saw a limited exchange of thermonuclear weapons over the Pacific, the UEG was already considered a phantom memory. Whatever semblance of unity it once provided for humanity vanished like a dream.

      Erupting from the turmoil, the independent arm of the UEG known as Earth-Core rose into prominence. Earth-Core was first founded by the UEG as its own security force, although its beginning came much earlier. It had its roots in 2006, when the Global Defense Initiative[iii] of the former United Nations was dissolved by the then fledgling UEG.

      From the ashes of the GDI came the Earth-First Policy. The arrival of the Visitor (later rebuilt as the SDF-1) in 2004 combined with the effects of the Tiberium meteorite of 1999 caused widespread paranoia of aliens throughout the world. The new UEG, hoping to ride the wave; issued the Earth-First Policy of strict neutrality from any and all aliens to be encountered in the future.

Everyone knew it was just a play of words, no one expected the Chenjesu to dramatically arrive in 2014. No one in the UEG expected to see the day when they had to actually enforce the Earth-First Policy.

Earth-Core became the ruling body of the world under the political machinations of Senator McCain. With cunning media manipulations exceeding that of even Kane during the Tiberium War, McCain managed to portray Earth-Core as the savior of humanity by early 2015.

"The Earth-First Policy is not wrong," he had expounded, drawing the ire of many. But many others who had been disillusioned by the war listened as McCain placed the blame squarely on the Exodus, the "traitors of humanity". "We must now realize that humanity is on the brink of a new era. We must protect Earth from all alien powers, and we must do it by making humanity stronger than ever before!" McCain was elected the President of Earth-Core soon afterwards.

With his drive, Earth-Core created the Legion of Iron[iv], the space military and colonization arm. By 2020, humanity had colonized more than 30 worlds. With rapid genetic and biological developments, there were soon billions of humans living outside from Earth. By 2040, the number of worlds doubled.

The Great War with the Vasudan Empire[v] that began in 2046 slowed the Legion of Iron a great deal. All resources were redirected to military applications, yet the war began to reach a stalemate in 2050.

The stalemate of routine battles and skirmishes was broken with the dramatic arrival of the SDF-1 from deep space. McCain rejected the Exodus Group's homecoming and called them traitors of humanity, conspiring with the alien power known as the Alliance of Free Stars to enslave humans.

After the Exodus Group left in bitter terms, McCain intensified the war effort. When the war ended in 2053 due to unexpected circumstances that forced the Legion and the Vasudans to work together, McCain found himself alone; the old man railing against a peace with the aliens. Humanity had left him behind.

Earth-Core was ended in 2054 and the United Planets Government[vi] appeared in its place. UPG President Vandega continued colonization efforts under the United Planets Space Force, the renamed Legion of Iron.

Between the years of 2054 and 2065, the UPG saw the colonization of another 200 worlds, as if making up for lost time. But the expansion came at a price. A disastrous colonization effort saw the massacre of Vela II and the subsequent invasion of UPG space by the Mimbari. After a year of major defeats, UPG forces saw the invaders drive a stake-like wedge directly towards Earth. Then suddenly, the Mimbari offered truce in the Battle of Riga. Peace resumed, however tenuous it became.

The subsequent Babylon Project came in 2069[vii] and eventually led to the United Federation of Planets[viii] in 2085. Humanity continued to spread throughout known space, colonizing new worlds as they go. Some still maintain close ties with Earth, others had their own agendas. All colonies were members of the UPG which was in turn a member of the Federation. With astonishing rapidity, humanity became one of the most widespread and diverse (thanks to the compatibility of homo sapiens-humanoids relationships) species in the known galaxy.

At the 300th anniversary of the inception of the Federation in 2385, the race known as Humans united under the banner of the UPG was stretched over a thousand worlds. Unity was a loose term, "conflicts" arising from trade disagreements and other sparks that lit the flames of war still exist.

Many diverse cultures appeared on the newly colonized worlds. Some clung on to their Earth heritage, some worlds totally colonized by a particular nation of Earth. United under a single banner does not mean national ties were united. On the contrary, some worlds embraced zealous nationalism in their colonization process, intensifying racial and national divides.

On the other hand, there are few human worlds whose cultures were as different like that of Star System MFD-1313x1. Located on the very edge of UPG space, the star system did not even have an official name, only a designation from previous exploration charts.

When UPG ships finally did enter the system for extensive explorations, they found great reserves of valuable crystals and minerals. They also found two neighboring worlds that were bitter enemies. Civil wars between sibling planets were not uncommon, but the UPG fleet was astounded to find the two colonies rigidly segregated by sex.

Unable to mediate peace between the two worlds, the explorers offered both sovereign worlds membership into the UPG.

Distrustful of outsiders, the UPG was rebuffed. Left to their own devices, the two worlds continued their war. But the existence of Star System MFD-1313x1 was now known, and many factions watched the war between Taraak and Mejale with heightened interest...

[i] SDF-1, UEG etc – reference to "Robotech".

[ii] Chenjesu, Alliance of Free Stars etc – reference to the Star Control pc game series.

[iii] GDI, Tiberium etc – reference to the pc game series, "Command & Conquer".

[iv] Legion of Iron – reference to the pc game "Hegemonia: The Legion of Iron".

[v] Vasuda, Great War etc – reference to the pc game, "Descent - Freespace: The Great War".

[vi] UPG – reference from the anime series, "The Irresponsible Captain Taylor".

[vii] Babylon Project – reference to the sci-fi series, "Babylon 5". 2069 is my own adjustment.

[viii] Federation, etc – reference to "Star Trek". 2085 is canon.