Ami's Statement
I'm the smart one. There is a way to describe all 9 of the senshi even Darien. Mina's the bubbly one who as much as I hate to say it really doesn't do much for out team (AN sorry about this is not the way that I think of Mina. But this isn't me telling the story, it's Ami.) Rei is the priestess who does the fire readings and gives Serena her doses of tough love. Lita is the strongest of the inner senshi and before we began to work with the outers she was the strongest. Hotaru would and will, and has given her life if it comes down to it. Amara is the strongest of the outer senshi and her devotion to the princess goes on forever. Michelle also is devoted to Serena more than anyone who isn't a Sailor Scout could imagine. And Trista is the keeper of time and she really makes sure that we don't screw things up to badly. Darien is our future king and his love for Serena, our princess, is pure. And Serena is our princess and queen any one the 9 of us, the scouts and Darien, would die to save. And I am the smart one, the one that everyone turns to when they can't figure out what to do. I'm the one that they need to help them find whoever or whatever has disappeared and the one that does all the searching. Without me the senshi would be screwed. Between Amara and Lita they would recklessly destroy everything if they thought that remotely that they had a chance of wining that way. I'm the one that warns everyone of dangers. But my attacks are weak and I can't help them physically. And other than my brains I don't add much to our team. Sometimes I wonder if the other senshi would even miss my attacks if I didn't show up at a battle. They might not miss my attacks but they would miss my computer. I have always hated being a scout. Sure I act like having to do everything doesn't bother me, but I have always hidden my feelings very well. I have since my dad...Not one of the scouts knows anything about my father. My father was never home when I was growing up. Well I guess I shouldn't say that. He was around sometimes. But when he was he was always yelling at me, for one thing or the other. For not making perfect grades, for not keeping my room clean, for crying when he was yelling at me. My childhood wasn't a good one. Until I was 10 I was the only one that my dad ever yelled at and it was never in front of my mom. He never laid a hand on me so I didn't say anything to my mom. But when I was 10 my mom figured it out on her own she would come to my defense. When I was 11 my dad walked out of my life permanently, I haven't seen him since. My mother has always encouraged me to do good in school. But if it wasn't for this whole stupid scout thing I would be in Germany. But I am Sailor Mercury and I can't just walk away from that no matter how much I want to. Part of me is always telling me this, that I hate being a scout and always I want to go to a scout meeting and tell them that I am not going to be Sailor Mercury anymore. And then I get to the meeting and I see how great it really is and I can't go tell them. Serena really is a great friend. Don't get me wrong, I love them all for the uniqueness. But always there will be this nagging feeling that I could have done more if I wasn't a sailor scout. I guess I bring things to the table both ways, I save the earth from the hands of destruction by an enemy or even the scouts that are sworn to protect. I am always debating with my self though, would I be different if I wasn't a sailor scout? But I know that I will never know. Because no matter how much being a sailor scout angers and frustrates me I can't walk away from it. Ask anyone of the other scouts and they will tell you being a sailor scout is inside of you. The 9 of us would be lost if the world didn't need us anymore. So, no matter how much it bothers me, there is no escaping my duties as Sailor Mercury. And when I think of it this way, I don't want to.