Here Comes The Rain: Tears Of Emotion

Royce picked up his bat and hit the side of his cube.Then he took another swing,then another and then another.He did this about 15 times when his face started to bleed.

"Prince why don't you give it up,there's no way out of these cubes." Dana said.

"Well I have to try,I can't just sit here."

"All you're gonna do is hurt yourself,I mean look your already bleeding." She said pointing to his face.

"Yeah I know DAna but I really want out,if I just sit here I'm gonna go crazy."

"No crazier then The Jackel." Dana joked.

"dana I'm serious." Royce said,slightly annoyed.

"I know you are Prince but so am I.I'm telling you there's no way of getting out of these cubes so will you please sit down and rest." Dana pleaded.

Royce sighed but gave in. He walked over to his car, sat his bat against it and laid on top of the hood of his car.

"Thank you." Dana said,relieved that Royce had finally stopped.

"Why us Dana?" Royce asked.

"Huh?" Dana asked,confused.

"Why us, why did Cyrus trap us in here like this and take away our freedom? We don't deserve this." Royce said,defeated.

"I don't know Prince...I really don't know." Dana said,wishing she could answer Royce's question. "You need rest so why don't you try to get some sleep."

"Alright." Royce said,getting more comfortable on the hood of his car and closing his eyes. "Night Dana."

"Night Prince." Dana said with a smile. She quickly got comfortable and went to sleep also.

***** Sorry for the short chapter *****