TITLE: Slayer Thing Revisited - The Potential and the Actual

AUTHOR: freelance spice

EMAIL: freelancsepice@hotmail.com

RATING: PG-13 - mostly for language

SUMMARY: Kennedy and Faith take a trip down memory lane.

NOTES: This was originally a response to a challenge, but it has become something else

entirely. So, have a time with it. I like this idea, though, so I'm thinking it might become a

series. But no promises. Unless I get a bunch of feedback saying y'all love it (hint, hint)

FEEDBACK: See above.

SPOILERS: Through Chosen. This takes place after the end of the series and the summer

before season three.

DISCLAIMER: Joss owns everything except the city of New York. I'm just using them. No

animals were harmed in the making of this fan fic. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" belongs to

the Scorpions.

Cleveland - Fall - 2003

Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane.

The place was dark, grungy and the music was loud enough to knock your fillings loose

after too long. But Faith didn't seem to notice. She came here to think. Or maybe just to

drink. A semi-attractive blonde was wrapping her legs around the shiny silver pole and

pulling herself up off the ground.

That's some workout, Faith thought, pulling the cherry out of her appletini and popping it in

her mouth. Usually she was a Jack and coke kind of girl, but lately she'd developed a

sense of class. Or something.

Kennedy entered the swanky strip joint, her eyes quickly adjusting to the dim lighting. After

a moment, she spotted the Bostonian slayer in the back corner. She considered beelining

for the girl, but instead, chose to stand and wait, wondering how long it would take Faith to

notice her.

Not long. Mere seconds after Kennedy's entrance, Faith sensed something and glanced

toward the doorway. And then she glanced away. Too late. They'd already made eye

contact. Her eyes shifted back to the other girl again. Busted.

Kennedy raised her eyebrows. Faith shrugged.

Shaking her head, the younger girl headed back to the table. "Are you gonna run off every

time we have a disagreement?"


"Jesus, Faith... " Kennedy shook her head. "I don't even know, anymore."

Faith avoided the other woman's eyes.

"Fine. When you decide that you're ready to communicate, you can find me." Kennedy

began to move toward the door.

The stripper had climbed to the top of the pole.

Rock you like a hurricaaaaaaaaine.

Faith sighed and called out to her girlfriend. "K..."

The blonde on the pole began to swing in circles as she slid toward the ground. One of her

stiletto heels shot of her foot and knocked Kennedy upside the head. Kennedy blinked.

Faith jumped to her feet and caught the other girl before she hit the floor.

"Fuckin' A." Faith looked down at the unconscious woman in her arms. This was

ridiculous. They were slayers, designed to take on beasts and demons and ultimate evil...

one hooker heel to the head and the girl was out cold.

"Kennedy... come on. K... Can you hear me?"

The younger girl's eyelids fluttered open.

"There you are... you okay?"

Kennedy rubbed her head. "I think so. What happened?"

"Just a blow to the head. Nothin' new."


"Look, about earlier... I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. I was just being a jerk."

"Earlier... um... I don't..." Kennedy looked puzzled. "Who are you?"


New York - Summer - 1998

Faith sat under at a tree in Central Park, her nose buried in the Harry Potter book she'd

found abandoned on the subway. She finished the chapter she was reading and closed the

book. Poor Harry was still no match for the sixteen-year old's ADD. Faith glanced around

the park.

Nearby, a group of guys played football and a father and daughter practiced some kind of

martial art. The girl wasn't too bad. Quite good, actually. She knocked the poor guy clean

off his feet. Okay, now Faith was impressed. The girl looked to be about the same age as

she was, maybe a little younger. There was something familiar about the pair, but she

couldn't place what it was.

"All right," said the man, his voice ringing with a clear British accent, "I think that's enough

for today."

"Aw, come on!" The girl didn't seem to have an accent. Maybe they weren't father and

daughter. "Just a little longer, please?"

"Honestly, I need to take a break."

The girl laughed and adjusted her ponytail. She had long dark hair, almost the same color

as Faith's. "Worn out, Nigel? You're not getting old on me, are you?"

The man feigned offense. "Certainly not!" He smiled. "Go on, do something fun for a


"But this is fun!"

The man gave her s stern look. "Go. I'll meet you at the hotel in a few hours."

It was at this point that Faith realized she had been staring. Quickly, she reopened her

book and pretended to read, but she couldn't seem to focus enough to have anything make


"You must be really good at that."

Faith looked up to find the girl standing no more than five feet away from her. "Uh... good at


"Reading... upside down."

The Southie slayer examined the book in her hands. "I... uh..." This was odd. Faith was

rarely ever at a loss for words. "I..."

"Heads up!" A voice cut through the moment from across the park.

Both brunettes glanced up to see a football spiraling toward them. Faith's first instinct was

to grab the girl and pull her out of the way so she didn't end up with a Marcia Brady nose

job, but before she could even react, the girl caught the ball and sent it whizzing back from

whence it came.

Faith was staring again. "Wow."

"What? Never seen a girl throw a football before?"

"No, it's not that... it's just... you're..." Dammit. Faith had no idea what was happening to

her. She just recently been given a bunch of crazy superpowers by some cosmic force, but

today she couldn't construct complete sentences. She stuffed the book in her backpack

and pulled herself to her feet. "Hi."

"Hi." The girl grinned. "I'm Kennedy."

Faith repeated the name. "Kennedy." She liked it.

Kennedy playfully cocked her head. "And you are...?"

Faith searched her brain. She knew this one. "Um... Faith. I'm Faith."

"You wanna get out of here, Faith?"

One of the football guys approached the duo. He looked Kennedy over. "Nice... arm. That

was some throw."

"Thanks." Kennedy's reply was flat, disinterested.

The guy leaned against the tree. He looked to be a little older, probably some college frat

guy. "So, what are you ladies up to?"

Faith inability to speak disappeared. "We were just leaving."

Kennedy smirked and took Faith's arm. "See ya."

They turned to walk away when they heard him mutter, "Fuckin' dykes."

Faith spun around on her heel, ready to pop this guy in the jaw, but Kennedy was one step

ahead of her.

"What was that?" Kennedy stepped up to the guy.

He shrugged. "You just haven't had the right man."

"Riiiight. And I suppose you're the one."

"Hell yeah."

"And I'm assuming you could take care of us both at the same time. And we would wear

sexy lingerie and stockings and garters and have a pillow fight."

"Now we're talking."

"What's your name?"


"Rod. That's manly."


"And, Rod, how old are you? Eighteen, nineteen...?"


"And you pick up on high school girls a lot?"


"Because you're so manly."


"Well, Rod, we're gonna go away now and do things you've only seen in streaming video."

Faith's eyes widened at the words. "So, why don't you run along and play with your little

buddies and we'll let the fact that you're a raging misogynist slide this time. Okay?"

Kennedy turned and walked away.

"Crazy bitch."

She stopped. Faith looked at her with her pleading puppy dog eyes.

Kennedy shrugged. "Go ahead."

Faith grabbed the guy by the collar. "I really want to hit you. But I think I'm just going to

throw you." She sent the guy skidding across the grass, back toward his buddies. She

grabbed Kennedy's hand. "Let's go."

The headed toward the south end of the park, where several horse drawn carriages were

lined up.

"I love these!" Kennedy dragged Faith toward the line-up. "Wanna go for a ride?"

Faith had always wanted a carriage ride in Central Park, but she also knew it was a fifty-

dollar ride. "Oh, I... I don't have much cash on me."

"No worries. It's on me."

"Are you sure?"

Kennedy was sure and in less than five minutes they were rolling along with a driver named

Buster and a horse named Mike.

"Those were some moves you had back there. How long have you been studying?"

"Since I was eight. My wat-" Kennedy caught herself, "...trainer says I'm the best he's


"What are you training for?"

"Uh... competitions. Fights."

"That's cool. I guess you must be pretty good for him to let you wander around by yourself."

"Well, that's all part of the training."

Faith nodded. If she didn't know better, she'd swear it sounded a lot like her own training.

But she was a slayer and this girl was just someone else. Someone else who was really

cute. And tough. And witty.

"So what about you? Traveling with family?"

"Not really. Well, kind of. I was traveling with a friend. But they..." Shit. Her watcher had

briefly gone back to England to deal with some of the details of Faith's calling. "They had

some business to take care of."

They sat in silence as the driver told them various facts about the park and the city and the

history of the world. Faith was more focused on the fact that Kennedy's hand on the seat

next to her. Her heart rate had increased considerably in the last few minutes. This wasn't

how Faith worked. If she spotted someone she thought was hot, she picked them up, took

them back to wherever she called home at the time, got some and got gone. She was

always in charge.

Now, everything was backwards. This girl had picked her up. She was going back to her

place. Faith needed more small talk.

"So, um... you sure handled that asshole in the park. I would have just hit him. I was going

to hit him."

"I know. And I was going to let you, but my... trainer... prefers to keep me out of

unnecessary fights."

"But how'd you know I wouldn't hit him later?"

Kennedy shrugged. "I didn't."

Their pinkies were overlapping now. Faith could feel the reddish tint burning its way up her

ears. This was too weird. She never blushed. She ever got flustered. Ever.

Kennedy broke the silence. "So, where you staying?"

"I was staying at this place midtown, but they didn't have any vacancy for the weekend. I'm

kind of looking for somewhere at the moment."

Pinkies. Fingers. Hands. They were holding hands.

"Why don't you come stay with me?"

"We just met."

"And I like you. There's something about you. Almost like I know you."

Faith knew what she meant. And she couldn't afford to pass up free lodging. "Okay, you

talked me into it." Like she could have said no if she wanted to. Fifteen minutes with this

girl and she was already gone.

"Good." Kennedy glanced at the other girl. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah... I'm fine. Great."

"You seem... nervous."

"No... me? Nervous? About what? I never get nervous." Until today.

Kennedy let go of Faith's hand, and for a moment, the recently called slayer was worried

she'd said something wrong. All worries were forgotten when the younger girl reached over

and put her arm around her. This was all so foreign to her. Well, not all of it. She'd done

the girl on girl thing before, but she'd always been the one to do the seducing. There had

never been a girl specifically interested in her who wasn't already drunk.

Kennedy's hand was now on her neck, playing with her hair. It was the kind of move that

guys would make in a club or at a party that Faith would only put up with long enough to get

what she wanted. Or it was the move she'd put on those drunk girls, who would put up with

her long enough to get what they wanted.

But right now, this could go on forever and still not be long enough. It was Faith's turn.

She was used to being the instigator and she was ready to instigate something. She leaned

toward the other girl, dark eyes searching dark eyes, breath mingling in the moment...

"Okay, that's the tour." The carriage slowed to a stop.

Faith groaned quietly. Kennedy's eyes reflected the same disappointment. Then she

smirked. "Come on."

Kennedy paid the driver and tipped him generously. Faith could tell this girl must come

from money.

"Where are you staying?"

"The Plaza."


Yeah. The girl came from money, all right. Faith was standing in the most elaborate suite

she'd ever seen. Heck, it was the only suite she'd ever seen.

"You here with family?"

"Nope. Just me and my trainer." Kennedy flopped down onto the sofa. "He wants me to

see some exhibits at the Metro."

"Your martial arts trainer wants you to see a bunch of art and old stuff?"

"He's... uh... kind of a tutor, too."

A British trainer/tutor. A girl who could possibly kick serious ass. Now things were getting

Twilight Zone weird. "How old are you?"

"Fifteen. Why?"

"No reason." Faith examined the room around her. Punching bags, sparring equipment,

old books. Really old books.

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen." It wasn't possible. Well, it was possible, but it would just be too strange. It was

just a coincidence. Faith picked up one of the books on the coffee table.

"Oh, that's just one of Nigel's... uh... he likes old stuff. Hence the museum trip." Kennedy

tried to grab the book out of Faith's hand, but the older girl held it just out of reach.

Kennedy put her hands on her hips.

It was Faith's turn to smirk. "You want it? Come get it."

Kennedy pounced on Faith, tackling her to the ground. The book skittered across the floor.

Faith knew that if she wanted to, she could toss the girl aside. If she wanted to. Kennedy

was straddling her, pinning the slayer's hands over her head. If they had been close in the

carriage, they were even closer now. But Faith wanted to be the one to make the move.

Slayer strength vs. mere potential equaled an exact reverse of the situation. Now Faith was

on top. She hovered over the other girl for a beat, making sure that this was, in fact, what

was supposed to happen and not just some silly flirtatious game that so many girls seemed

to play. But Kennedy was serious.

It began as a simple brush of lips, warm breath, a bit more pressure turned it into an actual

kiss. Hesitant without being unsure. Innocent without being naive. Hands released wrists

and searched bodies, groping... but not the rough, uncaring way that guys had groped in

club and bars and backseats... and not in the careful uncertain way those sobering drunk

girls did. This was different. This was someone who knew what they wanted and wouldn't

deny it in the morning.

The door to the suite swung open. Both girls scrambled to their feet to find Nigel entering

the room.

Kennedy smoothed out her shirt. "N-Nigel. I didn't know you'd be back so soon."

"I was going to do some lesson planning on the-" Nigel stopped, finally noticing the other girl

in the room. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had company."

"It's cool." Faith sauntered over to the Englishman. "Faith."

"Good to meet you." Nigel paused. "Wait a minute. Faith... you wouldn't be from Boston,

would you?"


"You're Stephanie Turner's slayer."

"Yeah." So, it wasn't all coincidence. This girl was in training and this guy was her


"Wait," Kennedy stepped in. "Slayer? You're the slayer? I thought the slayer was in


Nigel bobbed his head. "Well, she is. Don't you remember anything from your non-combat

lessons?" Kennedy shrugged. Nigel sighed. "The slayer 'died' and the next was called.

But the slayer was resuscitated and allowed for two slayers to co-exist. The more recent

slayer was killed earlier this year, thus resulting in the calling of Faith."

Faith nodded. "That's me in a nutshell."

"This is extraordinary, Kennedy. A chance to consort with an actual slayer."

"Yeah... consort. I'm really looking forward to that." Kennedy winked at the older girl.

"She's gonna stay with us while we're here, all right, Nigel?"

"Certainly. Maybe she can give you some insight on actual field work. If you don't mind, I'm

going to make a few calls." Nigel disappeared into one of the bedrooms.

"So... slayer, " Kennedy whispered seductively, "You wanna give me some insight on 'actual

field work'?"

Faith swallowed. "Oh, hell yeah."

The potential pulled the actual into her bedroom and shut the door.


"And then what happened?" Kennedy sipped her glass of water, still holding the ice pack to

the bump on her head.

Faith sighed. "Then we talked strategies and read a few books."

Kennedy narrowed her eyes. "We did not. I threw you on the bed and ripped open your

shirt while you... I mean... wait... who are you?"

Faith shook her head, "You bitch. You knew who I was the whole time, didn't you?"

Kennedy started laughing. "I'm sorry. I had to get even." Faith turned away from the other

slayer. Kennedy grabbed her hand. "Aw, come on, sweetie..."

Faith caved in and turned back to her girlfriend. "Don't do that... EVER AGAIN." She

grabbed the other girl and kissed her.

After the kiss broke, Kennedy looked thoughtful.

Faith furrowed her eyebrows. "What?"

"I was just thinking about doing some 'actual field work'. You game?"

"Oh, hell yeah."