Hey guys, this came to me when I was in Language Arts and reading this quote:
"I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel pain. I focus on the pain, the only thing that is real." I don't know who's quote this is and if it is one someone made up and the people in the previous LA classes is a Sailor Moon fan. Then I am sorry and I hope you don't mind me using your quotes.

The only thing that's real
Serena walked numbly along the streets of Tokyo. Drawing out the time that it usually took her to get home, to her mother, whom would ask her how her test had gone and Serena wasn't ready to show her the "F" She had received. Usually she would go to the arcade and spend time there but then he would be there. And she wasn't ready to face him. So she wasn't going to go to the arcade like she usually did.
She was numb now anyway, the pain of Darien dumping her had made her cry for days afterwards. But now she had no more tears to shed for Darien. She felt nothing but the numbness that washed over her body. The numbness even caused her to become oblivious to the fact that it was pouring down rain and that her school uniform was getting soaked.
But she did notice when her communicator went off. "Moon here." Serena said "What's up?"
"Serena there's a fight at the park get here as soon as possible." Sailor Mercury said quickly and in the background Serena could here
"Jupiter Thunder Clap. ZAP!"
"I'm on my way."
Serena transformed quickly and made her way to the park in enough time to save Jupiter from getting toasted. But she was not quick enough, or so it seemed to the other scouts, to move out of the way of the ball of energy that the monster threw at her.
But Serena let the pain was over her, she knew now that she wasn't completely numb. That now she still could feel the pain. And as it washed over her Serena fought to stay conscious she wanted to feel this pain it was the only thing that was real and Serena grasped that. She had discovered that her body would fight of energy as hard as they could like the immune system fought off a disease. And finally when the pain had passed through her body she welcomed the darkness.

4 rounds of "Sailor Moon!" Went up. And the 4 inner scouts watched as Sailor Moon fell of the branch that she was standing. And they watched helplessly as she fell head first towards the ground. And just as it seemed like it would be to late they watched in a blur of black as Tuxedo Mask appeared and caught Sailor Moon just in time. (AN Didn't see that one coming did yah?)
The scouts turned the attention back to the monster no doubt sent from the nega-moon. With hard work the scouts defeated the monster without Sailor Moon's moon scepter.
When they had finished of the nega-moon trash they hurried off to find Sailor Moon.

As Sailor Moon began to regain consciousness and became aware of her surroundings she felt safe and warm and she never wanted to move again. She opened her eyes to see a pair of stormy midnight blue eyes that showed deep concern. And she also hear in that voice that she loved so much "Come on Sailor Moon wake up."
"Darien?" Sailor Moon asked quietly.
"Thank God Sailor Moon your fine. Your friends are looking for you." And with that Tuxedo Mask lay Serena gently on the grass and took off.
Serena watched him go silent tears slowly falling down her cheeks. And realization hit her she loved Darien and no matter how numb she felt that love was always going to there. She was wrong her love for Darien was the only thing that was real.