A Scorched Path

This story takes place just after the Bladebreakers convince Kai to leave BioVolt and return to their team. It starts out as the episode "First Strike" but soon changes to my story.

Chapter 1: The Revealing

Soon after the incident at Lake Baykal we find the Bladebreakers standing around a table in their hotel room making a toast to Kai.

"To Kai!" Tyson, Max, Ray and Kenny cheered as they stood around a large table in their hotel room.

"Where glad you're back, really" Kenny cheerful told Kai.

"My guess is you couldn't live without us right," Tyson said before taking a sip of orange juice.

"Tyson you know it wasn't the same without Kai" Max said while slightly laughing.

"I'm glad you're back on the team again Kai, but you sure did have us worried there for awhile" said Ray.

"Well, actually Ray having Kai switch teams is the best thing that could have ever happened to us," said Kenny in a matter of fact sort of voice. Everyone then turned their attention to Kenny a.k.a the Chief.

"You're kidding right Chief" Tyson said sounding a little shocked.

"Kai's been trying to keep his distance ever since he joined the Bladebreakers by forming an invisible barrier between himself and us. It took becoming our enemy to truly miss being our friend. And now that the barrier has been broken Kai's become a true member of the team" Kenny explained.

"Kenny's right, the Bladebreakers are united at last, and now we can all look forward to dishing out some serious payback," said Ray.

"Totally, no body messes with us and gets away with it, if only we knew who or what we were really up against" asked Max.

"Max has a point something weird is going on here, what are Boris and the Demolition Boys up to anyway," Tyson asked while looking up at Kai.

"Ok, I'll tell you everything I know but you're not going to like what I have to say, the BioVolt corporation is just a front for a secret organization that plains to use beyblading as a means to take control of the world, the secret base below the abbey contains a training and research center, volunteers are recruited under the assumption they'll be developing their skills to become championship beyblades, but really their being brainwashed into believing that defeat is the ultimate humiliation, the goal is to teach them to block all emotions from their mind except the overpowering desire to win at all costs, leaser skilled candidates are then weeded out to maintain only the highest level of talent within the group, the remaining members will take their place as the perfect soldiers in BioVolts bid for world domination, also Boris has been creating his own species of Bit beasts to use as a weapon in the war on man kind, not just simulations but living, breathing Bit beasts born from the DNA of the real thing. These man made creatures have been placed into beyblades and sent into battle against existing Bit beasts, in order to capture and merged with them, only the strongest beybladers are able to control these unpredictable creatures which is were the Demolition Boys come in" Kai explained.

"They wanna turn our Bit beasts into monsters" Max asked.

"WOW! For once I'm actually glad to be stuck in this laptop," said Dizzi.

"So basically what you're saying is that each one of their beyblades is just as dangerous as Black Dranzer" Kenny said, while looking over at Kai and then at Tyson.

"It sounds like we might be seriously in over our heads on this one" said Ray.

"Gee what was your first clue" Dizzi said in a slight sarcastic tone.

"Oh" was all Max could think to say.

"Uh, uh Kai there's just uh one more thing" asked Tyson.

"Mmm" Kai looked down at Tyson.

"Boris told us that you were once a member of the BioVolt team that trained in the base below the abbey," Tyson asked,

"Mhmm that's correct" said Kai

"Wha, dude no way, how'd you get mixed up with these guys in the first place?" Tyson asked.

"Hmph" was the response Kai gave.


Mr. Dickinson and Tyson Grandpa just walked into the hotel room.

"Mind if a couple of old times crash the party" Mr. Dickinson greeted.

"Mr. Dickinson" said Kenny as they came in.

"Grandpa" Tyson yelled.

"You didn't think we'd go and miss all the fun did you, it's not every day our boy's make it to the world finials" said Mr. Dickinson.

"You said it dude, I'm totally stoked for the big match" said Tyson's Grandpa.

"No way" said Tyson in an upset tone.

"Haha yes way" Tyson's Grandpa said happily.

"You have to leave!" Tyson angrily yelled.

"Argh what kind of bogass welcome is that," yelled back Tyson's Grandpa.

"How am I suppose to concentrate on our up coming match when you come and show up out of the blue like this" growled Tyson.

"Oh yeah, ok dude I know what you need more training" yelled Tyson's Grandpa as he pulled out his bokken.

Tyson's Grandpa then charged at Tyson ready to hit him on the head with his bokken, but Tyson blocked just in time. Tyson then jumped off to the side as his Grandfather came in for another attack. Once things were settled down Mr. Dickinson sat down and Mr. Ganger (that's what I'm going to call Tyson Grandfather from now on) stood behind him.

"Well despite the less than cordial greeting it's nice to see that you boy's haven't mellowed in my absents, but I'm afraid that you have your work cut out for you from here on in" Mr. Dickinson explained.

"How much do you know about this anyway Mr. D, does he know that you trained at the abbey Kai," asked Tyson.

"Yes" was Kai's reply as if he didn't like the answer.

"Mmm I know every thing that's happened to you since the moment you first arrived in Russia" said Mr. Dickinson with a smile on his face.

(I know that at this point Tyson's dad arrives and say's stuff but I'm missing that because Tyson's dad isn't going to be in this story).

"Oh really way cool, but hey Kai what sort of thing did you guys do in the abbey" asked Tyson as he looked over at Kai.

"Hmm well, I'll, hmph I'll tell you later, I'm going out for some fresh air" Kai said not to happily. Every one watched as Kai left the room.

"Hey what's up with him," said a confused looking Tyson.

"Let him be, he just has some things to sort out" Mr. Dickinson said.

"Oh what sort of stuff" asked Tyson getting a little curious.

"Since Kai went to the abbey he's been having all of his memories come flowing back to him, after all these years of suppressing those memories, they've just jumped back to him and he needs to make sense of them all" Mr. Dickinson explained.

"Oh" was all Tyson managed to get out.