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Chapter 28: Going Back

The Bladebreakers, White Tigers, All-Starz and Majestics along with Tala walked down the streets of Moscow chatting to one another, they weren't to sure of where they were going but just wanted to be out in the fresh air. They walked for about an hour or so before they reached a large park, there weren't too many people there compared to the other parks, so the teens decided to rest for a while. Sitting down on a park bench they enjoyed the scenery around them,

"Wow look at that tree, someone must have been beaten pretty badly in a beybattle" commented Michael when he caught sight of a large tree with a big dent in it and cracks forming around it,

"Well it might not have been" said Ray,

"I don't know Ray, what else is there that could make a whole like that in a tree" spoke Kenny,

"True" nodded Ray,

Hearing the conversation Kai looked over at the tree, and got a shock when he saw the large dent,

"Looks familiar ha," whispered Tala,

"Yeah, kind a scary actually" Kai whispered back,

"You don't think that this is the same park do you?" Tala asked back,


Two young boys stood opposite each other, one about four years old with two toned blue hair and dark crimson eyes, while the other was a few years older with black hair and chocolate brown eyes, the brown eyed kid held a sly smirk while the other crimson eyed boy was looking somewhat unsure of himself. Spinning about in the beyblade dish that was between them was a dark red beyblade along with a light navy blue one.

"Face it Kai, you'll never be able to beat me" mocked the raven haired boy, a small Kai only responded with a glare, though it was nothing compared to the one he could give now.

"You're pathetic and don't deserve a beyblade" the other boy continued to tease the small version of Kai. Trying his best to ignore the continues curses the four year old Kai concentrated on the battle. 'I wont lose to Matthew again' the small crimson-eyed boy thought to himself still watching the battle intently.

"Now you lose" shot Matthew as his dark red blade shot forwards into Kai's, crashing right into Kai's beyblade the red one sent the blue flying, soaring threw the air at an incredible speed the navy blue blade smashed into a nearby tree leaving a large dent in it's surface before the small beyblade shattered falling to the ground in hundreds of tiny pieces.

"No…No not again" gasped the young Kai as he stared in shock at his ruined beyblade. Matthew and his friends just cracked up laughing mocking Kai further as tears began to well up in his dark crimson orbs.

"You actually thought that you'd stand a chance against me, stupid little brat" spat Matthew as he pushed past Kai knocking the smaller boy to the ground with a thud.


"I think it is" Kai answered in a soft voice so only Tala could here,

"Well that means…" but before Tala could finish his sentence Kai stood up and ran off,

"HEY KAI WAIT!" Tala shouted as he got up and ran after his friend

"Tala, Kai…WHERE ARE YOU GOING!" the others soon followed after.

They soon found themselves out of the park and running down a street, most of the houses were very beautiful tall two story buildings, finally Kai stopped running when he reached a large house, it was a two story like most of the others with a beautiful pearly white fence surrounding the property,

"Kai…" Tala panted when he finally caught up and stopped beside the other Russian,

"Kai…Tala" the others soon caught up as well,

"What was the rush?" Tyson asked between breathes,

But the teen just ignored him, and continued to stare up at the house before him,

"Kai?" Ray called but received no answer again, hearing foot steps Kai looked to his right and saw a middle aged man walking by himself along the path,

"Umm excuse me?" Kai ran up to the man,

"Yes how can I help you?" the man seemed very polite

"Yeah umm do you know who lives in that house?" Kai pointed to the building he had been staring at only moments ago,

"Oh no ones lived there since the Hiwatari family died," replied the man, when the others heard this they couldn't help but gasp

"Thank you" spoke Kai as he turned round and headed back towards the others,

"This was the house you lived in?" asked Lee, Kai's reply was a nod,

"Wow nice" Max seemed impressed,

"You think this place is good, you should check out some of the others," laughed Tala,

"I suppose that it would do for living in" spoke Robert, thinking that the house wasn't much compared to his castle, Tala glared daggers at Robert for his comment,

"Come on" Kai mumbled stepping forwards he walked through the already open gates with the others following close behind,

"Hey Kai" called Tala who stood in the garden,

"What?" Kai asked walking over, with the others following,

"Look familiar?" Tala held a red cracked beyblade in his hand, it looked as though it had been berried in the sand for years,

"Hey my beyblade…well was" Kai took the blade from Tala and looked it over,

"I guess you never found it after our battle ha" smirked Tala,

"Yeah I searched for days but then dad brought me anther one so it didn't matter" Kai smiled back at his friend before he dropped the blade back in the dirt,

"Lets see if we can get inside the house" spoke Tala as he stepped past Kai,

Tala walked up to the front door and looked it up and down, the others stood a few feet behind him waiting to see what the teen would do about trying to open the door, making his decision Tala lunged forwards into the door trying to push it open with his body weight, when the others saw this they sweat dropped even Kai who stood at the front of the group, seeing the door hadn't budged Tala tried again,

"Tala!" Kai shot trying to get the red heads attention but failed to as he lunged at the door for a third time,

"TALA!" Kai yelled walking forwards,

"What!" snapped Tala stopping to look at Kai,

"It's not locked" spoke the teen grasping the handle and pushing it open,

"Well you could have said something," growled Tala as he watched Kai step into the house,

"I tried" Kai narrowed his eyes at the other Russian, at his answer Tala glared back at Kai, the others couldn't help but laugh at the two as they followed them inside the house.

"Wow it looks real nice" Max was the first to speak as they stepped inside, the place was covered in dust but all the furniture was still looking new, nothing had been damaged or moved since the death of Kai's parents,

"Yeah it's beautiful," mumbled Mariah as she gazed around the house.

When they first stepped through the door they were standing in the main living room, plush cream carpet covered the floor, in front of them was a large mahogany couch, with two smaller couches on either side, a medium sized coffee table was set just in front of the couch, a magazine from years ago was still lying in the center of the table along with a TV remote and a small box of tissues. Across from the couches much more to the left was a large TV screen, and to the right of the TV was a mantelpiece with photo frames placed across it, just under the shelf was a large fire place, burn pieces of wood still lay there never moved away after being used.

"Wow Kai your mother was really pretty" spoke Mariah as she held a photo in her hands, standing by the mantelpiece she had been looking at the pictures,

"Yeah she was" mumbled Kai as he walked over to have a look, in the center of the frame was a photo of a beautiful young woman, she had long waist length dark blue hair with dark violet eyes, she wore a white tank top with black cargo pants.

"Ah I see where you get your good looks from," added Emily as she stood staring at a picture of a young man with black hair and crimson eyes,

"Huh?" looking up Kai gave Emily a look of confusion

"What, well you father does look kind of handsome, for his age" she added in looking up at Kai, the other teens were also glancing at all the photos placed across the mantelpiece or just surveying the room,

"Oh how cute!" squeaked Mariah, all the boys plus Emily looked up at the pink haired girl,

"What is it?" asked Tyson running over,

"A picture of Kai when he was younger" giggled the neko girl,

"Wha?" the others all sweat dropped at this, excepted for Emily who made her way over to look at the photo,

"Aww he looks adorable, what happened?" joked Emily looking from the photo to Kai, narrowing his eyes Kai snatched the photo away and placed it back on the shelf face down. Turning on his heals Kai left the room heading for the kitchen, the others all followed soon after.

They didn't spend much time in the kitchen, not really much to look at really, unless you're Tyson that is, he kept trying to get into the cupboards to see if any of the food wasn't out of date not that he really cared, when you're Tyson food is food and he'll eat anything.

Moving down the hall they made their way up the stairs and to the second floor, five doors were placed on the second level. One Kai's room, his parent's room, a bathroom, spare room and a study or small office. Not bothering about the others Kai went straight to his room, opening the door he and the others stepped in.

Light blue walls, royal blue curtains, and pale blue carpet it seemed as though the room had a blue sort of theme going. A large queen size bed was pushed up again the right wall, the white blankets still covering the mattress, next to the bed was a large desk, a small lamp and a clock along with some paper and pencils lay scattered across the once highly polished surface, to the left across from the bed was a medium sized TV set, and rear that were a set of draws all of Kai's clothes still there only a lot smaller. The boys stood gazing around the room while Mariah and Emily checked things out, walking over to the draws they pulled one out,

"Aww how sweet, they're so small," giggled Mariah as she held up a small black top, growling Kai walked over and snatched the shirt away then stuffed it back in the draws,

"Do you have to get into everything," he snapped glaring at the girls, the two female bladers thought for a moment before replying, "Yes" they seemed quite amused and kept large smiles on their faces, while Kai just growled deeper in his throat. Suddenly the sound of static could be hear, turning round Kai saw Michael holding a TV remote while standing near the screen, seeing as he wasn't getting a good picture he just mumbled something before turning it back off.

"Are we here for a reason or just to look around?" asked Johnny not looking to slightest bit happy,

"Just to look," replied Kai, turning round he left the room,

"He doesn't like staying in one room for too long does he" spoke Eddy as he and the other teens followed Kai. They made their way back down the stairs and along the corridors, till they reached two doors, one lead to the back yard while the other lead off into another room. Opening one of the door the teens found themselves standing in a small beyblade area, four or five medium sized beyblade dishes were placed about the room, along with a large table that had spare beyblade parts scattered across it.

"Wow, this is way cool" spoke Tyson looking around the room in amazement, the first to move was Tala, walking over to the table he looked at the spare parts, Kai soon followed over.

"Hey does anyone know the time?" Lee asked no one in particular,

"Yeah it's 4pm," answered Kenny

"We've been hear for awhile huh" spoke Oliver

"Oh I just remembered something" Lee spoke again

"What?" asked Ray,

"Our flight back home is tonight," he answered

"What" Max looked over at the White Tigers leader,

"Yeah" Lee mumbled,

"I guess it's about time we all left Russia then ha, we've been here for a while" spoke Enrique,

"Yeah, hey Kai you ready to leave?" asked Emily

"Yeah" mumbled the slate haired teen,

"Come on" Tala spoke softly as he and the others left the house, closing the front door behind them. As they left Kai turned round one last time to look at the beautiful house he had spent the first five years of his life in.

"Kai come on," whispered Tala as he placed a hand on Kai's shoulder, with a sigh the two teens continued walking, lagging behind in the large group of teenagers.

"I hope you know where you're going?" asked Michael looking over at Tyson, who was at the front of the group leading the others back to the hotel,

"Of course I do," replied Tyson glancing back at the leader of the All-Starz,

"Are you sure Tyson" added in Lee looking around his surroundings,

"NO!" sighed Tyson stopping,

"Argh where back where we started" shot Johnny, and sure enough the large group was back at the park,

"Tyson you were leading us around in a circle" shot Mariah,

"Sorry guys" mumbled Tyson as he dropped his sight to the ground,

"Kai and Tala should be leading not you" snapped Emily, it was clear that everyone was not happy with Tyson for taking them on a long walk to end up no where.

"I said I'm sorry ok," growled Tyson,

"Look can we just get back to the hotel already I'm tied and hungry" groaned Max. Everyone then turned their attention to Kai and Tala who where both staring off into nothing, lost in thought about something or other,

"Hello, earth to Kai, Tala" Tyson waved a hand in front of their faces, being pulled from the trace they were in, both Russian teens looked at Tyson oddly before sending him a vicious glare, at this the navy haired teen stepped away from the two laughing sheepishly.

"Look are you two going to take us back to the hotel or not?" asked Lee, with a sigh Kai began walking, Tala following soon after,

"Alright then" spoke Lee before he and the others fell into step behind the two Russians.

"Well, well, well what do we have here" came a voice from behind some trees, stopping the large group of teens looked over to see whom had spoken, they had barely even left the park before they were stopped by this unknown person.

"I didn't think I'd be seeing you two again anytime soon" the person spoke again as they stepped from the bushes. Both Kai and Tala went wide-eyed at seeing the person but the other teens had no clue of who he was.

"Kai, Tala you two have sure grown since the last time I saw you" the male spoke again, he was tall and well built, with jet black hair that brushed against his shoulders and dark brown eyes.

"Surprised to see me" smirk the young man,

"Hey who are you?" asked Tyson,

"I don't see why Kai or Tala would have ever mentioned me to anyone, but my names Matthew, and I use to know them when I was younger" at hearing this the others could only stare shocked,

"What do you want?" hissed Kai glaring at Matthew

"Nothing really, I only wanted to see how my old friends were doing," replied Matthew

"Friends, we were never your friends" shot Tala,

"Aww I'm hurt," said Matthew sarcastically

"But how about another beyblade battle, unless you've given up, and if I were as bad as you then I would have long ago" mocked Matthew smirking at the angry look Kai had, growling deep in his throat Kai pulled out his dark blue blade,

"Alright fine, but you'll lose" Kai now had a smirk etched into his features.

"How about we make this interesting and have a two on two battle?" asked Matthew,

"What me and Tala, verse you and one of your pathetic friends," mocked Kai,

"Of course" replied the ebony haired teen as a friend of his stepped up next to him, this guy was only a little shorter than Matthew with blond hair and dark green eyes,

"This is John," said Matthew indicating the blond standing next to him

"Fine" shot Tala as he stopped by Kai, his Wolborg blade already attached to his launcher. Walking over to a dish the four got set up, with the others stood around to watch,

"You guys ready?" asked Tyson, the four nodded,

"Alright, 3…2…1…LET IT RIP" four blades were released into the dish at once, one dark blue, another gray, one green and the last one a dark yellow. The four blades spun round each other testing their opponents, Matthews green blade was the first to go for an attack, charging forwards he aimed for Tala's blade but with some skilled maneuvering the gray beyblade weaved out of the way unharmed. The brown-eyed teen growled at his miss before going in for another attack, which again he missed. With his attention focused on Tala's blade Kai used this moment to attack, his dark blue blade shot out of nowhere smashing into Matthew's, the green beyblade was pushed back right to the edge of the dish but quickly made its way back into the bowl before Kai could attack again. John's yellow blade now decided to come in for an assault, weaving around the dish he made it difficult to tell which direction he was going to attack from, Kai and Tala both glanced at each other, a smirk spread across their handsome faces giving a nod they then turned back to the battle.



"ATTACK!" both teens shouted for their bit beasts, picking up speed the two blades began to glow as they charged forwards with incredible speed and power, charging right into John's yellow beyblade they sent it flying threw the air where it then landed in the dirt shattered into many small pieces,

"No way, my beyblade" gasped the green-eyed teen as he stared shocked at his now destroyed blade,

"That's what you get for picking on us" shot Kai as his Dranzer blade continued to pick up speed, Wolborg next to him doing the same.

"I see you two have gotten better over the years" spoke Matthew his green beyblade began to do laps around the edge of the dish,

"You bet, now watch this" smirked Tala,

"Wolborg Blizzard!" Tala's gray blade spun even faster as a bright blue glow formed around it, a defending howl was heard as the great white wolf erupted from the bit chip. Wolborg looked lager and more powerful then ever before, he loomed over the dish dark violet coloured eyes glared down at the black haired teen,

"What in the world" gasped Matthew as he stared up at the menacing wolf before him,

"Now witness the power of my bit beast!" shot Tala as Wolborg gave another howl, an icy breeze blew by to signal the start of Wolborgs attack, soon a strong wind began to blow snow and ice being thrown this way and that, till soon Wolborg had a powerful blizzard going. The trees and ground around the dish where quickly covered with snow and ice, and the teens standing around the dish with the exception of Tala and Kai had to hug themselves tightly to keep warm, the gale force winds threatening the push them to the ground.

"AHHH What the hell is happening," shouted Matthew his arms wrapped tightly around himself squinting to keep the snow out of his eyes.

"Come on Dranzer!" yelled Kai, his dark blue blade began to glow a dark scarlet as the mighty phoenix made her appearance, a wild call was sounded as the red fire bird sprang from the bit chip, spreading her mighty wings Dranzer towered above the beyblade dish. The shear force of Dranzer's appearance knocked Matthew to the ground, using an arm to shield his eyes from the burning lights emitting from Dranzer Matthew turned his head away from the two beasts. With Wolborgs blizzard still going strong Matthew was soon covered with snow and ice, his clothes soaked through chilling him to the bone. In the thick snow covering the dish his green beyblade was also starting to slow down.

"Now Dranzer Attack!" shot Kai, with another glass shattering call Dranzer dove forwards, Wolborg close behind. Down in the snow covered dish blurs of dark blue and gray flew towards a green blade,

"What no" gasped the brown-eyed teen as he watched his beyblade shatter into millions of tiny pieces. They both held a smirk as they watched the terrified look in Matthew's eyes, calling back their blades Kai and Tala could only seek pleasure in seeing the older teen on the ground staring in complete and utter shock at his shattered beyblade.

"How does it feel Matthew?" asked Kai smirking even more,

"Having to watch like that, knowing that you're going to lose but can't do anything about it," added Tala an evil glint in his ice blue eyes as he glared at Matthew. But neither of them got a response Matthew was still in too much shock about his loss,

"Well that was a pretty good battle, even though there was no need to completely destroy their blades" spoke Tyson by saying this he hit a nerve,

"No need, you haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about Tyson," snapped Kai rounding on the navy haired teen,

"Exactly, he did that to us almost everyday, so why should we now go easy on him" shot Tala glaring at Tyson as well,

"I…I…uh sorry" Tyson wasn't sure how to respond, choosing to now ignore the younger teen Tala and Kai turned their attention back to Matthew who still lay on the ground covered in snow gaping at his beyblade.

"Hmhp, lets go" spoke Kai as he turned round and began to walk away, Tala following his lead,

"Uh yeah sure" mumbled Ray as he and the others followed after the two Russians leaving Matthew to ponder over what just happened.

Once they reached the hotel they found Judy waiting for them,

"Sorry kids but it's about time we all leave" Judy spoke

"Yeah we have to pack our stuff first," said Tyson

"That's Ok we'll wait," she replied

"Hey Judy where's Mr. Dickinson?" asked Emily

"Oh he had to leave this afternoon, said something about needing to go to Australia for business," she answered

"Oh, well I think where all ready"

"Wonderful lets go", the teens piled into a BBA bus before heading off to the airport.

"Flight from Russia to China boarding in five minutes" came a female voice over the PA,

"Well I guess that's us" spoke Lee,

"Bye you guys, we'll miss you. And I hope we see you again sometime" the All-Starz and Majestics said their goodbyes to the White Tigers,

"Bye Lee, Mariah, Gary, Kevin" Tyson, Max and Kenny waved goodbye

"Yeah see ya," said Kai and Tala,

"Bye we'll miss you all" waved Mariah,

"Ray" Lee looked down at Ray, who had been very quite,

"I'm coming," said Ray as he stood,

"What Ray?" Tyson was shocked,

"Sorry you guys, but it's about time I head back to my village, I'll miss you and don't forget to write" with a last smile and a wave goodbye Ray and the White Tigers left the waiting area and headed off towards their flight gate, where they boarded the plane,

"We'll miss you Ray" Tyson whispered as he watched them leave.

"So how long till the flight headed for England?" asked Max looking over at the Majestics,

"Umm about two hours" answered Oliver,

"See you guys, we had great fun with you all" waved Oliver as he and the other Majestics made their way to the gate,

"Bye, have a safe trip back" called the All-Starz,

"Goodbye" said Max watching them leave,

"That's another team gone, I really do hope we all meet up again sometime" said Tyson with a sigh,

"Don't worry there'll be other tournaments and you can be sure that we'll all be there" said Emily looking over at Tyson,

"Yeah you're right, cool" Tyson seamed to cheer up a little, but he was still going to miss all of his friends.

"Last call for flight 23591 from Russia to America" the female voice called again,

"Well come on then, we have to go" said Judy as she and the All-Starz stood up,

"Bye Tyson, Kenny, Kai and Tala" Max stood up and waved to his friends and teammates,

"You're going too Max?" asked Kenny

"Yeah, I already spoke with my dad and he said that it's Ok by him, I really want to spend more time with my mum, sorry you guys but this is goodbye, I'll really miss you all" a small tear fell from Max's blue orbs as he faced them one last time,

"Bye you guys, we'll take good care of Max" waved Emily

"Bye Max" said Tyson as he and his best friend hugged,

"Bye Tyson, I really miss you all" added Max as he turned to leave with the All-Starz.

"I guess it's just us then" added Tyson looking from Kenny to Kai then over at Tala,

"Yeah" mumbled Kai

"What times the flight to Japan chief?" asked Tyson

"Umm at 5 am, and the time now is only 2 am" replied Kenny,

"We have a while then" said Tyson trying to stiffen a yawn, the teens had been up all night waiting for each flight to come, they all wanted to see each other off,

"I guess it's Ok to have a short rest then" said Kenny as he got comfortable in his seat and closed his eyes,

"Yeah" yawned Tyson as he almost imminently fell asleep,

"Yeah don't worry we'll wake you when the plane comes" said Tala in a sarcastic voice,

"Just think they can fall asleep," added the red head

"Ah just leave them, it's been a long day" spoke Kai as he went to sit down, he and Tala had been the only two standing the whole time,

"I guess," mumbled Tala as he sat next to Kai,

"Hey Tyson, Tyson come on wake up" Kai stood by Tyson trying to wake him up, while Tala and Kenny stood off to the side waiting,

"Come on why won't he wake up" shot Tala getting impatient

"Hey Tyson, Breakfast is ready!" Kai shouted in his ear

"WHAT?" Tyson shot up franticly looking around

"The flight Tyson" said Kai

"Oh, is it time?" he asked looking up,

"Yeah"-nodded Kenny, "Now come on before we miss it" he added

"I'm coming" Tyson stood up, then picking up his bag the four of them walked over to gate 6 where the flight for Japan was boarding, but just as they reached the gate Kai and Tala stopped,

"Huh, Kai Tala what are you doing?" asked Tyson when he notice the two stop,

"See ya Tyson, it was cool but this is it" spoke Kai

"What, you're not coming?" asked Kenny

"No, I'm staying here in Russia with Tala"

"But Kai" Tyson seemed shocked

"Sorry Tyson the Bladebreakers are over, we've all split up that's it, have a safe tip back" Kai waved goodbye before leaving,

"Yeah see ya Tyson, Kenny" Tala turned round and followed Kai back out to the waiting area

"Bye" whispered Tyson as he watched them leave

"Come on Tyson we have to go" Kenny pulled on Tyson's sleeve,

"Yeah I'm coming," he said as the two continued down the hall where they then got onto the plane.

"So what now?" Tala asked when he and Kai stopped

"Umm I think for now we should head over to the mansion and get some sleep," replied Kai

"Yeah sounds good," said Tala as he and Kai continued walking, making their way out to the front of the airport they got into the limo and drove off.

"Why did we have to split up, I wanted us to stay together forever," Tyson spoke

"Sorry Tyson, but forever is a long time, you couldn't really expect us to always be together, we have lives to live" said Kenny

"Yeah I know but still I'm really going to miss them all, even Kai"

"I know we'll all miss each other, but where still a team just scattered all over the world now that's all, don't worry the others will write to us" Kenny did his best in cheering up Tyson but so far no such luck,

"Come on lets just try and enjoy the flight back ok," added Kenny,

"Yeah I guess," mumbled Tyson as he stared out the window looking down at the ocean as they flew over top,

Back in Russia, in a tall dark building, in a darkly lit office sat a man. You couldn't tell what he looked like because his face was covered by shadows. He then spoke out loud to no one but himself "I knew you would fail Voltaire, that's why it's up to me to finish what you started".

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