"Please let her go."
 James' voice had begun to crack. He was going to start crying again.


   There had to be an answer. She had to give him one. Had to.

   "Please. She hasn't done anythi-"


   The voice was harsh and final, allowed no reply. James tried anyway.

   "I'll do whatever the fuck you want just let her go!"
   "When I am convinced you've learnt your lesson."
   And he knew what she really meant by that.

   How had it ever come to this?


Sweet Poison: a tale of relationships

 Chapter 1


Mummy was dead.

   And Jessie kept thinking she should feel something more than she did. But she couldn't. After all, mummy was someone she'd hardly seen anyway- just a perfect figure with shining purple hair who arrived every other week or so. The rest of the time, she was with Foster-Mummy. It was a rather hard life there, because while mummy left Foster-Mummy some money, it always ran out and Jessie had to live in poverty.

   She got by. Then mummy went off looking for Mew and never came back.

   And that would have been that, but Team Rocket had other plans. Miyamoto had left behind a considerable amount of money to fund Jessie's education and so she was sent off to be a nurse.

    Seeing as she wasn't a Joy, she was forced into training alongside Chancey's and quickly failed.

    But she wasn't going to stand for that. And so now she'd combined the remainders of the inheritance with the money she'd gained from a midnight jewellery store raid (even at thirteen, she had thievery figured out) and got herself into Pokemon Tech.

    She was quickly realising everyone else in the school was a wanker.

    She had to share a dorm room with three other girls who talked on and on about money, clothes, boys, blah blah blah. Rich girl stuff. Jessie wasn't interested.

    No, that was a lie. She was interested- more than that, she was envious. She wanted that stuff, had wanted it for years. And these girls had it already, because they were rich and she wasn't. That on its own gave her cause to detest them but what pushed her into outright loathing was their snide gossiping and their subtle psychological warfare they played against each other. And this went on all around the school.

   And the teachers did shit. Because some of these kids had important families and it wasn't Done to discipline them. The school was a breeding ground for this, and she found herself on the receiving end several times. Pissed her off. She was now constantly three seconds away from snapping and punching someone.

   It didn't help that the lessons were a lot more boring and pointless than she'd expected. You'd think learning about Pokemon would be interesting

   And the school uniforms. Yeeeeurgh.

   Still, she thought as she entered the canteen, could be worse. I could be that guy.

   'That guy' being James Morgan, a spineless rich kid constantly getting pushed around and not daring to help himself. His blue hair and camp voice didn't help either- graffiti bearing great and intelligent witticisms like "JAMES IS A FUCKING HOMO" had showed up within three days of him being there. He was the whipping boy of all.

    Weird little kid too. Nearly screamed when he first saw Jessie walking around- she never did figure out why.

    She looked across the room and her fists started to clench. Robert Murdoch, king of the school social status and all-around fucker, and his three main friends. Judging from their sniggers and position, they were off for another round of Kick The James.

    Not my problem. Spineless dick.

    James walked along, carrying his lunch tray and keeping his head hunched down, and that's when Robert ran up and swept the legs from under him. He went down with a crash, falling into the splattered remains of his food.

   The whole canteen laughed and he began to cry, silently.

   "Hey, look! The little faggot's crying! Diddums!"
   She looked at him, crawling in the mess and crying, hated and mocked. And something went snap in her mind.

    She walked calmly over to Robert and kicked him hard in the balls.

   He doubled over- a mistake, because then she slammed her knee up into his nose, turning his nose to a pulp. She jumped up and brought her foot down on his head.

    "Hey, come on! Didn't you want to start something? C'mon then! Fucking come on!" She looked up from Robert, who was lying on the floor going 'aaaarg' over and over, and over to his friends. Her mouth split into a vicious grin. "Well, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!"
    And one of them did think he was hard enough. A one-two punch to both eyes and one in the stomach, and he was proven wrong.

     Jessie laughed. Her head was pounding, her vision misting over with red and she felt like fire was spreading through her body. She felt alive, she felt feral, she felt like taking on everyone in the room. All the hate and frustration of the last two weeks here was burnt away, replaced by the desire to kick and punch and bite and destroy this entire shitpile.

    And then she realised the remaining boys had run off and James was looking up at her with a mixture of fear and wonder.

    She looked down at him and her lip curled back. "Smash their faces in next time, OK?"

    "OK," he whispered.

    She nodded in approval, then looked up at the silent canteen. "The fuck're you looking at?!"
    And that formed the basis for their entire relationship to come.


Jessie looked up, her face burning with hatred and homicidal intent. Many years had passed since Pokemon Tech but all they'd done was make her harder.

   "Go clean your dad's cum from your arsecrack," she snarled.

   The other figure breathed in with a hiss.

   And then the knife came out.