"Mmmmm. Ah. Ngn. Agagaga-"

   Jessie gave a muffled cry of annoyance and reared upwards from his crotch, spitting.

   "Warn me! Warn me next time you're about to do that! Contrary to the lies of the porn industry, it doesn't taste nice!"
   "Sorry." He grinned sheepishly and then burst out giggling.

   "Anyway, what sounds of ecstasy were those?!"
   "Maybe you're not trying hard enough."
   "That a challenge, foolish mortal?"

   "Well, yes." James scratched his neck and yawned slightly. "You think we'll still be doing this when we're old?"
    "We're never gonna be old. When you're old, you start to wrinkle, get ugly, get weak. I never want to be old. I want to die young."
    "Yeah." Her voice was wistful. "Go out in flames while you're still young and in your prime. And you'll be young forever. That's the way to go."


Sweet Poison: a tale of relationships

 Chapter 10


Jessebelle's rage destroyed her surroundings, leaving nothing in the world but her, the traitor, the slut and the gun.

    The gun. Glorious gun. Cleaner of the world.

    "Get out of the way," said James. Eyes narrow, jaw tense. Hands as fists.

    "You are not leaving here with that bitch. I'll kill you before that. Kill you before you turn your back on your responsibilities again."
     "Oh, fuck you. Fuck you! You capture us, you torture us, you rape me and you have her raped over and over again, and you dare to fucking suggest I'm in the wrong?!"
     "I did what I had to do!" she screamed, and tears ran from her eyes. "You, you were supposed to be dignified, civilised. You were supposed to mine. But you wouldn't be like you were meant to. And we had to discipline you and you still wouldn't stop. And then you ran off with her! How dare you?! She's a foul evil whore! She's beneath you! Any lowly bastard could have her, and you sully yourself, sully me by going off with her! What, what does she offer that is so damn wonderful?!"

     "Well, I guess it's because I actually love him for what he is," said Jessie. "And because I never tried to torture him until he acted nothing like he is. For fuck's sake, you just get off on the torture, don't you?"
    "SHUT UP!"
    "You get off on it and you like to pretend to yourself that it's necessary-"


    "- because otherwise you'd have to realise you are the shit of the earth." Jessie glanced at her trembling arm, where the gun was aimed. She looked at James, and he nodded. "Y'know, I bet you pulled the wings of bugs when you were a kid," she continued. "And nobody bothered to tell you that it was wrong. So you just graduated to doing it to people."
     "You hit him! I've seen you!"
     "But that is different," said James. "And I love her."

     Jessebelle screamed once more, her soul breaking as she did, and she fired.

    And missed completely, and James ran forwards and his fist smashed into her face and she went down.

    And he punched again.

    And again.

    And again and again and again.

    For every instance of pain and suffering. For years of fear and self-loathing. For forcing him to retreat into himself for so long. For what she'd done to Jessie.

    Everything, repaid in violence and hate and the urge to kill.

    "James. James."
    He stopped, and his fists were dripping with blood and he looked at what he'd done and started to cry.

    "I-I didn't meant to- to go that far. I didn't. I-"

    "I know," she said, gently pulling him up. "Come on, let's get the fuck out of here."


Load up on guns, bring your friends.

   They reached one of the rooms with a window, planning to head out that way. They'd only encountered a few guards, and they hadn't lasted long. A few head shots and all that was left was a body and a blood splatter across the wall. It was surprisingly easy to deal with the monsters that had seemed so unstoppable before.

    From the window, they could see a small battalion pinning down Meowth and their Pokemon.

    "I'll take the ones on the left, you the right."
    Guns aimed at their backs, held steady and then an explosion of glass later there were two more bodies. Guards spun round to return fire only to find the Pokemon firing at their backs. Quickly they organised themselves so they could face both sides and fire.

   Bullets tore through the window hole and the wall around it, demolishing ornaments and bits of furniture. Jessie fired back, laughing madly as the enemy went down again and again. The air was full with the sound of gunshots, death screams and Pokemon attacks.

    Koffing spat out his Sludge attack, and several of the guards found their guns clogged up, unable to fire. They couldn't fire at the Pokemon and the group found themselves caught in a crossfire.

    It was over quick. Jessie and James leapt out of the hole, grabbed the wounded Meowth and headed for the mansion's exit. Behind them, a few shots were fired by the new wave of guards but that was just for show as the Rocket's were running off anyway.

    "Meowth, I want to bear your children for this!"
    "Thanks Jimmy-boy! Now can ya run faster? I'm bleedin' ta death here!"
    There was a mini-van parked near the mansion walls and the Rockets piled into it, recalling Meowth into a Pokeball until they could find a Pokemon Centre for him and Victreebel. As he started the engine, he looked back upon the hated mansion and was surprised when Wobbuffet handed him a loaded rocket launcher with a quick salute.

    "How about we do this together, Jess?"
    "You bet!"
    The top floor rooms made a satisfying explosion when shot, and they cheered as they did so.


Any other couple would be severely damaged by this experience. But once Meowth and Victreebel had been fixed up at the Pokemon Centre, they managed to forget about it all. Push it back into the dark corners of their minds with everything else that squirmed and festered in there, and they went back to living and loving as they had before.

    They do this often. They've had experience at it and it's the only way they can cope with their lives. And being together helps with that.

    This may not be a healthy way to live.

    But that is how they live, have lived, will live.

    As then, as now.


"To protect the world from devastation."
 "To unite all people within our nation."
 "To denounce the evils of truth and love."
 "To extend our reach to the stars above."