I step silently into the rain the darkness mixing with my tears, causing a blur in my eyes sight. I don't bother to brushed away the tears that fall down my cheeks, because many will follow them and it is a never ending cycle. The tears will end eventually and then I will run into you and I can't stop the tears that rush my eyes. I gave you my heart and my soul and I shared with you my dreams. And you dashed them to the ground with a few simple words. You hold my past, my present and I thought you held my future. But you tell me, no, you don't love me anymore. Why happened? Is it my fault? Did I do something wrong? These are questions that tear through my mind, no stopping them, so like the tears I don't try. The rain comes down harder but I don't notice, the heavens must be crying along with me. You wont talk to me, you hate me, I hear it in your voice, but I don't see it in your eyes. Why do you mess with my heart so? I hear one thing but see another. I talked it over with Rei you know, she means well, but she thinks I am only seeing these things because I want, no I need, to know that you don't hate me. That for some reason you are lying to me and I am supposed to wait for you to see that you love me. But I think Rei is right. But am I really that hate able is it just something in me that makes you want to hate me? I don't know the answers to these questions. My heart is screaming for me to hold on, but my brain is telling me to let go. I thought nothing could be worse than loosing you to Beryl. But this has to be a hundred times worse, with Beryl I knew there was a chance of getting your love for me back, but now you tell me whenever we encounter each other that you don't love me anymore. And no matter how hard I try I can't beat this wall that has surrounded you. Luna has been teaching me that I can rely on my scout powers, but the one thing that is most important to me, more than defending the planet it winning your love. And this I have to do with the help of my powers as Sailor Moon. You still come to my rescue as Tuxedo Karmen. And I see it then, the rare glimpses that show that you may still care. And then it passes and it along with you are gone and I am left alone again. So alone. I am lost with out you my beloved Mamo-Chan. They say that at 14 I don't know what true love is, but I do, and it has been taken from me cruelly, leaving me feeling deserted and alone. Without the one thing I need most. But I can do no more, you have left me alone and taken a large piece of me with you. Please don't leave me alone, not in this world without you