I watched her silently from my hiding place steps behind her. She pushes ahead ignoring the biting rain that is falling in sheets. I don't know her destination, not right away. But I feel the pain that she feels in her heart. And I know that I have caused this, this feeling of loneliness, this feeling she has of abandonment, she feels I have betrayed her trust, and that I hate her. I wish that I could erase her pain, I know with telling her the truth would change her feelings. But I can't do that, I can't lead her on to believe that things will be better and we can live happily ever after, like she wants, no those dreams haunt me and I will do anything to protect my Usako. She is my world and without her I have nothing. When I stay away from her I give her the chance to live, if I give in and let her back into my world I risk loosing my Usako. This way I can watch her from a distance. Watch my Odago Atama from a distance, she doesn't know I am watching her. Right now my pain is of no importance, she has to believe that I do not care for her any longer. Only when she does that then can I breath a sigh of relief. I watch over her at all times, if anything should happen to her, it would be my fault. But I do no need to watch over her all the time, I can feel when she is in pain, and lately I have felt that a lot, but I do anyway. I love her so much it hurts to see the pain she is going through, the pain I have placed on her. I have lied to her so much. Sometimes I believe that she sees through me but then I brush that off, I have made it clear that I don't want to see her, ever. That's another lie, I can't go a day without seeing her. I spend time with Rini, she is my only connection to Serena now. She tells me about her, Rini doesn't know this but the story's that she tells me keep me going throughout the day. Rini thinks I don't listen to these stories, or maybe she doesn't she is a hard one to figure out sometimes, I listen and see how Serena is getting through the day. Slowly she is getting back to normal, forgetting me, I am now becoming a fragment of her memory it seems. Someone who was there but hurt her, the scouts are helping her through this. I see the glares they shoot towards me and I know that I deserve them, they would do anything for their princess and if she would let them I would have been toast a long time ago. But Serena has to much compassion for that, no matter how badly you hurt her she doesn't make it her point in life to seek out revenge. She's moving on and it's time that I did too.