Training Day

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own the Marvel Universe or any characters that originated there, I just own the Grunts.


Brian was running late for the meeting with the other Grunts, he had been helping the new apartment manager get a handle on running the five apartment buildings that Stefano Phelan owned and Brian had been running, but since forming of the Grunts he didn't have enough time to give to the proper running of the apartment buildings so he had hired a new manager.

He ran into the meeting room located on the twentieth level below Phelan International's main headquarters building in downtown New York. "Sorry I'm late guys no rest for the weary and all that."

Dr. Bran Toryn who was standing in front of a chalkboard smiled at him, "Quite all right Brian. We were just going over each of your abilities and how you might best make use of them."

Brian dropped into a seat just as Stefano came in with a lab tech following close behind him, "I'm sorry to interrupt Dr. Toryn but I have something new to show the team."

"Please continue Mr. Phelan." Dr. Toryn said as he sat down at the table.

"All right people wait till you see this, show them Tommy."

The tech that had been following Stefano, removed his lab coat under it he was wearing a black military style uniform, the same kind that the Grunts had been wearing when they attacked the Interlard Biotech lab last month. They had decided to keep wearing that style of uniform. The tech stood near the wall of the room, he pressed a button on what looked like a watch and after a few second most of him disappeared. The only part you could see plainly was the tech's uncovered head.

"Oh cool, just like the alien in the movie Predator." Janna spoke being the first to recover from most of the tech's disappearance.

"Very good Janna, believe it or not that movie was what inspired me to create this."

Brian cleared his throat, "Huh, Stefano what's going on?"

"It is something new we're incorporating into your uniforms, we created a micro-cell that when a small electric current is applied can change into one of three colors, red, blue, and yellow or a combination and next to the cell is a micro-sensor that can detect colors in front of it. Once the color is detected it feeds the information to a cell on the opposite side of the uniform and then the cell changes to that color. Once all the cells change colors the uniform blends into the background."

Sam who had been looking at the tech intently, "Very neat while your standing still but are the sensors and cells fast enough to keep up when we move around."

"Tommy move around," Stefano told the tech.

As the tech began to move around the colors began to change to try and match the colors the sensors were sending them but because the tech was moving around the sensors kelp sending new information to the cells. The cells couldn't keep up with the sensors so the tech looked like a jumbled mess of colors.

"Enough Tommy, enough. You're giving me a headache. So, does that answer your question Sam?" Stefano waved the tech out of the room.

"Yeah I guess it does. But I can still see uses for the camouflage."

"Good. Oh, Becca the techs think they have solved your hair problem."

"I'm not cutting my hair." Becca told Stefano defiantly.

"Trust me you will not have too."

"Good, then we will still be friends."

"Now, how would you like a break from your regular training."

Flo stuck her hand up at once, "I vote yes."

"Lazy." Janna smiled as she stuck her tongue out at Flo.

She returned the gesture back at her, "And proud of it."

"Ladies please. I have been in contact Professor Charles Xavier. After what Brian told me about the X-men's danger room we are developing our own danger room, but since it still isn't finished I asked if we could use their danger room for a training session. Professor Xavier offered instead to pit some of his X-men against us in a simulated fight. I accepted of course."

Brian dropped his head on the table, "We're going to get killed."

"What kind of attitude is that?" Janna asked.

"A realistic one." Sam stated.

Stefano looked at Sam, "Why?"

"Oh don't get me wrong, I look forward to the challenge. But the X-men have been training and fighting as a team for years, even if we were to be able to overpower them their experience alone would give them the advantage."

"Well, Xavier seemed to think it would be good for both teams. Your new and improved uniforms are ready, so are we going to do this are not?"

A resounding yes was heard from everyone at the table.