Training Day

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own the Marvel Universe or any characters that originated there, I just own the Grunts.


"No! No!" Becca yelled as she turned away from Brian lying on the floor. She looked up to see all the X-men standing relatively unhurt, "You!" She pointed at Cyclops, "You did this."

She began to walk toward the X-men. She pulled off her gloves and tossed them aside, and then she removed her mask and goggles. She then flipped out her long hair and suddenly the room seemed the change. Her hair instead of falling down her back began to flow around her head like it had a life of its own, sparks jumped from curl to curl.

Storm could feel the electricity in the room begin to build, she had no idea the girl was capable of this kind of power.

Beast notice his instruments began going off line, "Professor we may have some big problems."

"What kind of problems?"

"Electrical ones. Something or someone is drawing power from the danger room and there is nothing I can do to stop it."

"It's Becca." Dr. Toryn stated.

"Becca?" Charles Xavier rolled over to the window to look out.

"Voltrix, she has complete control over electricity down to the sub-atomic level. Its why Storm didn't stand a chance with her lightning, all it did was make her more powerful. Now, she is drawing energy from your danger room and it is not beyond her ability to trace and draw power from the state power grid."

Beast looked at Toryn, "That's impossible, if she drew power from the grid she'd be more powerful than anyone on the planet."

"Yep that just about sums it up."

A bright flash of light had everyone putting up her hands in front of their eyes. The light was like the blue white of a wielding arc. They looked down into the danger room huge bolts of electricity were going from the walls and ceiling to Becca. She began to float above the floor and a bolt from the floor followed her up.

"He almost worshiped you and you do this to him!" Becca voice echoed and bounced around the room, "You will pay for this!"

Gambit, Rogue, and Wolverine moved against her. They never came close for she had erected an electrical field around her so powerful it had become solid.

Storm was standing near Cyclops, "Goddess I've never known anyone but Magneto who had this kind of power."

"Storm I never meant to hurt him. How do I make her know that?"

"You may not be able to, sometimes grief can make a person do things they would never do under normal conditions. We will just have to protect ourselves and hope for the best."

"What and do to her what we did to Skymaster?"

"First we must survive."

Brian slowly looked up the pain was almost more than he could take. He saw Becca heading for the X-men, his own team just watching, "No Becca.don't." Her head was bare she wouldn't be able to hear him, "Flo."

"Brian, my God how do you feel?"

"I goggles, give.give me my goggles."

Flo grabbed the goggles and put them on Brian's head.

"Dark Force, do you read?"

"Brain is that you?"

"Dark.Sam. stop her Sam. You have to stop her."

Dark Force stepped forward and his companions headed for Becca, but as they reached her electrical field they bounced off, "Brian, the companions can't get through her force field."

"Mystic. stop her."

"Brian I'm not sure I can without hurting her."

"Stop her.will kill.kill Cyclops if you don't."

Mystic stepped forward, he pulled off his duster and then as he had done at the beginning of the battle he began to spin it above his head. The duster flatten out and when it became a thin black blur he flung it at Becca. He made the duster exist on a different physical plane and it passed through Becca's force field. When it reached her it began to wrap around her until all of her was covered but her head even her hair had been trapped under the duster. Now cut off from the danger room's electrical power she fell to the floor and the force field faded. Mystic ran to her.

"No, no. Mystic he has to pay for what he did. Why did you stop me?"

Mystic kneeled next to her and in his deep smooth voice he spoke, "Please Becca calm yourself it was Brian who asked me to stop you."

"Bull!" She struggled to get out of the duster.

Mystic placed his goggles on Becca.

"Becca, honey please stop." The voice in the headset was a whisper.

"Brian is that you?"

"Yeah honey its me."

"Oh Brian I thought you were dead."

"Nope just napping. Waiting for my best girl to wake me and now I find out she was chasing some other guy."

"But Cyclops hurt you!"

It's okay honey, come to me I need you."

Becca looked at Mystic, "Please let me up."

Mystic stood and as he rose his duster released Becca and floated over to him and lay across his arm. Becca stood and looked over at Cyclops. She gave him a hard look and then ran for Brian.

In the observation Booth Bran Toryn turned to Charles Xavier, "Brian needs to get to a trauma hospital as fast as we can get him there"

Charles turned toward the danger room, Scott, get the chopper ready, Kurt get to the infirmary and get a stretcher in here, we have to get Skymaster to a trauma hospital as fast as we can, everyone else can stand down this exercise is over.

Cyclops ran for the danger room front door and Kurt popped out.

* * * * * *

The Grunts and the X-men stood outside in the mansion's parking lot watching the X-chopper heading for the city with Brian, Becca, Stefano, and Dr. Toryn on the chopper with Xavier, Scott, and Jean.

Wolverine walked over to his cycle and looked at it, it had six holes the same size as his claws in the engine. Eve came over to stand next to him, he looked at her and smiled, "Damn darling you play rough."

"If I fix it will you give me a ride?"

"I don't think this can be fixed."

"Adam honey can you come here?"

Adam walked over and wrapped a arm around Eve, "Yes, love?"

She pointed at the cycle, "Fix this please."

Adam looked Wolverine, "She do this?"

"No, she made me do it, to my own bike no less." Wolverine lit a cigar and took a puff.

Adam laughed, "That's my girl." He looked at the cycle for a moment, then he threw his duster up in the air where it floated and seemed to grow larger; then it settled down over the cycle. After about a second Adam grabbed the duster and jerked it off and there were no more holes in the engine, "There it should be good as new."

Wolverine ran a hand over the now fixed cycle he then looked at Adam, "Why didn't you do this to your buddy Skymaster."

"It only works on inanimate objects."

"Ouch, tough power."

"Yes, sometimes it is."

Wolverine straddled the cycle and started it up he picked up a helmet and tossed it to Eve, "Once around the block."

Eve looked sadly at the helmet, "It won't fit my head."

Adam took it from her placed it under his duster and brought out another helmet and handed it to Eve.

She smiled as she put it on and climbed up behind Wolverine and out the front gate they went.

* * * * * *

Two days later Brian lay quietly in a hospital bed for it hurt far too much to move, Becca was sitting by his side reading softly to him, when Storm walked into his room with Sam.

"Storm I'm so glad you came by."

"Thank you child, I too am glad."

Brian extended his hand despite the pain Storm stepped up and took it, "I don't think I ever thank you for making my time at Xavier's a pleasant time."

"The man you have become is thanks enough, every teacher likes to believe that their student will become a useful person who will make a difference, you have become that person."

"Well thanks anyway."

"You are welcome. There is someone else that would like to see you if you will allow it."

"Of course."

"Come Sam, Brian has Becca, he will not need us. Scott you and Jean may come in."

Scott Summers with Jean came into the room, "I came to apologize to you."

"About time." Becca said under her breath but loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Pay her no mine, you owe me nothing you were protecting your team member, I would have done the same."

"Yeah well in the heat of battle I forgot we were just suppose to simulating a fight not fighting for real. I'm sorry you got hurt, I should have been more careful, so I hope you will accept my apology." He extended his hand and Brian took it, "I'll say this for you Grunts, you gave the X- men all they could handle and then some."

Brian smiled, "Thanks Steve."

"My name's not St." Scott laughed, "Touché. If you guys ever need help or back-up just call and we'll be there, anytime, anywhere."

"Thanks the same with us, if you ever need help just call."

Scott and Jean left the room and Brian turned to Becca, "All in all I'd call this a successful exercise."

Becca looked at all the bandages on Brain and smirked, "If this is your idea of success then I hope we never fail."