The College Years
Author: Gothic Spook
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Key words: DRF & DRR (eventually)
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Summery: Forget how the agents met. This is what I think it would be like if the Doggett, Reyes, Mulder, Scully and a few other characters were in college together and sharing an apartment together.
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Oh my god that has to be something like the tenth person we've interviewed as a possible roommate and so far there either nuts, strange or no fun what so ever'

Fox Mulder stated his opinion. He and his room mates John Doggett and Dana Scully are trying to find the perfect person to share their large four bedroom apartment with, but was not having any luck.

There's one more person then I quite' John said as the next applicant came in and sat down.

Hi you must be Monica Reyes?' Dana asked

Yes I am' She replied happily

We're gonna ask you a few personal questions okay?' Monica nodded Do you smoke?'


Do you do drugs?'

Definatley not'

Do you believe in extraterrestrials?'

Mulder jumped in and every one just looked at him to see if he was joking but he was deadly serious.


Do you believe in the paranormal?' he asked


Okay well I don't know about the rest of you guys but she's the best so far'

He stated and looked at John, he noticed that all he was doing was watching Monica with a slight smile.

Well I agree, if you want the room is yours' Dana said

Yes definatley yes'

Why don't we show you around' Mulder said

After a little tour around the apartment Monica learned that Dana and Mulder were a couple and shared one of the bathrooms and that she would be sharing the bathroom with John, who had yet to say a word to her. They all put in equal amounts of money in every week for shopping and they went shopping in two's. The next couple of days was spent with Monica unpacking all her belonging. The night she had finished packing they all decided to celebrate and have a night of chinese food, movies and of course no night would be complete without a couple of bottles of beer. They decided to talk as they ate their chinese food before they watched the movies.

So Monica what classes are you taking?' Mulder asked. She was due to start the next monday.

English, Physical Fitness, Mythology and Sociology' she told them

Well John is taking English and we're both taking Physical Fitness, I'm also taking Sociology so we can both help you out with those classes, but it looks like your on your own with Mythology'

Mulder explained to her, and she was happy that she wasn't going to be on her own for most of her classes.

In Physical Fitness be careful, your the only girl taking that course and a lot of the guys in the class are assholes who don't know how to treat women properly...but if you need any help getting rid off them just say the word' John offered.

That would be nice, thanks for the warning'

She said as they finished eating the chinese and started playing the films, as the night went on they drank more and eventually all fell asleep where they were.

Over the weekend Monica had gone to numerous job interviews and finally agreed to work at a bar about 10 minutes away, for a few nights a week. She learnt that John was quite an athlete he was quarter back of the football team, captain of the swimming and basketball team and also on the track team which she thought was impressive. Mulder was more the stay at home and research the paranormal and Dana was the book type. And Monica liked to think of herself as a mixture of all of the above.

The weekend soon disappeared and it was time for Monica to have her first day at college. Her first lesson for Physical Fitness and was a little nervous at being the only girl. She changed into shorts and a tight t-shirt and went into the gym were she met up with John and Mulder. All of the guys stared at her and a few whistled as she was walking in.

You'd think they'd never seen a girl before' Monica joked as she stood next to John and Mulder.

Well your the only girl in this course so you better get used to it'

Mulder told her. Just then the two teachers came in. Both of who were men *Just great* Monica thought.

Okay we're gonna pick up where we left off at some self defence'

As the teacher was explaining the proper ways on fighting Monica was listening fully when she felt a hand go around her stomach and another hand squeezing her ass.

Wanna partner up with me honey, I wont hurt you?' A voice said.

Might wanna get your hands off of me' Monica whispered.

No I don't think I wanna'

Suit yourself'

She said a second before she whirled around kneed him and punched him in the nose. Every ones attention turned on the two of them.

You stupid bitch!' he said as he covered his now bleeding nose with one hand and his sore crotch with the other.

He made a move to grab her but was stopped by John and Mulder.

Hey! If you ever lay a finger on her again, you'll have to answer to us got it?' John told him.

Monica looked at him with gratitude. The guy instantly backed off at the sight of John and Mulder. John turned to Monica.

Do you wanna partner up with me?' he asked softly

Yes please' Monica answered.

All lesson they spent practising self defence. Monica was glad that she took self defence in Mexico. She knew she'd need it. The lesson went by quickly, as they practised self defence moves John and Monica talked and learned more about each other, which was nice.

Her next lesson was Mythology, she was beyond scared because she didn't know anyone. She walked into the door and stopped a few feet in, looking at everyone, who all had friends in the class and were talking to each other. She didn't know what to do.

I'm guessing your the new girl all the guys are talking about'

A male voice said, she turned around and looked at the sight before her, he had blonde hair, had a great shape and was gorgeous.

Is it that obvious?' Monica asked.

No, only to me, every one else is busy talking. I'm Brad Follmer by the way' He held out his hand for her. She took his hand and shook it.

Monica Reyes, nice to meet you' she smiled.

Listen if you want I can help you with the class, you know catch up on work, help you out when your stuck maybe over a pizza and a movie' he suggested

Are you asking me out?' Monica hoped

Yes, so what do you say?'

I'd love to' she smiled.

They didn't say anything to each other for a few minutes, they just smiled at each other. It was the teacher who interrupted them.

Will you two please control those hormones and take a seat' he told them and they did, sitting next to each other.

Through out the lesson Brad helped Monica where she was stuck and they also talked about each other and got to know one another. After the lesson ended neither Monica or Brad had any more lessons for the day, but decided to go to the cafeteria and have lunch, once they had there food on their trays they looked for a place to sit down. Monica saw John and Mulder waving her over.

Friends of yours?' Brad asked.

There my roommates, I just moved in with them and another girl last weekend. Do you want to sit with them or find somewhere else?' She asked.

Lets sit with them' He smiled and she smiled back, they made their way over and sat down, quite close next to each other.

Hey Monica, hi Brad' Mulder said.

Hey Mulder, hi John' Brad said back.

Monica look on, wandering how they know each other. John notices and answers her unasked question.

Brad is also on the football team and swimming team, that's how we know each other'

He smiled, but for some reason Monica thinks that it was forced, she would have to ask him about that later. The conversation went from sports, music to relationships.

So Monica how many boyfriends have you had' Mulder asked

Mulder that's a little personal, if I were you Monica I wouldn't answer that question, it will come back to haunt you' John advised her.

Thanks for the warning, I don't think I will answer that'

She smiled her thanks. They continued talking until Mulder and John said they had to go to their next lessons. Leaving Brad and Monica to themselves.

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