I apologise to Michelle Branch, I have borrowed your song and said that Monica wrote it, please don't sue me : ) I also apologise if colleges don't have dances or anything like that, I'm not from america and have never been so please forgive me!

It had been 3 weeks since Monica's terrible date with Brad, she had managed to keep away fro him. Every time they caught one another's eye he would give her the most evil grin she had ever seen. She couldn't believe that her instincts didn't pick up on him and what he was truly like. Mulder had been watching over her like a big brother would his younger sister. John on the other hand has been acting like a protective boyfriend, which Monica didn't mind at all. In a week was the christmas dance. John had asked her to go with him and she had never been so happy. Brad had sent her flowers asking for her to go with him. She had ripped the card up and thrown the flowers in the bin. Her and Dana had gone shopping for dresses, Dana had brought a baby pink colour dressed that was off the shoulder and went down to her ankle. Monica had brought a black dress, with black straps on the shoulders and it also went down to her ankles. She was excited beyond belief.

The people who organised the dance have said that if any bands want to play any song then they could. Monica did want to, but she didn't think her songs were good enough. John had come home the day before the dance and heard a guitar playing and a beautiful voice singing. He walked into Monica's room and found that the heavenly voice was her and it was her who was playing the guitar. She had her eyes closed, and so did not see him come in and she continued to sing and play. Once she had finished the song John started clapping, she opened her eyes and was shocked.

That was wonderful, you should play that at the dance' John told her.

No I cant, its not good enough, I would be laughed off the stage' Monica looked towards the floor.

No you wouldn't, that was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard' John told her truthfully.

Okay I will' Monica told him.

John, Monica, Dana and Mulder all arrived together and saw that the hall had been beautiful decorated. They found a table and sat down, eating some cake, drink and talking. After a while Mulder and Dana got up to dance and John excused himself to the bathroom, leaving Monica on her own. She happily watched as Mulder and Dana danced. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see Brad looking seductively at her. She stood up and was about to go and find John when Brad grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him. She could smell the beer on his breathe and knew that he was partly drunk.

You look absolutely beautiful tonight Monica' He whispered into her ear.

Get away from me Brad' She sternly told him and tried to break free, but he wasn't letting go.

You know you want me' He said before he forced his lips on hers.

One of his hands was around her waist pulling her right up against him, so he could rub up against her. His other hand was at the back of her head so she couldn't pull away. All of a sudden she felt him be pulled off of her and saw John pulling him away from her and punch him in the nose. Brad fell to the floor, all the students formed a circle around them. As Brad was recovering John went over to Monica.

Are you okay?' he asked.

She just nodded at him. He turned back to Brad who was now upright and looking angrily at John. John walked up to him and grabbed him by the collar on his shirt.

If you ever fucking touch her or go near her again i swear I'll make it so you wont be able to touch any one ever again. Got it?' John yelled at him. Brad pushed John away from him.

What did I do? Its not like she doesn't like it' He looked at Monica seductively.

Monica could feel the tears in her eyes threatening to come out at any second. What Brad said only enraged John. John leapt towards him, the two of them rolling around, punch one another. Mulder got in there and pulled Brad away. He literally sat on top on Brad and held him down.

You ever go near her or come near us, you wont live to see another day'

Mulder got off of Brad. Brad stood up and looked at Mulder, he then looked at Monica who was looking at John black eye and cut lip.

Fine' Brad said and walked away leaving the dance.

Mulder looked at John and Monica and saw that they were okay. Every one turned back to what they were doing. Mulder and Dana returned to dancing.

Thank you' Monica said to John.

Any time' he stated.

Monica looked into his eyes and realised at that moment that she was in love. His blue eyes, the bluest she had ever seen, full of so much emotion. She saw that he cared for her and hoped that he felt the same as she did.

Monica' John said.

Yes?' Monica replied.

Can I kiss you?' John asked.

Monica couldn't believe that he was asking, she was on the verge of tears from all the emotion between the two of them.

Definatley yes' she answered and a few seconds later felt the warmth of his lips on hers.

Half an hour later found John, Monica, Dana and Mulder all dancing to the beat of the band that was playing. The song finished and everybody applauded. One of the students who organised it went up to the microphone.

Our next performance is Monica Reyes singing I feel whole with her playing the guitar'

Every one applauded as she walked up to the microphone with her guitar in her hands. She looked at John and he nodded, she smiled and started playing and singing.

I cannot help it
I couldn't stop it if I tried
The same old heartbeat fills the emptiness I have inside
And I've heard that you can't fight love, so I won't complain
'Cause why would I stop the fire that keeps me going on?

'Cause when there's you, I feel whole
And there's no better feeling in the world
But without you I'm alone
And I'd rather be in love with you

Turn out the lights now
To see is to believe
I just want you near me
I just want you here with me
And I'd give up everything only for you
It's the least that I could do

'Cause when there's you, I feel whole
And there's no better feeling in the world
But without you I'm alone
And I'd rather be in love with you
And I feel you holding me

Why are we afraid to be in love?
To be loved
I can't explain it
I know it's tough to be loved
And I feel you holding me

'Cause when there's you, I feel whole
And there's no better feeling in the world
But without you I'm alone
And I'd rather be in love with you
And I'd rather be in love
Yes, I'd rather be in love
Oh I'd rather be in love with you
And I feel you holding me, oh

As she finished the entire hall erupted in cheers. She got down off the stage as they brought up the next band. She walked to John and he pulled her into a hug.

You were wonderful' he told her before he placed his lips on her.

As the kiss became deeper and more passionate Monica thought about everything that had happened, coming up here from Mexico, moving into an apartment, getting a job, what happened with Brad and most of all she thought about John, how he had helped her ever since the first day they met. When she first came to America from Mexico, she wasn't sure she could survive and wasn't sure that it was the right decision to make. But now in John arms and his warm lips on hers, she knew she had made the right decision and she knew that she would survive as long as John was always by her side.


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