A/N-Hey this is my first fanfic and I hope you like it! I worked hard on it so please be kind! Ok what you need to know before I start.

Summary: Takes place after the episode 'Nevermore'. Raven is having strange dreams that keep her from sleeping so she's afraid to sleep anymore, how will the Titans help? But some things can't be helped, and the spawn of a demon is one of them. Will Raven stay? Or will she let the new Titan take her place?

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Raven/Robin

Ok then, on with the fic!


It was just one of those nights that you just want to look out into the heavens and try to make out shapes that the stars make. In a large T-shaped tower stood in the horizon. In this tower a girl was looking out her window, staring at the beautiful night sky.

She hummed to her self and reflected back on her life. It started when she was a little girl.

~*~Flash back~*~

"Raven, I told you to stay inside when it got dark!" said a very frantic woman.

She had beautiful dark hair that ended in curls just above her shoulders. She had a milky white complexion with sprinkled freckles over her face and haunting lilac eyes.

"I'm sorry mommy," said a small child that was near tears.

"Don't cry! I forbid you to!" said the woman.

"B-b-ut," said the child with tears running freely from her face now.

The little girl had the same haunting look in her eyes like the woman. You could tell they were related. But the small child had purple hair and a colder look in her eyes.

"Don't say 'but' and what have I told you about crying! Never show emotions, Raven It shows your enemies that you're weak!" said the woman in a chilling voice.

The small child looked like she was going to cry more but before she could the woman had raised her hand and slapped the child across the face leaving a vivid red mark.

~*~End Flashback~*~

Raven felt a sting in the corner of her eyes. She hadn't felt that sting in a long time. Slowly salty water started streaming down her face. Raven got angry with her and slapped herself like her mother did long ago. Then more memories started flooding back.

~*~Flash back~*~

There was fire everywhere and you could see a tall and monstrous figure with many eyes, towering over a life-less woman covered in blood and draped with rags.

There was a 9 year old girl watching in horror as she watched her mother get killed. Why wasn't she doing anything? She had powers. Her mother said so herself.

"R-r-aven, you have to defeat your father, he is the demon that will haunt your dreams for years to come, he is the one that will try to get revenge on you, he-" but the woman was cut short by her screams.

The girl looked away feeling the blood spray on her. But she just flew. She didn't know how but she was flying home. Wherever that was.

~*~End Flash back~*~

Raven still felt the sting from her hand and smiled at the next memory that came.

~*~Flash back~*~

Raven had been staying at an orphanage for long enough. Besides who would want a 16-year-old girl with purple hair and a jewel in her forehead? She had been flying for a long time and she still didn't find a place to stay.

That's when she saw it. A tower. A T-shaped tower. She had heard about this tower. It belonged to the teen titans. She has powers. Why not join? Raven flew towards the tower and took the elevator to the doorway and knocked.

Then a golden alien came to the door. She had auburn hair that went to her waist and neon green eyes.

"Hello," she said with a smile", are you here to deliver pizza?"

"Well, No I was-"she began but was cut short by a deep voice in the background.

"Then go away," the voice said.

"Knock it off, Cyborg." Another voice said.

Raven heard footsteps coming to the door that showed a handsome boy standing next to the alien. Raven did not understand these emotions but she felt something when she saw this boy.

"Hi, Robin," the alien said blushing. She clearly had a crush on this boy.

"I'm here to join." Said Raven, wanting to get to the point.

The rest was history.

~*~End Flash back~*~

Raven smiled at the thought of Robin but felt tormented by the fact that Robin was dating Starfire now and they looked far from breaking up.

Slowly Raven fell into peaceful sleep, if you can call it that.


It looked like hell. Fire was everywhere. There was fiery monster standing in front of Raven.

He smiled and said cruelly "Hey, Bitch. Slowly his figure disappeared leaving smoke and little devil like things started devouring Raven piece by piece until she awoke to the sound of someone knocking at her door.