I have the worst of luck. My love will never return my feelings. I wish more than anything that he could be mine but when I see Hirobe with that girl. My heart aches. I gave up so much for him and what do I get for it?

Why was he so nice to me that day of the basketball tournament? He treated me with such kindness. No one asked him to do that for me but he helped me. With that precious smile that I will never be able to forget! His smile will haunt my dreams.

When I close my eyes I can't help but have the memories of him flood my head.

I still have the charm that Hirobe bought for me at the amusement park when Noeru spilt all his pop on me to keep me from being with Hirobe. Noeru felt bad about it after, I could tell, but maybe Noeru knew best.

How could a basketball coach fall in love with one of his students? It would be scandalous. He might loose his job. As well he has such a beautiful girl what would be want with me? I am nothing to him.

Was I right to throw away my old life for this? Noeru left everything behind as well because I had to follow my foolish heart. Noeru sacrificed everything for me. And to dress up like a girl?. He must love me very much. Being a twin has given Noeru and I a special bond.

Yet maybe it wasn't all for nothing. Noeru would never have met his love Miyuu if it had not being for his following me. And he and Sasa have become so close of friends.

Sasa. he is so kind. Noeru has good choice of friends. The four of us, Noeru, Miyuu, Sasa and I had such a good time while "Tooru" and Miyuu had their double date with "Noeru" (Me) and Sasa.

Me and Sasa...