Hey this is my first story writing attempt so I hope you like it (reviews please). It's a Buffy / Harry crossover. I have set the story after season 7 of Buffy, and Book 5 of Harry Potter. Please let me know of any mistakes, as I will make them, especially Buffy ones.

CHAPTER ONE - Mugg-Whats?

The boy lay on his back, shuddering as the black figure stood over him. His mouth was forced open by two hands which burned his face with white hot heat. He felt his throat contract and his stomach push, and to his horror a large, dark green snake pushed its way out of his mouth. It hissed angrily as it wound its way around his neck and squeezed. High pitched laughter filled the boy's ears, then suddenly, he was falling, until SMACK he landed on what felt like thick plate glass. The boy picked himself up and looked down through the glass. A man swimming in water was pushing against the glass, a man with piercing blue eyes full of pain, and wild black hair. The boy knew he had o get off of the glass for the man to escape but there was no where for him to go, just nothingness. He watched in despair as the man gave up his fight and slowly drifted away. The boy pressed himself to the glass, willing his hand to push through it to help this person but it was futile. A harsh voice echoed,

"….And he shall mark him as his equal….."

The words were familiar to the boy, and he squeezed his eyes shut against them. But as he did so the voice grew louder, harsher somehow and the words changed,

"They will come and He will fear them. They will not know Him, but their coming shall bring the end, be it for light or darkness."

The boy sat up once again in his own bed, his green eyes wide.

Harry Potter walked into the kitchen at Number Four, Privet Drive and was greeted by the fearful silence that he now expected. He had been at the Dursleys for just under month now, and he was beginning to get used to it. It was better than the usual insults anyways, he reckoned. Aunt Petunia plunked a small piece of grapefruit onto Harry's plate and he tucked in, thinking thankfully of the treats he had awaiting him upstairs.

"So, you'll be leaving tomorrow, will you Boy?" Uncle Vernon asked hopefully. "Going to stay with those…nice....friends of yours?" His mouth cracked into what resembled a painful smile.

"Yep, the Weasley's are coming to get me in the morning at nine." Harry was so looking forward to this that he felt he almost couldn't wait, so wanting to leave this house that he was tempted to have a go at apparating, even if it meant splinching himself. But he had kept his cool, forcing himself to wait until the Weasleys came.

The atmosphere in the Dursley household was much more cheerful than usual that day, and Harry suspected it was something to do with his impending departure. Harry was to go to 12 Grimmaud Place again, Ron had said in his last Owl, to talk to Dumbledore, and then back to The Burrow, where he was to spend the last few weeks of the summer. Harry couldn't wait, he was desperate to see Dumbledore, to find out the news and what the Order had been up to. After last summer this was a huge improvement.

At eleven that evening, the dream Harry had had the night before came back to him. He knew who the man had been, Lord Voldemort, and he suspected the snake had something to do with the fear he had of being taken over by the Voldemort part of him. He also knew who the man beneath the glass had been, Sirius. It had been a long summer and Sirius had been on his mind a lot. He missed him so much, even more than he missed having his parents, because that was what he had been to him, a father, a brother and a friend. He rolled over onto his side and tried to push this out of his mind, before he slept, hoping not to repeat the dream. He briefly wondered about the harsh words that had filled the end of the dream, but he pushed them aside also, thinking them to be a product of the fact that he had dwelled on his prophecy all summer. He closed his eyes and sleep came.


Harry once again sat up in bed, his eyes wide. He glanced at his digital watch, and the face read 2.24am. This time he was sure he had not dreamt the noise, and he leapt downstairs pulling out his wand as he went. He was closely followed by Uncle Vernon, who was bellowing at the top of his voice. Harry ran into the lounge and saw the strangest sight, a small blonde girl, just outside the lounge punching a tall man, with a distorted face. He and the Dursleys, all of whom had now arrived, froze and watched motionless as the small girl pulled out a wooden stick and plunged it into the mans chest. Instantly, the man turned to dust and crumbled onto the front lawn. As soon as this had happened, Harry saw a man, normal looking this time, pick himself up off of the lounge floor, groaning slightly.

"Giles are you okay?" the blonde girl asked anxiously. "Sorry, but it was the only way I could stake him, these English vampires are really resilient."

"I'm fine, nothing to worry about, just a few broken bones," the man groaned again as the girl helped him up. All of a sudden the two strangers seemed to notice the appearance of the Dursleys and Harry, and they froze like rabbits caught in headlights.

"Um, hello, we were just, erm, well…" the blonde girl said, in an American accent, looking at the man for help.

"Well…we...." he added, an Englishman. He suddenly noticed the appearance of Harry's wand, which Harry attempted to hastily hide.

The man's eyes opened wide and he said in astonishment, "I haven't seen one of those in ages! Hogwarts right?"

"Um, well, yes," Harry stammered.

"Rupert Giles," the man said extending his had, "An old friend of Dumbledore. Met him at Wizengamot convention about ten years ago, an amazing man. And you are?"

Harry shook his hand and replied "Harry Potter."

"Well, this is quite amazing, I've heard all about you of course, I mean you're famous and Dumbledore himself speaks very highly of you. The boy who lived. " He broke off into thought.

The blonde girl next to him shifted slightly and he seemed to recall her existence.

"Oh and this is Buffy Summers."

"Hi," Buffy said, "Always nice to meet friends of Giles'. Did I just see you holding a stake? Kinda small if you ask me…"

Harry awkwardly pulled out his wand. "It's just my wand. Was that a vampire I just saw?"

"Yeah, we chased him all the way from the park. There was me thinking I was on holiday, then, bam I have to work. Also, did you say wand? Giles, explainy," Buffy demanded.

There was a sudden scuffle as the Dursleys turned and ran, back up to their rooms, Harry suspected to hide until they were away from these people talking about magic and vampires. The Dursleys hated anything that made them look in any way abnormal, and it was their greatest fear that it would be discovered what Harry was.

"Harry is a wizard," Giles said haltingly. Buffy raised her eyebrows. "His kind of magic is very different to Willows, firstly because he uses a wand. There is an entire world of these wizards and witches, a whole world hidden from the muggles."

"Mugg-whats?" Buffy exclaimed.

"Non-magical people" Harry broke in, "They don't know about us, and we like it that way."

"Muggles" Buffy said thoughtfully, trying the word out. "And Hogwarts, what's that?"

"It's a school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The best school in the world," Harry said fervently.

"Well, it's got to beat my old high school," Buffy said.

The strangers stared at one another for a moment, trying to grasp all of the new information. A thousand thoughts whirled around in Harry's head.

"Hang on I'll be right back," Harry mumbled. He ran upstairs to his room, where, thankfully, Hedwig had returned from her night out hunting. He hastily scribbled a few words to Dumbledore on a scrap of parchment, asking about these people, and sent Hedwig off to deliver it. He then bounded back downstairs, to fin Buffy and Giles brushing glass of the sofa and preparing to sit down.

"So…who are you?" Harry blurted out.

"Well…." Buffy said, exchanging glances with Giles. He nodded slightly. "I'm the Slayer. Well actually a slayer right now, but I was the original."

"The Slayer?" Harry asked, "As in the Vampire Slayer?"

"Wow, he's heard of me Giles, did you hear that. I'm famous!" Buffy said gleefully.

"We learnt about you in Defence against the Dark Arts, and about the watchers council. The one girl to face all the vampires and demons." Harry said, feeling that this night had to rival the night he discovered he was a wizard as one of the weirdest nights ever.

"Well here I am, in the flesh, though I can't say the same about the Watchers Council. They got kinda, well, dead, in our last battle. But Giles is my watcher." Buffy said proudly. At that moment a loud hooting noise came from outside and Hedwig flew in, a piece of parchment tied around her leg. Harry untied in and read it.

Harry, Rupert Giles is an old friend of mine, so don't worry, you are in no danger. Buffy is the slayer .They can help us, so bring Giles, and his companions to the headquarters tomorrow, where I will meet you.


"Wow, cool an owl," Buffy said, and Hedwig flew and landed on her shoulder, gently nibbling her ear.

"Aww she's so pretty, what's her name?"

"Hedwig" Harry answered, "She brought me news from Dumbledore. I had to check, you see that you weren't enemies. I have quite a few, you see," he said apologetically.

"Hey it's cool," Buffy said, "so do I."

"Anyway, he said that you are to come with me tomorrow, well today actually when I go to see him, he said you can help us."

"Ok," Giles agreed, "I'd like to see Albus again. But can we all come? There are quite a few of us."

"Yes, Dumbledore said for you all to come" Harry answered, wondering just how many of them there were. He liked these people though; they were on the good side of crazy, and seemed to have some comprehension of the magical world, which was a relief after spending the summer with the Dursleys, who determinedly ignored the existence of magic. "I'm being picked up at nine this morning, if you can be here for then."

"Ergh crazy early, but we can try," Buffy said grinning, "Now we need to get back to the hotel and talk to the others Giles. Wow, Willow's gonna freak!" They waved their goodbyes as they climbed out of the broken lounge windows. Harry grinned. This summer looked even more exciting than he had anticipated.